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Timitu Jul 4th, 2017 06:19 AM

Mini Secret Santa (Movie Inspiration) Sign Ups
Sign ups are currently CLOSED.

At this time we are taking no more new sign ups for this secret santa. If you missed out but do not wish to miss out in the future you should check out our Facebook Group. Posts are strictly this secret santa related. If you do not have Facebook you can join our Deviant Art Group. I post a journal each time we start a Secret Santa project here.

For those in the project: E-mails with who you are drawing for have gone out. Check your e-mail if you have not already.

Finally a mini secret santa. Please if you plan to sign up for this make note of the days. My life is rather crazy right now but I feel doing something very familiar to me (like running the secret santa) will keep me motivated. :)


What is the Secret Santa? Are new members welcome?

The secret santa is like a secret art trade. After sign ups have closed you will get an e-mail telling you who you will be drawing for. Keep it secret. Just like you, they will have signed up providing information about their characters and such. You will use that to create a picture without having to talk to them. (If you have any questions about their characters ask me and I will ask for you.) Once your picture is complete, do not post it online, instead send it directly to myself. When the project is all over I will send out each picture to the artist they are for and let them know who drew for them. This way each person who takes part will get their pictures around the same time.
New people are always welcome. I just ask that you have done at least one art trade or request in the past. (In other words showing you are willing to do a picture for another person.) Your skill level does not matter, all that is asked is you put some thought and time into it.

If you want to see pictures from past projects to get an idea, check them out on our DA group.



A theme suggested by "M-WingedLioness." Movie Inspiration is the theme for this mini one. For this you will use movies as your inspiration for drawing your scene. Maybe the characters are acting out the scenes themselves. Maybe they are added into a movie with the actors. Maybe they have taken over a movie.... Whatever it is try to make sure the movie is decently obvious enough in the picture even if it has other peoples characters in it. Also when signing up please make sure to add the new information in so your person can make the best fitting picture for you.

Movies You Like: (Sign up info) Please add this to your sign up information. It is best you do this separately from your character info. Like don't put it for each character. Of course I won't stop you if you do but it opens up creativity if you don't specify what character would fit what movies. Try to pick a few movies. I would suggest listing at least 3 movie titles. (I would say no more than 10 movie titles. That is a lot.) If you feel there may be multiple versions of the movie post the IMDB link to the one you personally enjoy the most unless it does not matter. You are also welcome to post links to trailers from YouTube if you feel it would help.


Rules and Information:

Usual Rules apply still.

You have to do a picture
It must be your own
And keep it secret.

Also I am bringing back an old one again. There needs to be at least two colours in the background. Digital or real media needs this. Unless there is a major reason to do it in black and white please do a picture in colour.

NOTE: I have a new e-mail address. Please use it instead of my old one.



July 4th 2016 - Sign Ups Open
July 17th 2016 - Sign ups Close
July 18th 2016 - Names go out
August 11th 2016 - First Deadline (Check your e-mail if you are not finished)
August 18th 2016 - FINAL DEADLINE
August 20th 2016 - Pictures go out (This could be changed to a day earlier if everyone gets theirs in on time.)

If you take part in this project, put these dates in your phone or other sort of agenda with reminders so you do not forget. I will un-bold them as they happen.


Sign Up Information:

To sign up please fill out the information below and post it below or e-mail it to me If you need help understanding what you should put for each category please go here. You will need at least one cat-like character. (Anthros are fine but allow people to draw them in feral form if they are the one character you have that is feline. **New**Canon characters are also welcome. If from the movies/shows you can just put their name in the "Anything to say" spot. If from the books please provide a link to a picture. If from any other movie/tv show/book please fill them out as if they were your character so we know a bit about them.***)

TIP: You can post between 1 and 5 characters. Before you start think of how many characters you wish to add. Copy and paste the stuff for the characters that many times and that way you can easily add the information for your characters without getting mixed up.


Artist Name:
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: (With me? Yes or No?)

Character Name:
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Brief History:

Movies You Like:
Anything to say:


That is it from this end. If you wish to sign up go for it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

If your name is in RED it means you wont be allowed back next year. (Shown after the final deadline)
If your name is in PURPLE it means you have dropped out. People in GREEN are not talking and could be removed. (Anyone with a * beside their name has an approved extension till August 19th 2017. If for any reason they find the time and get theirs in before the final deadline that will be removed. If they use the extension it will remain on and their name will appear bold as they finish.)
If your name is BOLD that means you have your picture in. (Your responsibility to keep an eye on your name and make sure we have received your picture.)

