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Ashra continued on through the dense path towards the riverside, tail flicking from side to side in docile laziness. Large, orange eyes blinked in slow, continuous patterns, as if the blinking was all the Leopard could do in order to stop his lazy hide from dropping into slumber on the jungle floor. Only a bound away, he could see the river. A faint smile rose upon his maw, thinking how the cool drink would wash away the sinews of flesh that was beginning to relax within his jaw, and he took in a deep inhalation of the scent of the riverside to grasp his first mental taste of the liquid. But the smell was tainted.

Through experience, Ashra quickly figured out the owner of this distinguished scent, and in hurried precautions, took a leap and a bound up through the closest tree. The not-so-necessary thirst was no longer of any importance to him, and he had rid himself of his inert blinking. Now, his eyes were wide, amber spotlights, glaring at this newcomer with all due caution. This was a lion Ashra gazed at- alone and weary, but a lion nonetheless.

Using the shadow presented to him by the leaves of the tree, the Leopard and his spots seemed to dissolve into the foliage- perfectly camouflaged to a searching eye. Ashra took in a deep breath, adding a trickle to his throat as he spoke in order to give his voice just that edge of threat.
" And who are you, wondering into my lands.. ? "
Usually, he would've been far more polite. But a lion was a lion, and could not always be trusted as a friend or foe. That was something that had to be proved by each individual creature itself.
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