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Kasei Jan 6th, 2013 04:39 PM

Favorite Pictures/Artists on the Archive?
So, I was talking with some people on sketcher today and realized...I am an oldie. I remember when others were oldies and I was the kid in sketcher, but now I am one of them. xD It's odd. Not only being older than others on the archive, but also weird because the artists I look/looked up to and saw as inspiring are totally different than the ones everyone else seems to. We were sharing names with each other on sketcher and I had never heard of most of the names they were giving me. xD Talk about being disconnected with today's youth. *cricks back and hobbles over to her rocking chair*

SO. I thought maybe some of you young-uns could help an old geezer like me out--what images or artists inspire you most on the archive? And for those of you who are old like me, which ones do you still remember very clearly as being really inspirational to you? I'm just having a curious/nostalgic moment I suppose. :)

I will probably add to this list later, but here are some of mine:

When I first came to TLKFAA back in 2002 ( old) there were a ton of artists whose work I just *poured* over. I saved images to my computer, set them as screensavers, used them as reference--you name it, I probably did it. Well, short of tracing or art theft of course. ;) But here are the ones that spring to mind: Jamala, Damalia, Cat Hicks, Evana, Domino, The Black Cat, Dagger, Hibbary, Makani, Lucky, Pegasuss, Pinali, Sarafina, Tigon, Tigrin....these are all names a lot of you know I'm sure. Some have changed names while others have moved on and are completely untraceable. But I can credit all of them with giving me lots of various kinds of inspiration when I first stepped into the world of online/digital art. And for that I am grateful that they took time to share their work with us.

Here are some more specific examples of more recent(ish) picture inspiration:

I don't know exactly why but this image of Simba has be emblazoned on my mind since the day I saw it. I think it was the first serious departure in style I witnessed on the archive and it served as the catalyst for a lot of my own explorations in art style. Criq's gallery as a whole is incredible, of course. But for whatever reason this image in particular struck a chord in me.

Oxpecker is an artist whose work I looove. She has this smooth, crisp, unique look to all of her work and designs that always seem to flow and come together so naturally. Really beautiful and inspirational gallery, I often wander through it when I am in need of a creativity spark.

Dille is another one who has been a giant inspiration to me over the years...stuff like this just keeps me going wanting to draw things. T_T

Maqueeendaaaa!! That's really all one needs to say. :3 There is nothing I don't adore about this girl as a person or an artist, she is wonderful. <3

Kourukon and Timali are both artists whose sense of humor and ideas I have always found so wonderful and inspirational while also being people I've always admired for their ability to be SO STINKIN' ON MODEL that it's ridiculous. I have tried and failed many times to achieve this look and I just *cannot* do it. All of you artists out there who can do this, I am amazed.

Paso/Legetta is someone whose style is just so incredibly raw and wonderful to me. I am always fascinated by the intricacies of her artwork.

This is still one of my favorite images on the archive. I don't know what it is about Tigon's close-ups, but they stick with me. When I think of TLK fan art or of her work, I think of these two images.

Daanzi is another artist whose work has inspired me over the years...and if you haven't already you seriously need to check out her DA account. Because woah.

Drago Jan 8th, 2013 07:14 AM

This is an awesome thread,

NQN and Timali are the reason why I joined the Archive in first place, also same with Cat Hicks, J.C., and so many others that you mentioned.
I'll post some pictures later, but of course many people on here are pretty great. Having a ton of them on Facebook too is pretty entertaining; they actually know what art is LOL.

Nightingalle Jan 9th, 2013 04:49 AM

Snowy was my biggest inspiration ever.
I still love the request she did for me I think it's just her real media that always made me smile, kept me going on real media. Haven't done any in ages now.

takashari Jan 10th, 2013 03:05 PM

I will echo those you mentioned, Kasei, especially Tigon and Timali.
Criquetin & FireLemming were my favorite artists...I miss seeing their work quite a bit. Snowy and Va-Kasi as well. I also cannot forget Akril for her thought provoking art about canon.
I'd say those were really my core favorite artists.
As far as a favorite picture...I'd say this one had really stuck with me.

Tamu Dec 19th, 2013 05:41 AM

Ah, so many. It'd be interesting if I was as active on TLKFAA now as I was then to see how my style has changed... though I guess it's possible it hasn't at all really. My favourite was always criquetin, I loved their style but I also had a complete personality crush on them on Lilymud, so I think that also contributed! :p Their art is still great!

Another artist I was in desperate, desperate awe of was oxpecker. So unique! Gah!

Legetta was another, I loved her style. Kasei also. There's a definite trend in the kind of style I liked, and I'm still the same... I don't go in for neatness and perfection, I much prefer sketchier, looser stuff.