M-WingedLioness *
Sukala A.P


M-WingedLioness Jul 5th, 2017 07:35 AM

Artist Name: M-WingedLioness
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Maggie
Species: Winged lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: shy, friendly, nice, dreamy, nosy (often reads books on the history of their ancestors, other lands), is avid for adventures
Brief History: She lives in the mountains a long way from unwinged lions. The pride of winged lions thinks that ordinary lions are their enemies. However Maggie is of different opinion, because an ordinary lion is her partner. Sometimes she slips at nights to meet with Arneo.

Character Name: Arneo
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: funny, sensitive, caring, faithful, understanding, shy, romantic
Brief History: He lives in the jungle with the pride. He slips at nights to the secret place, where is on the other side of desert. He meets with his Maggie there.

Movies You Like:
1. Titanic
2. The Mummy

Anything to say: I would like to get a picture with both of my characters in feral form where will be acting out the scenes themselves.
Maggie is lower than the adult lioness, Arneo is higher than adult lion. Here you can see how they look, when they're sitting together

lionobsession Jul 5th, 2017 10:36 AM

Artist Name: lionobsession
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Amani
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: (the cub in the background)
Personality: Kind, fun, loving, all positive
Brief History: Daughter of Kabili and Wema and mate to Bakari, lives in the pridelands (Kovu + Kiara's granddaughter)

Character Name: Bakari
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Brave, courageous, loving, kind
Brief History: Mate to Amani, ran away as an adolescent but returned as an adult

Character Name: Kabili
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: (one of my older drawings...)
Personality: always positive, embraces life, overcomes challenges
Brief History: Mate to Wema, Kabili suffered with distemper as a cub/adolescent so only really became mates with Wema as an adult, though they knew each other as cubs

Character Name: Wema
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Determined, focussed, passionate
Brief History: Mate to Kabili, she became a huntress, providing food for him when he was ill

Movies You Like: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, musicals, Pirates of the Caribbean
Anything to say: Honestly, the picture doesn't have to be related to any of the films I've listed above. You also don't have to use every character - I included enough relationships in order to increase options.

Timitu Jul 6th, 2017 04:52 AM

Artist Name: Ari
Website Link: DeviantArt(Or my old DA account, which I still use for watching/interacting with people mostly: ), TLK-FAA
First Secret Santa?: Yes

Character Name: Luna Lighting
Species: Ailen/humanoid character
Reference: (While I edited this to make it slightly more clear, sadly, not only is this picture drawn badly, but it isn't even a proper ref sheet; I drew it for my siblings and so I wasn't trying to make her design super clear or anything. I hope you can work with it, but honestly, you don't have to worry about making everything super accurate.)
Character Page: N/a
Extra Pictures: N/a
Personality: Bitter, aloof, depressed, compassionate, protective
Brief History: Not really sure what say about her other than she kinda had a rough past, and as a result has trust issues. There's more to her then that, but it's a bit difficult to explain right here.

Character Name: None/Undecided yet; but I usually just refer to her as “Cheetah girl”.
Species: Anthropomorphic cheetah/dinosaur-like alien. Basically her upper half is cheetah-like while her lower half is dinosaur-like
Reference: (Again, it's sadly not a proper ref sheet or a well drawn picture, but I think it should be sufficient enough for one to be able to tell what she's supposed to look like. Just to clarify, her space-suit is silver, not white. And the lighter pink on her stomach is fur, while the darker pink is scales.)
Character Page: N/a
Extra Pictures: N/a
Personality: Feisty, deceptive, cowardly, nasty, has a bad temper
Brief History: She's actually a background character from something I'm working on, so she doesn't have a huge role in it(Hence not having much of a back-story), but basically she gets into trouble for injuring her friend's face with her claws when she got angry with him. Not sure how this is really helpful, but I'll include it anyway :P

Character Name: Dotty(Canon character from TLK)
Species: Lioness
Character Page: N/a
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Immature, childish, headstrong, arrogant
Brief History: As a teenager, Dotty and her twin sister Spotty get separated from their pridelander mother after being banished with the rest of Zira’s pride to the outlands for being loyal to Scar. Dotty feels unjustly treated, and is always trying to find a way to be accepted back into the pridelands to be with her mother, although Spotty tries to tell her that this is impossible while the feud between the pridelanders and outsiders remains.

