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It was a relatively cool day in the foliage of the Jungle lands situated at the edge of the Pridelands. With the canopies of numerous trees acting as a gargantuan sun shade for the plants and animals below, it was an ideal place to be. Especially so for Ashra, a near-elderly Leopard whose limbs dangled effortlessly beneath the branches of a Baobab tree, which he had claimed for himself since he was but a young feline. The carcass of some breed of pig hung at the crook of the branch, wading off many visitors with the threat of a well-fed Big Cat.

But Ashra was an extremely calm creature. He was absent of hostility, but well equipped with the tools to erase a threat from his path or fill his stomach. The Jungle had been his home from the beginning, so he knew it as well as the spots on his tail.

This day was no different to any other, it seemed. He'd awoken, he'd taken a stroll, he'd taken a drink and he'd gone back to his branch to snooze. There were few lazier cats around, with such easy lives. Ashra rose slowly, taking minutes to stretch out each of his limbs which released a gorgeous sensation through his bones and muscles, and then continued on to descend to the forest floor in a smoothe, lithe style.

It was time for his midday watering. The Leopard headed through the dense foliage, slow, calm. He was so at peace with his surroundings, that the normal precautions an animal would take, he completely ignored. So, as he headed towards the riverside, he was completely unaware of the woe begone stranger he was on course to face.
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