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“Hows those horns looking now Ardon? Jack asked knowing the dragon was trying to see if they had grown more still, since noticing them, the dragon usually had a little peek each day to see them growing.
"They're coming in," grinned the gold.
Jack chuckled lightly as the dragon came trotting in.
“I think you are having another growth spurt, you seem to be filling out more these last weeks, looking more and more like a young mountain dragon, its amazing to see you grow and I couldn’t be prouder” Jack said with a kind smile.
Ardon smiled back, "thanks Jack. It's kind of crazy thinking about how small I started out as isn't it? "
The man nodded his head lightly.
“Yes, it is, now you can smash through walls, melt certain metals and fly with elegance and grace” Jack said.
Ardon shuffled his wings against his back feeling pleased with all the praise, "How about swapping power and prestige with the elegance and grace bit. I think those words suit Zyra better, ya think?"
Jack smiled lightly.
“Ok then golden wonder, have it your way, come on, we best check up on things, bit of me is glad Mark decided to stay with us” Jack said gesturing to Ardon to follow him out of their quarters.
The two of them heading for the common area and canteen when Ardon spoke in response to Jack’s comment about Mark staying with Torchwood 5.
“You won't tell anyone if I say me too?" Asked Ardon, trotting after him.
“Yeah, he might go if you said to him your glad he wasn’t going, I think Veyron is secretly pleased as well” Jack said walking down the corridors towards the canteen.
"Well he wouldn't have his drinking buddy if mark left. Plus he's the wraiths protection from you and Mel," laughed Ardon.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Yes he is, anyways lets see what is going on in this facility” Jack said as the golden dragon happily trotted alongside the man.
Meanwhile Mark was in his office reviewing the notes on his new security chief, he had done as his scaled companion had recommended and stuck to something he knew and trusted for this job.
"I'm glad you listened to my suggestion," commented Veyron, looking over Marks shoulder.
Mark looked up at the wraith.
“Now now, if you and me get on anymore, that magic Brathille thingamajig might bond us as well, then I wont be able to go more than 100 metres from you” Mark replied back.
"Ah it wouldn't be so bad. You love me anyway," the wraith joked. "Just afraid to admit it. Anyway. When's this new guy coming in?"
Mark looked at another tablet to check the dates.
“He is coming from the US in a weeks time, I know this guy, he use to be a star ship Commander then became a CIA head of operations down in Texas, very upfront and honest” Mark said to the small dragon.
"Yeah, yeah I know all that. I read his file too, remember?" Said the wraith but then added a little darkly, "we just gotta make sure that he won't be swapped out and killed on us.
Mark gave the dragon a look.
“Yeah..the girls still are still working on the masses of samples they got, so far nothing, I think we will need to rip apart those rooms and see if we can find any evidence” Mark replied to the wraith, “See if they have got any hiding holes I’m sure you find them” Mark added.
"I'd be willing to take a look," said the little dragon.
Mark nodded lightly.
“Then I give you full authority to go rummaging round, plus take some security people to help you as well, all this doesn’t add up and I feel we are missing pieces of the puzzle” Mark said, allowing the wraith to use his own unorthodox methods.
"If the piece is in either of those rooms, I'll find it," the wraith assured him, "Though I don't need handlers. I can do the search myself."
“Fine as you wish, once we done a few things here you can go off and do that then, I inform Jack your doing the investigation, hopefully we find something, Professor Baxter has said hes checked and no malicious things in the system or anything affecting the portal systems” Mark said to the wraith.
"Well thank the stars for that," said the wraith, though a little dryly, "I shiver to think of how much worse they could have made this."
“Very” Mark said as he moved onto another report as the wraith seemed content being on Mark’s shoulder but noticing the new bottle in the drinks cabinet.

The two girls had returned to the labs with the computer informing them the results had been completed and that there were no odd readings from the samples, everything seemed to match the systems database for the deceased men.
Shoot," cursed Zyra under her breath as she looked at the results on the latest batch of testing.
Melina looked up, sensing her dragoness frustration.
“I assume the results have not yielded anything we don’t already know about Daniel or Martin then?” the professor asked calmly.
"Nothing at all," said Zyra, sounding crestfallen.
Melina smiled lightly and walked up to her dragoness, she sensed she was feeling a little down, hoping the results would help but it hadn’t.
“Hey, chin up doctor, no one said science would be easy, perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way, hence we are not getting the answers we are looking for” she said trying to cheer the dragoness up.
"I know," said the dragoness with a slow sigh, "I just like to be able to get at least one step in the right direction."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I know but I don’t want you stressing Zy, that is my job, lets start from scratch, what have done so far on the samples, do you have your list there” she asked the bold wing.
"Yes, here," said Zyra, grabbing her tablet so show Melina her notes and results. "I have completed all the tests in this column here." she said, tapping the screen with a white talon.
Melina inspected the paperwork carefully, as always the bold wing was detailed in her findings, so there was no error on this side either.
Melina flet perhaps they should try something a bit more out of their field.
“Ok, perhaps we should think out of the medical aspect, hrmm I wonder, long shot did we do X rays of the bone and skin samples?” Melina asked out of the blue.
"N-no, said Zyra, thinking, "We haven't"
Melina nodded lightly.
“Ok, get some of the skin sample from umm Daniel in cold storage, then bring the bone samples and we run X rays and a few radiation scans as well, just give it a whirl” Melina said to the dragoness.
"Okay, it can't hurt to try," said Zyra, putting down her tablet.
Melina agreed with the bold wing.
“Exactly, no harm in trying, it is a little out of our normal medical thing but worth a go, just see if there is anything, if nothing least we can ask Professor Baxter and Dr Sam and see if they have any ideas” Melina suggested.
"Very true... well, I'll go get imposter D so we can run the X rays. I really don't like calling these guys by Daniel and Martin's name, seems a bit inappropriate, right?" commented the dragoness as she turned to leave.
“Perhaps but according to all our tests, their DNA and samples, everything the tests show these guys are Martin and Daniel, but I guess your right” Melina said.
"I know... just feels weird I guess," said Zyra.
“Yeah, lets focus on the task at hand shall we?” Melina said as the bold wing nodded as she went to fetch more samples from storage.

A few hours later the massive dragon returned to the hanger after their long flight around the area, Martina always wanted to be sure Vonriir managed to stretch his wings and see different things along their routes.
Swinging his wings in wide figure-eights to slow himself, the cragback landed as gracefully as one his size might. "Thank you for joining me, Martina."
Martina smiled lightly.
"Not a problem Vonriir always an experience to fly on dragon back, be it a large fellow like yourself" she said with a light laugh.
Vonriir chuckled at that, offering a paw to let her down off his back, "There you are."
"Thanks big guy, do you require anything to eat or...sorry i shouldn’t think of you as a giant dog or a pet, far too clever and a gentlemen for such things" Martina said looking a little sheepish.
Vonriir laughed at this,
"I think you're allowed to ask me if I'm hungry, Martina. I don't take any offence. I could use a snack I think, though."
"Well, a snack for you is a full sized meal for some, but let’s see what toby got" Martina said to the crag back.
"Alright," smiled the dragon as he lumbered after her.
Martina smiled at the dragon, pleased he was content and enjoying being bonded, it was indeed a strange experience to share each other’s feelings and emotions, she sensed the dragon was content, happy Attilu, happy dragon.
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