Movies You Like:

Treasure Planet
Any of the TLK movies(I’m not sure if TLK counts but eh, it's my favorite movie, so I’m adding it anyway. Though I'd prefer that you didn't do this one if you end up drawing Dotty because come on, that's just dumb, she's from this movie XD)
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins(I honestly can't say that this is one of my favorite movies by far, but I sadly have very few movies that I actually like, and no others but one really come to mind at the moment)

Anything to say: While you can choose to draw any one(And please only choose one; it'd be weird having all these characters in the same picture) of the characters I have listed, please note that I'm only really including Dotty as a back-up character in case you can't/don't wish to draw any of the humanoid ones listed, and that I'd much prefer to see either Luna or the cheetah girl done if it's possible. If you don't feel comfortable drawing humanoid characters, then you could always do a feral form of the cheetah girl.Though again, if it's at all possible I'd much prefer to see her humanoid.

As far as the setting of the picture goes, I'd like to see something where maybe whichever character you choose to draw is in the place of one of the characters from whichever movie you go with, or even interacting with characters from the movie. If you have something else in mind though and it's fun or cool then you could give that a shot instead :) Thank you!

Sukala Jul 6th, 2017 09:11 AM

Artist Name: Sukala A.P.
Website Link: and
First Secret Santa?: Nope.

Character Name: Sukala
Species: Cougar/Puma/Mountain Lion/Whatever it is called.
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: feisty, middle tempered, imaginative, protective, witty, smart, friendly, shy and sometimes a little ''crazy''. Can be aggressive if we brutally put her out of her personal space or make fun of her.
Brief History: Solitary she-cougar who loves drawing. Don't ask how she manages to do so with her paws. You're in a cartoon universe. And she is an environmental activist. She HATES products with palm oil in the ingredients.

Character Name: Msanii
Species: Lilac breasted roller
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Feisty, crafty, imaginative, smart, ambitious, witty, willing, adventurous, youthful, ''crazy'', friendly, a bit headstrong and sometimes awkward.
Brief History: *SPOILERS* Msanii arrived to Pride Lands with his ungulate friend Madini and her herd during Kiara and Kovu's reign. He is passionate about lions and loves awkwardly being in presence of them, with him being prudent since these felines could take a bite of a colorful bird like him. He loves snatching off his own feathers to paint trees, rocks, and sometimes animals if he feels like pranking somebody. He sometimes use his feet as an artistic tool. Since he is my TLK ''feathersona'', it's normal that he sometimes encounters my original non-TLK fursona Sukala besides the fact they live in different universes.

Character Name: Madini
Species: Kudu
Reference: (Art by Ari, design made for me.)
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: None yet.
Personality: Affectionate, caring, gentle, friendly, charming, discreet, unwilling, sometimes snobbish. She is easily startled.
Brief History: *MORE SPOILERS* Madini was born in her herd in another land. She met Msanii when he was just a chick. He have been her companion, ''insecticide'' and entertainer since then. She does not like when Msanii talk about lions or any predator, as she fears them. But she does not mind letting him scribble on her.

Movies You Like: Ace Ventura : Pet Detective (''When Nature Calls'' is my favourite), Pirate Of The Caribbeans, Home Alone and The Lion King obviously.
Anything to say: This sounds like a fun mini Secret Santa! I'm sure I will enjoy it! :) Also, you (whoever you are, person who will draw my characters) don't have to draw ALL of the three characters.

Kamakari_Lioness Jul 7th, 2017 07:55 PM

Artist Name: Kamakari
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: Nope!

Character Name: Elijah
Species: Luim
Reference: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...ling-403068364
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...hart-459069048
Personality: Super friendly and always smiling
Brief History: working on it! I do wanna mention the scars are only on the shoulder shown in his sheet!

