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User 77
Feb 4th, 2002, 06:12 AM
OK, bout time I put up some praise… for my Fav artitstes, and ppl from the board, who have been just excellent to me!!!!!

For my Fav artistes/ Friends,

AirGuiTaR: Erin, lets face it, through Our gargoyle Comics, (Tallon and Cathy… WHOO) Our spike and Jenna attempts… Dogs of Sable Island publication, you falling off the soup van, your weird thumbs… butterscocth’s shoulder blades…mother… of ….pearl…getting attacked by geese… jenna tag… mr dingwall( look I spelled his name wrong on purpose)… spud eye lashes… and all the hard things you have gone through in such a short time, you have been my best buddy when it came to drawing…. (hey you copied that…LOL!) I’m so happy to see that we have developed our styles and tastes now, I personally think that the time we didn’t really talk for helped us define our art and make it what we wanted it to be with out such a heavy influence on each other, and now I just love what you have done… you art has gotten amazing Erin, your Dali interpretations are top notch! NEVER STOP DRWING! Though you don’t need me to tell you that!

Kazamidori Luvluvsquall (Ameya) : I don’t know how we started talking so much on here, but you are my best friend that I never met! I will never know how yo uget ur aniamtions to be so cute… or your drawins so amazingly beautiful, your detail stuns me…. It really does… and you are the most happy love life person I know! You’re so positive that you rub off on me in such a good way, that I try to be more happy when I could be sad…you’ve been such a great person to me that I hope your sails are always filled, the seas are remain calm, and winds blow their fairest for you! And then let’s PARTAY!!!!

For some ppl on the board now,

Wolverina, not only does your art kick ass, but you are in EVERYRP goin on here for sure!!!!!! How you do it, I do not know, Mavis Beacon taught you well I guess! I loved our lil Egypt romps, and especially our LoTR attempt… you are my fav RP person!!!! Your so into all the stories…and up to date… wow!!!! I’ll be very disapointed if I don’t see a book written by you someday…

Viper: My dear, thatnks so much, you have been patient and so willing to help me keep in the RPG, that …awe hugglessquish you’re the best! … you’ve got Frodo’s mind… wrapped around ur finger…! And I love your LoTR pics you have posted in the spotlight!.. .they are so cute!

Tallon: how do ppl get to be as nice as you… you are one of a kind! You re very open, and kindly to everybody, you seem wise beyond your years, and a soul of old!!!! I appreciate everything you reply to and the gifts you have made for me!… if you ever left, I would be very hurt, you’re a big part of the lifeblood here, and how silly of me… your art rox as welll… but that’s common knowledge!!

Dreamaria: My dear, you are a diamond of the rarest kind! It’s a been a long time since I met someone who had such a great love of horses and knowledge of the last unicorn…I have a great love for equines as well, and your passion for them teaches me so much!! And you are just a sweetie!!!! Don’t let ppl tell you different!!!!

Endless Night: I have always admired your art from afar… but getting to know the artiste behind the work abit ahs been great too!.. beautiful art does equal a beautiful mind and personality! Your very humerous and add a lot of “spizazz” to the community here!!! Go for gold hun!

Domino: If I see one more supercute Leggy pic of yours again… im just gonna have to run of with it! Not only does your art kick some serious arse dudette!, (I better see your name in the scrolling text of some animated feature in the near future!) but you as well withhold a wonderous personality! You just so happy go lucky and willing, and al lthat good stuff… your just bursting with bubblies! (good thing)

Cally: to me… YOU ARE THE MESSAGE BOARD!!! I have never seen someone with over 1000 posts before… you are the heart and everything I ever associate with this community comes back to you!!!!… your the best!

Bagheera.. like this dude needs an introduction!… some of the best stuff I have ever seen… can this guy use a pencil crayon or what!

Caji… who doesn’t love her Disney precise lions! … has been a fav of mine since she joined.. .and I love al lher stuff to death

Dare: the definition of really awesome art!… the best colored piccers I have seen!
The Humon: One legged meerkats! This guys the master… I just love his art!.. his meekats are too cool!!!!!!!

Kelt Ryanson…: nother body who’d obviously no stranger here! Kewlness and a half award times ten!

Sabrea: I am sssoooo jealous of your coloring skill… it makes your art walk right into thie world… absolutely gorgeous things you create!!!!!!!

Simba: One artist who i just adore their art… something just touches me so… so it’s been a while since the last uplad… *cries for more*

Tiranyah…My dear buddy! I don’t think you come to the message board, your were my first art trade.. .even though it took half a year to do!!!! You were so kind to me when I first joined, and explained all the terms and stuff to me!! Your the best, and I just love your art! You have such a sence for unique position!!!!!!!!

Agent X/ DJ Kovu!! …: YOUR ART IS THE CUTEST!!!!! I just love it to death!!… huggles… awe…

Ice Clover Epona… one more artiste who really reached out to me and helped me find my feet here! I miss you and hope to se you around here more hun! I miss all your beautiful words, and adoring pics…. And just your lojng emails… sniffle

Now im gonna feel terrible if I forgot any body… if so you will be added and compensated for having been left out by my memory, who’s just gone to rot in 17 years…

I love all you guys a whole bunch! And you really make the The LionKing cooler than it ever could have hoped to be alone!!!!!

Feb 4th, 2002, 07:51 AM

partay!..*lol* cake arse!

aw..thanks so much!..

i'm all grinning like stupid now..*L*......

*cant...... stop........ smiling........*

i dunno how they turn out so cute....guess i got some strange cuteness stored up in my body somewhere*L* ..ppl..are always telling me i'm cute though..

i'm like..
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!..i want to be sexy..mysterious..exotic..beautiful.... not.. CUTE!!!!"

but alas, cute i am....*L*

aw..thank you so much for liking my work, i think you're one of the few..*just me and you babe.*L** and you are so damn good..it means alot!..

*L* i'm still in my pj's.. i have pants w/gold fish on them...
and when i jiggle my fat thighs they swim.... swim! swim! be free!..

*ooh..its kinda hypnotic..*L**

hehe..ok..i better stop now, before i get so hip it hurts....

*whee..ships!..if i cant have sails and calm seas..i guess i'll always have.. the woodside ferry*

Ms. Flambe
Feb 4th, 2002, 09:04 AM
*dances in the faeree dust* Wheeee!
Aw...you're such a nice person! *cuddlesyou!*
Aw! Aw!
Thanks SO much for the lovely comments...*cling*

Feb 4th, 2002, 10:24 AM
Thanks Fearee you're one heck of an artiste yourself!
beautiful compositions and emotions....

It's always fun talking to you here. Can't wait to meet you at musicfest.

Alai Tallon
Feb 4th, 2002, 01:07 PM
Aww, Faeree . . . So sweet of you. It's funny, when you said, "You're one of a kind!" I almost expected you to say, "Thank goodness." :lol Just a weird put-down/just joking thing I came up with. Or . . . something. A soul of the old, eh? Well you young whippersnappers better listen up, y'hear? I remember I had to wait FIFTEEN hours just for the board to come up! And this was sitting out in the snow, too! In my bare feet, mind you, sonny! And there weren't no such thing as that newfangled DSL whateveryacallit. Nosiree! We were lucky to get a good 10 bytes a second, and that was on a GOOD day . . . Yessir . . .

Tallon's gettin' weird. I sure am. No more schzophrenia for now. Okay. Thanks for all the kind comments! You're one of my good friends on the board as well, and it's great to have a fellow Legolas fan friend! :D

Kelt Ryanson
Feb 4th, 2002, 01:08 PM
*chokes, dies, resurects himself* Whoa! Kewlness? Me? Really? Whoa! *dies again* Thanks!


User 77
Feb 4th, 2002, 01:45 PM
you guys are all welcome... but you also totally deserve it as wel!!... lol @ Tallon and Kaz!!!! *swim gold fish swim* ROFL! your so funnie... i gotta get me some thigh jiggle pants...! Tallon... omg... i cracked up when i read what you wrote... just sorta more or less meaning... you know what people need to hear sometimes... and it really helps alot of people to have that!!! And Kelt dear... you are the pinnacle of Kelwness... !

Alai Tallon
Feb 4th, 2002, 02:46 PM
I knew what ya meant. ;) Just pullin' your leg. I remember . . . hold, no I wasn't an old person in a play. *could have sworn I had been* Oh well. I can do a great false teeth impression though. Ask Kelt! Well, that and "Fighting Hamster", "Barnacle", "Lobster", "Badger Attack", etc . . . Yeah . . .

Feb 4th, 2002, 05:28 PM
*doesn't really know what to say* I've never been praised directly before..o.o;

*huggleclinghugglesqueeze* Thank you sooo much Faeree..you made my day ^_^!

I remember when I was like..6 years old I found TLU in a video store..and rented it 5 or 6 times..then I found it in Wal-Mart and bought it..XD Tis my favorite movie. ^^;

Thank you though..I've had a kinda ****ty day..but it's gotten better since I came home from school..thank you again.. ^_^

Feb 5th, 2002, 11:36 AM
Thanks Faeree!!!:D
I like you're art too Keep it going!!!!:)

Feb 6th, 2002, 11:10 AM
^____________________^ Gleeeee!!! Aww!!! *Bursts with bubblies* X3
Thank you so much!!! *Huggles* You are so friggin cool yourself!!! *Hug hug* :3 And your art is /fantastic/!!!!!

