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  1. New partners aren't always a walk in the park.. (The X-Files)
  2. Might the Force be with you (Star Wars A.W.)
  3. Fantasy!
  4. Sci Fi Accepted?
  5. Lord of the Rings...
  6. harry potter role play
  7. harry potter role play
  8. Keep out at night (Harry Potter, I'd say, just gotta test da trio ;-) A.W.)
  9. Ever Dark Solitude...(A.W!)
  10. my life role play (as JTP)
  11. Ms. Salem & the moon (A.W.)
  12. Outsider..
  13. Up in the Mill Where Headless Men and Vampires Grow
  14. Reluctant Show of Emotions...
  15. Gathering of the Vampires (A.W!)
  16. Grim Work (A.W)
  17. The ghosts in the woods (Elf-RP, for all who love pointy ears *g* A.W.)
  18. Bringing Back the Silver Orb (LotR I guess o.O;,A.W)
  19. A Home Less Ordinary...(A.W, Felinats..)
  20. The Talisman!
  21. Trough other eyes (Elves & Co. again) AW
  22. A Mystic Valley
  23. Vampirism in the time of Capone...(Vampires and Gangsters. Yes. A.W!)
  24. Felinat's Dawn (A.W!)
  25. Phantasy Star((challenge))Please join in lol)
  26. Sky rider(A.W. Gryphons/Magicbeasties)
  27. The Mtrix RP
  28. Smells like burning...A.W
  29. Dragons
  30. Back Home (LOTR-related again *g*) AW
  31. Romo and Jakku (Star Wars, humorous! AW!)
  32. Sleepy Hollow role-play? (Anyone.. Wolvy.. *also welcomes vampires and witches..*)
  33. Paint It Black (Alternative Universe- A.W!)
  34. "Heads Will Roll" (Sleepy Hollow.. A.W!!)
  35. Lord Of The Rings *again* (Anyone!)
  36. Hunt Of Darkness (Vampire Hunter D!)
  37. Vampire Hunter D peeps, come here to see more character!
  38. Party of the Damned (A.W Spoof Horror, Vampires, etc)
  39. On the Train to Hogwarts (Hp...Bwhaha..oo;)
  40. Lupis at Midnight (A.W!)
  41. Finding The Fellowship! (LOTR RP Continued)
  42. A Night in Dracula`s Castle...(AW!!!)
  43. The Long Journey Home (A.W.)
  44. Aniron ( LotR )
  45. Trough hell & back (kinda Harry Potter related) A.W.
  46. Don't let me get me..(Vampyre RP, anyone welcome)
  47. Waiting in the Jedi Council... (Wolvy, Kelt, Shahani, anyone!)
  48. HUGE Crossovers Thread! (ANYONE)
  49. All was dark...( H2G2..Cally? Pegs?)
  50. Harry Potter (Yet another role play)
  51. The Heat Is Up! (Little Nicky roleplay? Its in Hell. A.W!)
  52. Sarano (Vampies!! A.W)
  53. Flying lessons (Dragon/Fantasy)
  54. Rock Hard Dragon Tamer (A.W.!)
  55. Puss in Boots...(A.W! Mad, mad, mad..)
  56. Where are we? (So weird/ HP crossover thing... oO)
  57. Where do you belong to?! (Unicorns & stuff A.W.)
  58. Hunger consumes the soul.. (Vampires welcome!)
  59. RPGs...
  60. The land of the Elves.. (AW, LotR/Tolkien)
  61. There and back again.. (LotR.. A.W!)
  62. Landslide! (Unicorns and suchlike...A.W!)
  63. Struck down by orcs.. (Oy! A.W!)
  64. To many things on my mind...(HP A.W.)
  65. A disturbing case arises.. (The X-Files/Sleepy Hollow.. AW!)
  66. Under the light of the moon (Hessian Horseman! Wolvy?)
  67. ~Ambrosia~ vampire bar
  68. On New York streets..(Vampires. A.W.)
  69. The Cheat (Star Wars/DBZ) A.W.
  70. Oubliette a' el Elemental -~-Dungeon of the Elements -~- (AW! Pweeze!)
  71. Your money or your life! (A.W!)
  72. Iz Rp
  73. A Doomy Doom Day (AW)
  74. Counting the constellions..(Gargoyles,Unicorns,Mystical Creatures A.W.)
  75. Deep in the forest plateus..(AW, Gryphons, dragons...)
  76. Treading through the land of many a mystery...(A.W!)
  77. In the bed-chambers of Aphrodite..(A.W!)
  78. Official Invader Zim font and logo! Lookit!
  79. "May the force be with you.." (Star Wars! A.W Wolvy, Kelt?)
