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Mar 10th, 2002, 02:31 PM
Some of this is from my fav artist's list, some is for people who I know personally, and some just for people who I still haven't put in my fav. artist list because I'm dumb o.O But don't get down if you're no mentioned, because I love you all and if I'm forgetting someone then... shame on me x_X

Ásta (Keham, Cygnus) - Not only an amazing artist, but also a great friend and loving lover, who has always been there for me when I needed her the most. She helped me through my depression, and has been a real good person to lean on in difficulties. I love her with all my heart, and I'm completely fine with my sexuality. Her art is amazing, and it's always wonderful to watch her draw (saw her drawing an animation of Storm today On.nO), and her cging is just so cool. Her music is also so wonderful, and I feel honored of having her in my life n_n

Evana and Ásthildur (aka Ásta in real life o.O) - I have to say that I got rather shocked when I heard 'Eva and Ásta say hello' from my good friend at school. Iceland /is/ small after all o.O
Although we have only known those two since before Christmas, they have proven to be fun friends to be with, and they are just so talented!... My ego shrinks to the size of a peanut when I watch them draw, for obvious reasons o_O But overall, they are great persons, and real fun to be around with (...plus the fact that they're completely nuts like Ásta and I, which is a plus ;) )

Domino - I have known Dom for a while, and she really is a fantastic person! Her art is amazing, and she is real fun to talk to n_n Wonderful style, and I just LOVE all of her work, whether it's TLK or anime; She shows real talent to animate too!

ShyZhadow - I hope I spelled the name right o.O Her pictures are wonderful, and I love her character design! Her animations are so vibrant and alive, and I always look forward seeing her new uploads n.n!

E'Vrena - When you look at her archive, you can see that she has come a long way and she has really improved! I love her art, because it's so beautiful and cute, and her style is just soooooo.... CUTE! ^___^ A real nice person too! :D

KWIK (Kuliwa) - I have loved her art ever since before I started drawing myself! I remember seeing a flash cartoon that she made for Kubo's Spot.. I think it was her anyway o.O;;; Her art is just to die for! x_X

SpiritWolf - Another wonderful person that I'm honored of knowing! Spirit's art is just so cool, and I love her character designing, like Tay, Kahtek, Kinua and the others (like the desert lion but I don't remember his name x_X). Not only talented in cging, she is also really good with inking pens and other media :)

VitaniDaReal - I've always loved her art, and the design of her character too! The archive wouldn't be the same without her, because her style is unique and she is a very good artist! :D

Dolphy - She really brought a new inspiration to the archive. I love her art, not only because she uses real medium, but also because she draws whales/dolphins too sometimes, and those marine mammals are my favorite animals.. so.. yeah! Squee! :D

I can't think of any more right now.. I think it's remarkable that I remembered so many *counts* o_O :D
I'm sleepy, Im gonna go to bed now :)

Mar 13th, 2002, 04:47 AM
Hehe... Thanks *smiles and hugs Eva* rollin

Apr 7th, 2002, 10:40 AM
Meep.. late again... :hmm:

Aawww.. thanks!! I love to hear compliments from such a great artist like yourself, Oscen!! :love: Your art is very cool. ;)