Feb 6th, 2002, 12:58 PM
Oh thank you! You're such a sweet thing *pinches cheek* :D

User 77
Feb 7th, 2002, 02:51 PM
*squee* you guyes just make me all so happies all the times!

THATS DONE IT! *runs away with dommie's avatar!!!!!*

Feb 7th, 2002, 03:06 PM
Lol!! X3 Meep!!

*Huggles Faeree because Dom's hyper mad right now* Nyah!!!

Feb 7th, 2002, 03:26 PM
OMG!! You made me laugh for 10 minutes when I read that about us! Memories are awesome!!! Thanks so much for the faeree dust !!!!! lol

Yeah, there are alot of good memories! Talon & Cathy will always rule! lol. My poor nose :( lol
I think our art is alot more diverse now, although you are into anthropomorphic art a bit now too :) Which I think is cool! You learned how to make corner eyes and humans before me! *grrr* lol!
I think your computer art is awesome! Your unicorns just keep getting better and better! I wanna start some Spike & Jenna sometime! Maybe now that we're in Bio...hehe!
Jenna tag lives on!! I showed Kyle what its all about, rofl. Looks like Jenna loves someone more than me now :( lol
Spud's eye lashes.....*shudders*
Yeah, we had alot of rough times together, but also alot of fun, exciting times too! (They speak English!!!!)
The past couple of years have been really hard on me for alot of different reasons, but Im happy that I can still talk to good old friends and share memories about the past together :)
I miss so much, but I never know whats around the corner. I hope the next years are good to you & keep you happy! :)
a quote to us : "STOP DRAWING ON LINED PAPER!!" - Mrs Bedford rofl
~Zit Remedy/Squeaky/AirGuiTaR/Baron/Cathy/Jenna/Miami (who could forget??)
~Erin Hughes
:) Peace

Ps. Omg, is musicfest for the band, or is it for your cadets? *curious*

User 77
Feb 7th, 2002, 04:42 PM
MUSIC FEST IS FER DA SAERC BAND BABY!... Well... Joelle n me... you ahven't been in our our crazed raids lately!... AND PATSIE! She's some sort imaginary friend half based on Curtis'' mom!... um... *explain later for havin imaginary friends...*

CORNER EYES! ROFL! our terminology!... awe.. tahnkies... i wuv my unis! meber that episode of Gargoyles Una and Griff... and Leo was it?!!.. and omg.. i forgot to talk about yor dragons! WOWSERs! they got so good too!... you have been werking on them non stop!

THE YSPEAK ENGLISH! leads me to another thought... those wax candies we boght cuz you told me they all turned into gum... AND IT WENT ALL OVER THAT GUY'S LEATHER COAT!!!!!

Definatly some S+J in Bio! we need a Valentines piccer! fo em!..

MRS BEDFORD QUOTE! ...ROFL! LMFAO!... thats good!... god i still do.. all the time... *tsk tsk* ... ah.. the days at the creamery... Gerra... and then the thunderstorms.. and poor spikes eyeballs..

DOMMIE! *huggles the hot temper* *gets burnt* why so mad hun?! *sprinkles cool FaErEe DusT*

Feb 7th, 2002, 09:26 PM
I notice "Simba" is on your list...
do you mean that Simba? in fanart.lk.org?
if so,he is my friend!
he is also from Taiwan,too~~~ ^^
but he doesn't have so much time can drawing...
anyway,I'll tell him that you love his art :)

Feb 8th, 2002, 09:57 AM
hehe MUSIC FEST!!!!!
Patsie? omg...I remember you saying that into the mike at the Xmas band concert...or was that the practise? ROFL You guys are crazzzzy!! :)
*looks at her & juders* hmmm, not us!

User 77
Feb 8th, 2002, 12:16 PM
OH JC! that is the Simba im talkin about! if you would do that ...i would be so happie! thanks bud!

Feb 9th, 2002, 01:42 PM
*awww* Thankies sooo much Faearee! *grabs her & huggles her heavilly* I don' know what to say girl, oh! No, wait! I know it!
THANKIES! :D *huggles & snuggles & never'll let go again*
THankies so, so, much! *cheers*
you just rock as well, girl! :D
Your art's simply just GROOVY & you're a wonderful friend & great to Rp with! So, 3 cheers for Faeree! :D *cheers*