Character Name: Queen Crystal
Species: Hedgehog
Reference: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...stal-669586465
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: For the rest of her clothes (do not include the backpack) under the cloak see this pic - Don't forget her crown in the one pic though! Also...the yellow border goes all the way to the bottom of her cloak on both sides :)
Personality: Good-natured and kind-hearted, thinks before acting for the most part
Brief History: working on it! But she had NO idea she was to be a queen until she was nearly 17! And what a shock it was for her too! Also as a queen, I'd like to see her as she is when she's 41, lines under her eyes , etc and all :)

Character Name: Doctor Floss
Species: Earth Pony
Reference: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...loss-454747614
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: For his alternate 4 legged form and cutie mark (he has it in both forms), see here - https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...loss-334559175 Also, he can either be drawn with the hands seen in the above pic, or with hooves (his dad was a unicorn..and he got just enough magic to be able to 'hold' things with hooves..also he ALWAYS wears his specs!
Personality: Calm and charismatic, adores children and is the head dentist at his practice, which is family oriented
Brief History: working on it!

Movies You Like: Matrix, Dragonheart, The Hobbit and LoTR trilogies, Land Before Time, Boondock Saints, and the Resident Evil (live and animated) series. Just a note..Elijah's fav RE character is Leon Kennedy!
Anything to say: Nope! :) Althought I should note I am terrible at non-anthro females....other than Crystal oddly enough..just saying!

Timitu Jul 9th, 2017 06:59 PM

Artist Name: Raikeneko
E-mail: hannahw.rai95@yahoo. com
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: first ever secret santa, yes.

Character Name: Rai
Species: Polymorphic
Extra Pictures: rai sand cat, rai pic
Brief History: Rai's grey color combined with her golden eyes is a family trademark, that all of Feyner and Alira's children share. Rai is the middle child out of three, and the first to sneak away to Earth, this was a very sad day for her having to leave behind her brother Fergus as they are really close. In leaving Dekruss, she had to obtain polymorphic abilities to better suit her life her on Earth.

Character Name: Jonathen
Species: lion
Extra Pictures: jonathen pillow
Personality: Does not enjoy talking about her past, not because it's horribly dark and sad and twisted. She doesn't like to talk about it because it's just the opposite.

Character Name: Mezmer
Species: Rion
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: ,
Personality: Wise, quiet, regal, worldly.
Brief History: Mexmer is a rion combined with more than 3 animal genetics, resulting in lack of pigment and gender. Mezmer is also ageless and is considered a deity amongst rions.

Movies You Like: Assassin's Creed, Transformers, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Moana, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away
Anything to say: Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Tru Jul 16th, 2017 02:47 PM

Artist Name: Tru
Website Link: DA-Main-DA-Fanart-TLKFAA
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Tru
Species: Lioness
Character Page:Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Fiesty-Tenacious-Outspoken
Brief History: Tru is a feisty and ferocious young lioness. She is a skilled huntress. She is also a very loving and loyal to her mate, who she has known since they were young cubs. She definitely has an attitude and is never afraid to speak her mind, no matter what the situation and she isn't afraid to fight for what is right.

Character Name: Barrett
Species: Lion
Reference: Click
Character Page: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Calm-Collected-Go with the flow
Brief History: He doesn't let much bother him and tried to to be too confrontational. He is a bit of a live and let live type of guy, but that would stop him from fighting for those he loves, especially his mate Tru

Character Name: Spirit
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Gentle-Shy-Introverted-Caring
Brief History: A young adult wolf who lives with her mate, West She is very shy and quiet, but once you get to know her can be very outgoing.She is fiercely loyal and very protective of those who she loves.

Character Name: West
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Aloof-Brave-Loyal-Grumpy
Brief History: West is a very steadfast and brave wolf. He is willing to jump to the aid of someone else at the risk of his own life. He cares deeply for his mate and would never let anything bad happen to her. He doesn't have many friends, but those he does have, he will stand by through thick and thin.

Character Name: Jave
Species: Jack Rabbit
Reference: Click
Personality: Rambunctious-Adventurous-Surly and/or Goofy(Depends on his mood)
Brief History: Jave is a desert nomad, having been born and raised in the Mojave. He offers tours to folks and works as a trail guide. His biggest dream is so travel to Australia.

Movies You Like: Lion King-Beauty and the Beast(Both versions :blush:) -Zootopia-Harry Potter-Lord of the Rings-Moana-Balto-Dragonheart-Pirates of the Caribbean

Anything to say:
You of course don't have to draw them all.
Spirit and West are a couple, as are Tru and Barrett but you can draw any of them on their own as well.
Have fun with it!