I also loved Timali obviously, she was another personality crush of mine and somebody I really looked up to artistically as well as in general. She was such a fast, prolific artist (did you guys see how quickly and skilfully she could draw in Sketcher?!) which gave me this impression of artistic genius; she was so in control of her talent, and that was extremely inspiring.

I can't remember what were my favourite pictures, but here are some I really love that I just chose off my old favourites list:

(I loved this one when I was young)

Annie Dec 25th, 2013 04:07 AM

This is one of the pics that made me join! Being a huge LOTR and Lion King fan...I had no idea other people "lion-ised" stuff, so when I saw that...I just had to!

Kasei Dec 30th, 2013 02:10 PM

Aaah, Banzai! I remember Banzai! :D

Another artist I really admire and can't believe I left off of my list is Cat B./Kippy. She doesn't really upload to the FAA anymore, but her DA is supah impressive.

...also, have you guys seen Rai-che?? Because wow.

Tamu Jan 2nd, 2014 09:35 AM

What is Kippy's DA, Kasei? :) I can never find anybody on DA...

Azerane Jan 2nd, 2014 09:53 AM

It's link is in the user comments on TLKFAA ;)

Kasei Jan 2nd, 2014 12:07 PM

Azzy ninja, hoo haa!!! xD But yes, she is much more active on DA.

Banzai Mar 31st, 2018 08:59 PM

lololo I just logged onto this thing for the first time in 10 years, saw that pic of the Lord of the Rings/TLK crossover thing and was all, "That's pretty cool, who did that?" and then realized IT WAS ME.

Honestly though I think this was a collaboration with Balaa...I drew it, she did the special effects. I think.

Man, have I really hopped down the nostalgia rabbit hole tonight...

Koudoawaia Apr 14th, 2018 05:24 PM

Nice to see you still around Banzai^^

Sukala Jun 3rd, 2018 09:17 AM

There's alot of amazing artists on this website. If I had to pick my very favourites that inspire me so much, it would be the following honorable mentions here.> Tima, Audrey Cosmo, Nadra, Akril and kourukon. Now let's write the reasons why.

Tima: I like how her characters, even if she only had few, really fit The Lion King universe (My favourite would be Maya, the zebra-loving lioness. She could be an official side character in The Lion King franchise!). I loved her parodies and crossovers, they're hilariously well made and sometimes fit TLK well. Some of her doodles have the style of Calvin and Hobbes (This one, by example: ) and well, the rest of her artwork is TLK styled obviously. Tima was the artist that marked me the most, ever since I joined TLKFAA. From her suberp animations to beautiful fanarts. She already was inactive when I joined. I wish she could leave an update or something similar.

Audrey Cosmo: I love her crazy humor and scribbly art style! Her older artwork reminds me of cartoony animated shows like Looney Tunes. Scribbly doodles for me are luv luv luv LUV! <333 She's more likely working on her ''Missing Pieces'' fanmade TLK comic, currently. Where it's dramatic and such. Complete opposite of the funny doodles you see from her. :P I like her comic aswell, and it inspired my TLK headcanon a bit too. :3 And the fact that she is French makes it even more fun in the idea of communicating with her, one day. (Because, well, I'm French. :P )

Nadra: Her comics could be easily mistaken for an official Lion King comic. My headcanon is widely inspired from hers without copying too much. She is not only a good artist with art style similar to Disney's TLK, but a good storyteller. And what impresses me is that she is working on three different TLK fanmade comics. Three different stories worked on at the same time. How does she do that? Oh well, it must be really fun for her. I've communicated with her and she's a pleasant person to talk to. Just be nice, that's all. ^w^

Akril: She's the kind of artist who seems to be really interested in the franchise of the movie. She draws and talks about interesting characters who did not appear in the movie (early drafts, semi-official comics/books, cameo characters, merchandise, etc.). This is the thing I love the most about this artist.

kourukon: Who doesn't love cartoon-styled artwork with alot of very wacky expressions on the characters. Uh? Speak up!

These are all the honorables mentions I put my heart writing. <3

But I think the artist that influenced me as a kid was Not_Quite_Normal. I went to TLKFAA mainly to see entertaining flash animations like NQN's. It might sound silly and awkward, but I made up my stories using HER characters. Also, I thought one of her characters Krysty was a boy. xD

Honestly, there SO MUCH beautiful Lion King fanart that I love, which is difficult for me to pick.

But if I had to pick, it would be these:

There's much more, but I think I shared enough of those. c:

The fact that TLKFAA is not as active as it used to be saddens me. I want to do everything to keep it alive! I want this amazing fandom to go on! I've only been on TLKFAA since 2013 and I looked through older things through TLKFAA, and saw alot of things I missed. Oh well, I was too young to join when all of these happened. But maybe we can revive those wonderful moments again. <3

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