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Feb 24th, 2002, 12:10 PM
Finally, I upload my list and my praises :)

--- Angel - a wonderful artist, though she left. Just great pics… I wonder why almost everyone forgot her. :( I hope she will return one day, I never saw someone mouse-drawing like that again.

--- AzianWolfDoll - Right now our AotM, AZN is not only a GREAT artist but a nice person, too :)

--- Dolphy - Again some artist who shows how to make hand-drawn piccys good-looking… Cute characters and a nice way of drawing characters out of other movies. Einfach nur niedliche Bilder, ich wünschte, ich könnte so zeichnen... *sniff* Und das Bild von mir und Cubby damals von unserm Art trade ist immer noch eins meiner liebsten hier :)

--- Domino - just love her pics… *puts her on her I-wanna-do-an-art-trade-list*

--- Epona - she brought me back to drawing when I wanted to stop it more than one year ago… So I'd say she is the one who made my pics looking as good (good is relative, y'know) as now :) Without her, there would be 20 craaaappy looking pics in my archive… She is just such a nice person, I guess I cannot describe it, especially not in English, so just… THANK YOU EPONA :) Oh yeah… her pictures *grins* She has got her own, unique style, and you can see it in all her pics… That's what makes her a great artist :)

--- Eva (Evana) - she was the very first artist in the lk.org archive I noticed, especially as she became the very first AotM. Her TLK pics are just great - with simple colors, lines and shadings. She is an all-round-talent, I guess ^_^ She can draw anything… And she forgave me some things I don't want to think about ANY more.

--- Eva (Funa) - Yay! I'd think her to be one of the nicest persons in the whole archive and a very very good friend of mine. Her pics - whoa! Eva, I will NEVER understand why you DELETED your whole pics, but I PROMISE, I will e-mail you again and again and again until your mail-box is going to explode if you don't upload some stuff soon ^_^ *hugs Eva and strokes Funa*

--- JC - well, what to say… I myself still wonder how he is able to draw such different styles and stuff and it still looks great ^_^

--- SSJ - nice pictures, and a nice person… With nice chars, in fact, I especially like Bandin… I wonder why ^_^

--- Sabrea - I admire her way of drawing fur and eyes. Also she did some sort of how-to-draw studies for the PC that were really useful for me, as I used some of her tips. Somehow every pic I want to do for her comes out like rubbish… *sighs* And I made her a lot of problems with the first pic she did for me. Sorry!

--- Sheba tha Cub - Yay! There is someone else out there who loves Elijah Wood as much as I do!!! Also she has a cute way of drawing, but the pics I did for her looks like rubbish, TOO…

--- ShyZhadow - Woah! *hopples around you* Girl, your pics are great… I really like your chars (but why do they look that strange when I do 'em?!), and I am soo thankful for the pics you did for me :) And even if you seem to dislike your animations, ME loves them ^_^ And… you seem to feel blue sometimes, like me does sometimes, too… I hope you are going to feel well soon, Shy :)

--- Snowy - some difficult part. I guess she doesn't like me very much, but her hand-drawn pictures are some of the best in the whole archive, I guess. Now, when she colors them with the PC, they look even better, though I like the older ones a bit more… One of the all-time-faves she is…

--- VitaniDaReal - schon wieder jemand aus Deutschland - das gibt schon immer einen Pluspunkt, weil ich dann beim Schreiben nicht so viel denken muss ;) Deine Bilder sind einfach nur goldig, und das Bild mit den Ringgefährten gehört für mich zu den besten! Ich hatte selbst vor, ein solches zu malen - ich hoffe, du nimmst es mir nicht übel, aber ich denke, dass es sowieso anders aussehen wird - meine Vorstellungen sind schließlich anders :) Dennoch - du bist eine tolle Künstlerin! And, for everyone who speaks English: JUST A GREAT ARTIST :)

--- Wolverina - Und nochmal Deutsch, auch wenn du aus Österreich bist. Knuffige Bilder und immer sehr eifrig - and one of my best friends, too.

--- Yazzi - is she going to upload something sometimes? However, she is a great artist with a cool drawing style. Her pics are very detailed, that's the thing I love on them :)

~~ Well… That's my Fave Artists List. As you may see, I wrote a lot of stuff about most of them, sorry for the ones who don't understand the whole Vitani and Wolverina thingy *grins*

A few more people to praise:

Endless Night: I don't know Endless Night's pictures that much, but they are cute and I guess there is some good artist behind them ;)

Arazia Fox: Again a unique drawing style I really like *smiles*

Damalia: Don't know what to say… Just very nice pictures and a admiringly drawing style, I'd say.

Aquanite, Lionscape: I didn't even know them a short time ago, but now they are going to make my fave artists list even longer :) Like the pics.

And - EVERYONE ELSE! Every artist is a great artist!

And the one who deserves a LOOOOT of praise, too:


Thanks for building that site… I guess there is no-one in the archive who doesn't LOVE him for doing that :) *hugs*

E'Vrena :biglaugh:

Feb 24th, 2002, 04:16 PM
Yah, I got praised! *joyjoy*

Aww! ^_^ Thank you very much, EVrena! ^__^

Feb 24th, 2002, 06:03 PM
Thank you EVrena.

I don't know Endless Night's pictures that much,

You aren't missing much.

Feb 24th, 2002, 07:03 PM
Thank you EVrena!! =3 If ya wanna do an art-trade just email me. ;3 Lol!

Feb 27th, 2002, 08:19 AM
Ehhhh, thankies a bunch, Ev! *huggles & snuggles*
Hehe, du hast aber auch ein riesen Prais verdiehnt! Nichtnur das du eine klasse Freundin bis, deine Bilder sind auch wirklich um so viel besser geworden, ehrlich! Du machst riesen vorschritte! :) Weiter so! . . . & danke nochmal! *knuddlwuddl*

Feb 27th, 2002, 09:41 AM
Thanks a lot ! EVrena ! ^__^
Drawing different styles is my little interest...:P

Feb 27th, 2002, 07:01 PM
oh EV your to kind. but thank you. You've grown so much in the time that I've known you. you can really pick up quick on something that you really care about. I can see it in your work. Keep it up, I always gets a little smile on my fave when I see your new uploads.


Feb 28th, 2002, 05:21 AM
Thanx,E`Vrena!!!Is echt wahnsinnig lieb von dir. *hugs*
Ich mag deine Bilder auch total,wenn du mal wieder ´nen art-trade machen willst,sag`s mir einfach,okay? :)

Serge Stiles
Mar 4th, 2002, 04:49 PM
Awww, thanks EVrena!!^_^ Bandin feels loved!! ANd if yer interested, i started on his story ;D

Apr 7th, 2002, 11:24 AM
What..? I haven't replied to this yet..?

Thanks so much, E'Vrena!!!! Me is kinda not feelin' so blue right now but... :sigh:

Oh well.. thankies again! *hugz* :love: