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Nightingalle Jul 13th, 2010 10:17 PM

Perhaps this was too long a walk...[AW, Desert]
OOC: Well I thought I'd kick up the dust in the TLK rp area :3 I'm not going to post gigantic posts and I don't expect anyone else to. Please at least try to give as much as I do?

I'll be playing Makitu - He's adolescent, wanderer, might be some spawn of Scar but he never knew his father so who knows. His mother left the pridelands before he was born.


The sun was finally promising.. Makitu was certain that this was no mirage. No, he had seen others that day in the sweltering heat of the desert, this was real. The rogue hadn't expected there to be such a gap between fertile lands... the desert was a surprising adversary to him it seemed. Dust coated his normally vibrant coat, giving him a dirtied appearance - which was rather to be expected from a wanderer such as himself.

As paws began to hit grass from the cracked sands, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

" Oh thank the spirits... I'm no longer lost."

Smiling a dazed, tired smile, Makitu headed further into the jungle. He could smell water, he could almost taste it on his tongue. With what little excitement and energy he could muster, the lion ran towards the river, barely noticing or caring about the magnificent waterfall that took it's home nearby, nor the small creatures that scurried out of his way while he tripped and stumbled almost drunkenly over roots. Finally the water met his paws and he slouched down, resting half in the water, face dunked within for a moment.

Upon drawing his face back up he sighed a little sigh of absolute contentment, ears perked up, face dripping wet. Finally he looked about, taking in his surroundings and naturally trying to see if he was alone or not. Surely the lands were not uninhabited...

Tigery Jul 14th, 2010 06:12 PM

ooc: I was thinking about joining you but i wasnt sure if Makitu was one of the actual characters but from the books and this was cannon or not because you mentioned Scar and the pride lands. So I just wanted to ask before i jumped in and looked stupid :D

Nightingalle Jul 14th, 2010 08:58 PM

OOC: X) Oh he's an original. I made him ages ago :) Thanks for joining :D He's actually in the jungle from the first lion king, just to throw that in :)

Checkerz Jul 15th, 2010 04:58 AM

OOC: Hope you don't mind me joining? Unfortunately I have no character references, but any problems with my post, do let me know. :)



It was a relatively cool day in the foliage of the Jungle lands situated at the edge of the Pridelands. With the canopies of numerous trees acting as a gargantuan sun shade for the plants and animals below, it was an ideal place to be. Especially so for Ashra, a near-elderly Leopard whose limbs dangled effortlessly beneath the branches of a Baobab tree, which he had claimed for himself since he was but a young feline. The carcass of some breed of pig hung at the crook of the branch, wading off many visitors with the threat of a well-fed Big Cat.

But Ashra was an extremely calm creature. He was absent of hostility, but well equipped with the tools to erase a threat from his path or fill his stomach. The Jungle had been his home from the beginning, so he knew it as well as the spots on his tail.

This day was no different to any other, it seemed. He'd awoken, he'd taken a stroll, he'd taken a drink and he'd gone back to his branch to snooze. There were few lazier cats around, with such easy lives. Ashra rose slowly, taking minutes to stretch out each of his limbs which released a gorgeous sensation through his bones and muscles, and then continued on to descend to the forest floor in a smoothe, lithe style.

It was time for his midday watering. The Leopard headed through the dense foliage, slow, calm. He was so at peace with his surroundings, that the normal precautions an animal would take, he completely ignored. So, as he headed towards the riverside, he was completely unaware of the woe begone stranger he was on course to face.

Nightingalle Jul 15th, 2010 09:38 AM

OOC: :3 Nah it's good! Welcome.


Oh Makitu would have been disheartened to realize he'd wandered from the pridelands, into the desert and right back towards their territory. For now though he was overjoyed at the simple sight of water. Eyes hooded heavily though, mild exhaustion was setting in so it seemed appropriate to move away from the water's edge. Slowly he eased himself to his paws, which were now beginning to look their normal color, and walked over towards the nearest lush patch of grass.

For the moment, the lion was unaware of the leopard nearing the area, he was normally decent at taking in his surroundings. It was a bit harder when his vision was blurred with the days' travel. Nose wrinkled up and he lowered his head, rubbing the wet upper part of his paws and legs against his face in a vain attempt to clean up some, as if he thought he'd be encountering anyone worth cleaning up for. The last lady he'd bumped into was well along her way back in the pridelands and he was no better off for having met her. Continual rejections can do that to a fellow, hm?

Checkerz Jul 19th, 2010 10:01 AM

Ashra continued on through the dense path towards the riverside, tail flicking from side to side in docile laziness. Large, orange eyes blinked in slow, continuous patterns, as if the blinking was all the Leopard could do in order to stop his lazy hide from dropping into slumber on the jungle floor. Only a bound away, he could see the river. A faint smile rose upon his maw, thinking how the cool drink would wash away the sinews of flesh that was beginning to relax within his jaw, and he took in a deep inhalation of the scent of the riverside to grasp his first mental taste of the liquid. But the smell was tainted.

Through experience, Ashra quickly figured out the owner of this distinguished scent, and in hurried precautions, took a leap and a bound up through the closest tree. The not-so-necessary thirst was no longer of any importance to him, and he had rid himself of his inert blinking. Now, his eyes were wide, amber spotlights, glaring at this newcomer with all due caution. This was a lion Ashra gazed at- alone and weary, but a lion nonetheless.

Using the shadow presented to him by the leaves of the tree, the Leopard and his spots seemed to dissolve into the foliage- perfectly camouflaged to a searching eye. Ashra took in a deep breath, adding a trickle to his throat as he spoke in order to give his voice just that edge of threat.
" And who are you, wondering into my lands.. ? "
Usually, he would've been far more polite. But a lion was a lion, and could not always be trusted as a friend or foe. That was something that had to be proved by each individual creature itself.

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