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Later that evening the sun was painting glorious colour across the cloud streaked sky but there was little joy in the beautiful scene. Too much was tumbling through the bronze dragon’s mind. SO much was at risk and their fate and the fate of the island would be determined in less than two days’ time.
Bronan’s brother had gone to speak with a few other inhabitants of the island, leaving the bronze to guard the main beach.
“Father!” came the musical voice of someone he hadn’t seen in a long time high above.
Bronan turned his head to see his daughter descending from the clouded sky, Neekoh at her tail. She nearly hurtled into him, landing in his outstretched paws and hugging him fiercely. He wrapped her up in his large arms, encircling her with great relief that washed over him. She was okay!
“You’re alright, I’ve heard the most terrible rumours!” she said, eyes sparkling with unshed tears of worry. “Then we had to outrun a few dragons along the coastline that tried to stop our passage through!”
“Shh, it’s alright,” said her father, holding her back at arm’s length to ensure that she herself wasn’t hurt in any way. He hadn’t known what could have become of her, as she travelled the lands beyond the island. He and Tahsis had worried endlessly upon news of the turn of loyalty on the continent.
“I’m fine, but we have heard about shifting of power on Talkiir, and that a dragon, Kreios is trying to take the island. We have seen it now, oh father everything has changed,” said the dragoness quickly. Ucluelet had been travelling with the nomadic Sunchasers of Neekoh’s family to acquire information for her goal to give dragons a written history. They had travelled far to the opposite side of the massive continent where Kreios’s rein hadn’t stretched but upon their return they had begun to hear the most concerning of rumours; dragons submitting themselves to one lording dragon in order to keep the peace. The closer they got to the west coast they clearer the story was as it began to unfold. Kreios, a name that had struck her with its familiarity had run alarm bells in her head. Neekoh, her intended, had rallied his Sunchasers to bring them to the island to see what was amiss.
Bronan looked up to see dozens of the lean dragons from tiger orange to rust began to land on the white sand beach.
“We’ve brought my clan, sir,” said Neekoh, taking a step forward, “We weren’t sure what to expect but my family has come to your aid if you have need of us.”
For a moment Bronan was speechless, seeing the group of dragon, he counted 26 in all. This was no number compared to the legion of dragons Kreios had backing him but this was something. They were no longer alone in their defence of the island.
“T-thank you, Neekoh,” he managed to say.
The orange dragon bowed, “At your service, sir,” he said before looking upwards.
Bronan turned to follow the young male’s gaze to see Forge coming into land.
“Brother, Uke has returned with the Sunchasers to support us,” Bronan informed him as the silver walked up, answering the anticipated question. The group of orange dragons stood together, waiting quietly, only sharing a few whispers between them.
One of the larger Sunchasers approached with a bow of his head. He bore a great many tines on his primary horns, indicating his age, “Sirs, my name is Kolofor, leader of the dragons you see here. Neekoh is my nephew and he and Ucluelet have informed us of the great importance of this island and the need to protect it. We pledge our clan to help you in any way. The changes across Talkiir are unsettling.”
“There is great danger in pledging yourself to my cause, Kolofor,” warned Forge but before he could get another word out the Sunchaser held up his paw.
“That is no matter, or well, is, but one we accept,”
Forge dipped his head, grateful but knowing that this endangered these brave dragons. The adults spoke at length about Kreios and what he had done to great tracts of land across the northwest most part of Talkiir. Kolofor informed him that the lands on the southern side of the great desert still remained untouched my Kreios and his followers, the barren land too far for any real enforcement to take hold. The dragons there still leaved freely on the south side of the great continent but they would be of no help to them.
“So we only have one more day?” asked Kolofor after the discussion had subsided.
Forge nodded.
“What is your plan?” he asked.
Forge let out a slight sigh, “That is the trouble. He wants Melina and access to the portal. I can’t allow that, ever. I have a plan, but I need to speak with Melina and the other’s first.”
The silver had not wanted to get the humans involved but that was no longer an option for him to consider. This had all happened so quickly and while he was away, focused on the happenings of earth, instead of his own homeland.
“I can’t risk leaving the island in case Kreios comes to take Sunbreak so I am going to send an urgent transmission through the portal. Hopefully they will be able to come immediately,” he said, hoping that there wasn’t some disaster going on earthside that would prevent their coming to his council.
Shortly after the emergency message was sent, the normally crystal blue shimmer of the portal changing to a pulsing red, confirming that there was a dire need and the message had been delivered.
“Please,” he said to himself under his breath.
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