  80. We meet again (Katbeast and Hessy!)
  81. Daddy, can I get a pony? (Lol LOTR AW! )
  82. Dragon Heart
  83. A Padawan's first mission! (Star Wars AW)
  84. Life is odd and hard...(A.W.)
  85. Get off my back! (Knights, mythological creatures--AW!)
  86. Rescue me! (A.W!)
  87. Death's Diary...(A.W!)
  88. Never steal from a witch! (A.W!)
  89. X-Files/Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal crossover!!!(A.W.)
  90. A world far away (Star Wars) AW
  91. Not Exactly Dracula 2000... (Jack the Rippah! AW!)
  92. The path of a Maestra (A.W!)
  93. A good old fashioned tavern (AW,any char.any species)
  94. Connor in troubles!? (space & such) AW
  95. Recurring nightmare...(dragons, AW!)
  96. The German in the big City (Sleepy Hollow) AW specially da Scape!
  97. The wonders of the kitchen...(A.W.)
  98. Escaped...Captured once again! (A.W.)
  99. Unicorn Valley RP all unicorns welcome especially Faeree
  100. Nothing is left for me in the Shire... (LotR, of course.. A.W)
  101. Dangers at Hogwarts - HP, AW! (Wolverina! :D)
  102. Centaur River Rp all centaurs welcome
  103. Endless Tracks (Native America I'd say) AW
  104. When they were younger..(Harry Potter..A.W)
  105. Living up to expectations (SW, AW)
  106. Red-Coated Devil (SW, ST, something spacy, I'd say) AW
  107. Fantasy...
  108. Widow Weeds (A.W)
  109. My Death, La Mort... (A.W!)
  110. Fantasy Time
  111. Let alone (Hp...A.W.)
  112. The different sort...(Dragons A.W.)
  113. Felin'at's Wake...(A.W!)
  114. There and back again! Woohoo!
  115. Coming Home... LOTR AW!
  116. RP Idea...The Thing that Shouldn't Exsist..(Scifi/fantasy-ish AW)
  117. arrving at gate 9 and 3/4ths (my first Harry Potter rp ^_^ )
  118. OCC: Wolvy'll be gone! (Importaint)
  119. Killing me softly (AW)
  120. Anthro/Fantasy RP All welcomed ^_^
  121. The Dragon's Eye (A story by all of us)
  122. *Sigh* Gonna be gone...
  123. 'Scape will be away... (ATTN those peeps I'm doing role-plays with)
  124. Prisoner of Yuinwai (( LotR based A.W!!!))
  125. What a plan! (Fantasy & stuff A.W.)
  126. The Untitled Thread...(A.W!)
  127. In The Shire...(Lord of the Ring...A.W.)
  128. Bleak Horizon (sci-fi/fantasyish RP)
  129. As the world turns...(Labyrinth Roleplay! A.W!)
  130. Will be gone for eight days -.-
  131. A dark stranger (LOTR, AW)
  132. Do you believe?! (MIB . . . & Co.) AW
  133. In the depths of the tomb... (Mummy RP!)
  134. Indians and Unicorns...(A.W.)
  135. Wanderings (kinda LOTR, again AW)
  136. The Journey North- Sequal to Yuinwai- LotR related, AW!!!!
  137. To powerful for you..(Xena kinda..A.W.)
  138. (ooc~) Erm... The Lord of the Rings...
  139. We have to fix it sometime...(Sci-fi...A.W.)
  140. Annoyance from the monster...(Fantasy...A.W.)
  141. "Concerning hobbits..." (Middle Earth, LotR related...)
  142. Spaceships and andriods and space; Oh my! (Scifi, A.W.)
  143. in a galaxy far, far away (SW, AW!!)
  144. Reign o' Fire! AW!
  145. Lazy days...(HP, A.W.)
  146. Star Trek Role Play! :D
  147. Troubling times... (Star Wars AW! Wolvy? Kelt?)
  148. in a galaxy...not so far away (star wars, aw!)
  149. Indian Village (horsey indian rp, yay!)
  150. Ehre Weyr (Dragonriders of Pern RPG)
  151. *deep breath* Scape! Wolvy! Haute! Toasty! Pada! Evita! Tigrin!
  152. Following Adventure (inuyasha story kind of plot ^_^)
  153. Crash and Anger...(Spacy stuff! xD )
  154. The favourite-anime-movie-book-char RP! (please take a look)
  155. Parting roads... (The Two Towers: Legolas, Gimli, other characters necessary..)
  156. THE Two Towers Roleplay!!!
  157. At the Dragon Tamers Lair..(Fantasy...A.W.)
  158. "We may yet Mr. Frodo, we may..." (The Two Towers; Frodo, Sam, Gollum, others)
  159. "It's long since we've had any hope..." (The Two Towers: Merry, Pippen, Uruk hai)
  160. As snow fell (HP)
  161. What a weird world we are in now..(HP/Pokemon kinda crossover)
  162. HP Roleplay Just Arriving
  163. Harry Potter RP, Just Arriving
  164. "How can I love her when her heart belongs to someone else?..." (SW)
  165. See it through my eyes! (Elves/LOTR AW)
  166. I know I got litttle time, but who could resist the pumped up sky-surfing?
  167. "Lion's whiskers" bed and breakfast (LoTR characters - feel free to join!)
