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Just updating and I will use this post to update sign up information based on the current project if it is different from anything above.

Here is an example as well as description to each thing you need to fill out to sign up for the project. If you do not understand one this is where you will come to see how to do it.


Artist Name: Timitu
(Simple enough... The name you wish to go by for this project)

(You can PM me if you wish to keep your e-mail between us but you will need one to take part.)

Website: LKFAA , DA
(It may just be one link, it may be 10 links. Please keep it PG rated and we are looking for places people can see more of your artwork.)

Religious Picture: I don't mind. Any religion is fine.
(Basically if you are okay with someone doing a religious themed picture for you than you can say so here. This is 100% up to you. And it will not guarantee a religious picture. If the person drawing for you feels they would like to and you are okay with it than this is how you let them know.)

First Secret Santa?: No
(Is this your first time taking part in the project with me. Many other Secret Santas are out there. But is this your first time at this one. Mine may be different than some others.)

Character Name: Moson
(The name of your character. Simple enough.)

Species: Lion
(if your character is a made up species please also list another species they are close to resembling as well just so people know roughly what kind of character it looks like.)

(A link to your characters reference sheet. This is still needed.)

Character Page:
(If you have more than one you can add another one or two in too. While your characters information may be on this page please still fill out the last two parts as well so your person can make a quick look. They may not want to read all about every character of yours if they only plan to draw one.)

Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3
(This is not required. If you do not have a character page with several pictures though you may want to have something like this. They can be art you did or art done for you of your character. It gives people a chance to see your character outside a character sheet setting. Lets try to say no more than 5 extra pictures though.)

Personality: Quiet, Adventurous, Daydreamer, Loner (Give 3 - 5 words that best fit that character. Especially when someone is trying to think of a good song to go with the character this is what will probably help the most when getting the best fit.)

Brief History: Both of Moson's parents are dead. He is being raised by the lion that killed his father but does not know it. Moson's birthmark is a paw print that has been passed down for generations. This paw print is a mark from the gods so those alive knew who the living protectors were against the evil Danny. Moson's father, Levar, visits him often as he is growing up.
(This is meant to set a bit of a scene. Donít put too much stuff in here. If you have a character page somewhere most places allow for full descriptions and links to stories there.)

Anything to say: Have fun.
(If you have anything you wish to say you can here. This will be your only chance to talk directly to the person drawing for you. PLEASE do not request they draw more than one character. You can suggest options like saying "Moson is Levar's son and they hang out together at night sometimes in case you are interested in doing more than one". Not everyone will have time to do more than one character and that is perfectly okay. I am sure you rather get one character that they were inspired to do, rather than get a forced picture they did because they had to.)


If you have any questions feel free to PM me or e-mail me on here.

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