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SergeAnei Aug 28th, 2011 05:07 PM

Change Of Season
There was always a sense of odd-one-out in his bones when he was out with his fellow natives. He always stood out with his rusty, copper hair and freckles...with his strange, green streaked eyes while everyone else had long, straight, gorgeous raven hair, deep, dark, brown eyes and even, mahogany skin tone. Alat'lama always sort of kept to himself...helping out where he didn't need to say much or be much involved with everyone. He was a sort of indirect being, always attempting to do things to help without being in the lime light like the warriors or hunter of the tribe...however...he had a strange knack for those things. Everyone was always telling him how strong and fast and skilled he was and how he should go out for a hunt and such but...he never found himself interested in those things unless everyone was in mortal danger...

The wind picked up on the hillside, throwing him out of his thoughts. His eyes fluttered open to the grass tickling his cheeks and sides. It was late in the autumn day and he could see people out in the fields, coming in and out with their weaved baskets and waving joyfully to one another. Looking up to the sky, it was probably about time he go back in to the village...but maybe he could stick back for a few...just long enough to enjoy the partial sunset.

Tigery Aug 28th, 2011 06:08 PM

Running her hands along the side of her beautiful young appaloose stallion, Onashola greeted the creature. She rubbed the front of its face with a smile. "Shh." She soothed the excited beast and sighed. "Lootah." Red. He was one of their youngest current studs in line for breeding. Until he reached a higher age, and was needed, he was all hers. The horses were very important to their tribe. Even as a Lakota, orphaned into this tribe, The People still honored her as one of their own. The privlage of riding a stud was only for the highest of warrior, cheif, and those who took care of the horses. It was a pretty honored thing to be in partial charge of breeding and general management. This wasnt that big on the status chain though.. she was just a horse care taker. Warriors were still well above her. Today was special though. Because she was the only person in the tribe that knew how to speak English, she would be sent with the group to negotiate the trade and selling of horses, closer to the coast. Not many Englishmen appeared there but from time to time, other languages also know english. Reaching down to her blue and red paints, she began to mark Lootah with traditional warrior markings. Though this would not be war, the newcomers always found it attractive.

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