  168. Searching (anyone for a Treasure Planet RP? Pwease? Movie chars. and orig. A.W.!!)
  169. Exchange student (HP)
  170. A lonely Took during winter... (LotR related, A.W!)
  171. Home..? Is there suck a thing? (Mwha! Lilo and Stitch? A.W.!)
  172. An unexpected guest in Rohan... (LotR related, again.. AW!)
  173. What the heck, KAIRI!! (Kingdom hearts rp)
  174. Pirate RP
  175. A cry for help. (Final Fantasy AW)
  176. From the Darkness (LoTR A.W.)
  177. ooc~ 'nother LotR type of rp... read if you're interested...
  178. Cosmic Castaway (Titan A.E. original and movie chars. AW!!))
  179. Queen of the Nazgul (LotR AW)
  180. LOTR RPG Join PLEASE!
  181. A New Kigdoms Day...."Are you Sure sora?" Kairi & Riku needed, Made-ups welcomed
  182. Mark of the Dove(demon RP - No Inu-Yasha!)
  183. A day in the Shire (*pokes Azian*)
  184. Katbeasts on the hunt (Sleepy Hollow. Wolvy? A.W)
  185. The incredibly insane crossover from HELL
  186. A terrible secret... (Harry Potter, A.W!)
  187. Can I have the attention of All HP fans/rp'ers!
  188. Near the borders of Mirkwood...(LotR RP)
  189. Adventure Role Play
  190. "... a light for you in dark places..." (LotR (Private) RP, Terror!)
  191. Wolf in Sheep's Pelt (HP A.W.)
  192. A evil force
  193. Another LOTR rp about elves
  194. Ummm.....LOTR- realted- RP- both LOTR chars and your own LOTR related chars
  195. "I am not the Heir!" ( WaW )
  196. Inuyasha RP (A.W.)
  197. Continuation of Treasure Planet rp. (Nalana, Tigrin, and Wolverina only plz)
  198. Reunited at last (private rp. Lionscape)
  199. Reign of Fire RP?(AW)
  200. Before Freedom (A.W.)
  201. Rainy Nights (Interview w. a Vampire) AW
  202. Legacy of Kain, Role Play?
  203. The Lord of the Rings... (ooc~ Fans/rpers who are interested, please read here!)
  204. Lord of the Rings RPing
  205. WaW: Ravenclaw Common Room
  206. WaW: The Headmaster's Study
  207. WaW: Great Hall
  208. WaW: Slytherin Common Room
  209. WaW: The Library
  210. WaW: Gryffindor Common Room
  211. WaW: The Stables (Scape!)
  212. EVERYONE, please read its important.
  213. Little ones (takes place after LoTR. Hobbit children RP)
  214. The Riders of Rohan (LotR, SRP)
  215. The Uruk-hai (LotR, SRP)
  216. The Taming of Smeagol (LotR, SRP)
  217. (LoTR,SRP) Rivendell (Aragorn, Elrond...Flashbacks and...)
  218. Potion's Class.
  219. Winter leaves the Shire... (LotR, AW)
  220. the lone dragon looking for a home
  221. the great loss [a dragon story]
  222. Born Wild (Redwall rpg)
  223. Late Night Wanderings (In The Halls)
  224. a lost and hurt baby dragon
  225. The halls (Marley and Likia right now)
  226. Treasures in your mind! (TP Nalana, Jazzi & Tigrin)
  227. someone?
  228. HufflePuff Common Room
  229. Teachers' Quarters (were they sleep)
  230. Cedric & Cho's Rematch
  231. Teacher's Lounge
  232. Quidditch Field
  233. The Hospital Wing
  234. Defense Against the Dark Arts
  235. Through the Hallways and Passages
  236. would some one like to rp with me?
  237. Just outside the Teacher's Lounge (Hooch)
  238. Orthack and Barad-dûr (LotR, SRP)
  239. Edoras (LotR SRP)
  240. In the Empty Classroom (Harry and Ron)
  241. The Headmaster's Quarters
  242. Sorry I haven't been posting
  243. An immortal life (LOTR elves)
  244. Midnight Secrets (HP past RP, marauders needed, AW!)
  245. Death by Dragon (AW)
  246. Vampires in the Night (A.W.)
  247. A Gryffindor walks down the hall...
  248. Private Dune RP (SpiritWolf77)
  249. "Someone might think you're up to something.." (delivering the letter)
  250. Snape's Office