Leorgathar Jul 16th, 2017 11:58 PM

*GASP* I had forgotten about this, I hope I'm still on time to join D:

Artist Name: Leorgathar
Website Link:
First Secret Santa?: Nope

Character Name: Coatl
Species: Jaguar
Reference: Coatl Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Coatl, cub Coatl, Coatl (by Kotenokgaff)
Personality: Coatl is generally calm, usually in a good mood, sometimes even funny. He doesn't do well with meeting new people, but he tries =P
Brief History: Coatl is my main fursona. He has a history elsewhere, but it's irrelevant here.

Character Name: Phyllon
Species: Plant-Lion
Reference: Phyllon Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Cub Phyllon, Autumn Phyllon (by Nukaleu), Phyllon (by KanuTGL)
Personality: Personality: His general behaviour has mood changes depending on the season he's in, but he's generally a very nice and polite lion. He's a carefree spirit who likes to promote love instead of war and hate. Also, he's gay :P
Brief History: Phyllon has the ability of communicating with plant forms and control them at his will. He fulfills the role of a forest guardian/spirit, a benevolent force of nature that keeps watch over the forest and the flora/fauna it holds. Phyllon's forest provides refuge for unfortunate souls who wander lost in it, but whoever represents a threat to his forest will have to face his anger.

Character Name: Jared
Species: Wolf
Extra Pictures: Jared sketch (by KanuTGL), Jared and Coatl
Personality: Jared is one happy and very curious wolf pup. He gets very shy when introduced to strangers, especially those much bigger than him.
Brief History: He has no background history right now. I'm still exploring on what to do with this character. For the time being, I'm drawing him along with Coatl to see how they would interact.

Movies You Like: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Iron Giant, Kung Fu Panda, Hook
Anything to say: Have fun with this! ^^

Timitu Jul 18th, 2017 03:16 AM

Sign ups are now closed. Names will be going out in the next couple of hours. If you are signed up remember to check your e-mail. I will edit this post once the e-mails have been sent to everyone. :)

UPDATE: All e-mails have been sent. If you have not got yours yet please check your e-mail. I hope everyone enjoys. I cant wait to see the pictures that you guys do for this one. Remember to watch the deadlines so they do not sneak up on you too fast. A month from today is the last day but it can get here faster than you think. ;)

Kamakari_Lioness Jul 23rd, 2017 05:39 PM

Hey I checked my e-mail and even spam folder..I did not get my e-mail XD

Just thought I'd let you know!

Timitu Jul 24th, 2017 03:03 AM

That is weird. I sent it to:
I have sent it again. Let me know if you get it. :)

Timitu Aug 18th, 2017 05:13 PM

Few hours left and only one more to go. I am a bit nervous. I have a mid shift tomorrow (long shift right up though the middle of the day) so if I have to do a picture it probably wont be my best. If there is someone who can take a last minute extra let me know. IF we need it. Fingers crossed we won't but I am getting nervous.

Timitu Aug 19th, 2017 02:25 PM

All the pics are in. I look forward to e-mailing you all tomorrow. :)

Timitu Aug 20th, 2017 03:28 AM

The pictures have all gone out. Thank you guys for taking part for this one. You are now free to post your pictures in public anywhere. :) If you have not got your e-mail you may want to go check it now. Let me know if you do not have it. I do work a mid today as well so I wont be available for most of the day but if I do catch it on break I can check and see if I can get it to you again. :)

Remember also if you are on DA to add yours to our group:

And you can also share your picture on our facebook group:

Tru Aug 20th, 2017 11:46 AM

Thanks so much for once again hosting this for us Timtu <3 It's always so much fun. ^-^

Shall we do our sharing here, like we did in previous years? If so, I shall begin.
First, thank you so much to M-Winged Lioness for the lovely picture of Tru and Barrett. It is amazing and I love it!

I drew for Ari. I made her Space-y Cheetah Gal into an a space pirate in the world of Treasure Planet! I hope you like it, I'll get the larger version uploaded asap:

Leorgathar Aug 20th, 2017 02:19 PM

Great work Tru, it looks amazing! :D

Many thanks to Raikeneko for drawing Jared in a Kung Fu Panda setting, it's so cute, thanks! ^^

I got Kamakari this time. I decided to draw her Luim character Elijah dressed like Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil series. I changed his hairstyle to match that of Leon's. I hope you liked it :)

Kamakari_Lioness Aug 20th, 2017 03:50 PM

Sorry for the slightly big size..but here is mine for lionobsession! :)

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