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The next 2 weeks passed quickly and Forge’s progress towards full health continued, the large silver was checked on by Zyra, Melina and Sam, checking the progress of his injuries.
Melina seemed pleased with his progress but she suspected the large dragon was growing inpatient and wanted to wander around but was in a foul mood due to others crowding round, she ensured the warlord had privacy in his quarters and told Jack to keep Ardon and others from pestering him.
The professor was in the labs, checking the silver’s latest readings from the sensors stuck to his body, the sensors allowed Melina to monitor the dragon live and can gather much information, along with the other tests that Melina did on the silver.
"Hey Mel," said Zyra, turning to her as she read from her tablet, "The latest results from Forge's testing are looking promising. He's mending well and rather quickly for a dragon his age. Good work."
Melina turned and smiled lightly.
“Well, you helped as well Doctor, it wasn’t just me, we make a great team, well we have a fantastic team here” she said to the bold wing.
Zyra smiled, "I have to agree," she said happily.
Melina nodded lightly in agreement, sensing the dragoness happiness.
“Reminds me to ask you Zy, are you up for another challenge?, no not fighting or racing a more intellectual challenge” she asked the bold wing.
"Oh? What do you mean?" inquired the dragoness, interested.
Melina gestured Zyra to follow her to one of the lab desks as she pulled out some forms out from under the table, along with a tablet she logged into.
“Here, this is the application for you to begin your way to becoming a professor, I had been admittedly keeping it from you, mainly because I wanted you to be a dragon and enjoy your time, plus being a doctor for over a year and a half as well” Melina said.
Zyra tentatively reached out and took the application papers from the woman. Looking them over, the dragoness's eyes seem to well up a bit, "Really?" she asked, unbelieving.
Melina nodded lightly.
“It be another good 5 or 6 years of study, it is a long slog to get it, but I be at your side as always Zy, it is up to you, I don’t really want to hold you back, so I thought Id offer the choice, there really is no real rush” the professor said with a kind smile.
Zyra looked at the papers again, a smile crossing her face, suddenly she swooped Melina up in a hug, thrumming, "thank you, Mel!"
Melina laughed and smoothed the dragoness muzzle and side of her neck.
“Anytime my girl, you done fantastic work this last year or so, I keep forgetting your growing, I’m far easier to scoop up” she laughed again.
Zyra beamed and put her down, "Well this has brightened my day considerably. I don't think I'll stop smiling for the rest of the week."
Melina grinned happily.
“So, shall we begin this application and get the ball rolling for you then?, I do have one condition though, that is to not get your head stuck in a book, still be a dragoness and still go and do dragon things” she replied.
"And what exactly are 'dragon things' if I may ask?" She laughed.
Melina gave her a look.
“You know what I mean, flying, chasing each other across the sky, you know along with the other dragons we got here, not head in a book, I will be watching you doctor as well, plus…I think we both guilty of this last one, don’t let it get in the way of a good things” she replied softly.
The dragoness nodded, still smiling. "Okay. I think that's a deal I can agree with."
Melina smiled as they begun to complete the application.

Forge had made himself as presentable as possible for his visitor but there was little he could do about his state of bruises and still healing wounds.
The large form of Draco entered, the red dragon looking regal and smart as always as he entered the quarters of Forge giving a respectful bow before the silver.
“Warlord Forge, my deepest apologies for the intrusion, I heard you were as my children would say under the weather, I have come on a visit to see you, along with gifts from my home and the staff” Draco said.
"Draco, that is... kind of you to do so. I appreciate it but I can assure you I am on the mend," said the silver.
Draco gave a respectful nod in return.
“I have heard you are in very good paws with professor Melina, she has wisdom beyond her years, here are some gifts from my home and my children, a card and some Welsh cakes, sized up of course” Draco chuckled lightly.
Forge looked at what Draco had brought and seemed at a bit of a loss for how to respond. He couldn't remember the last time someone had brought him something in this fashion, "I- um. Yes. Thank you."
Draco bowed again before the silver.
“Your appreciation humbles an old dragon, I wish you a fast recovery, young Ardon wants to talk to me about guardian issues” Draco said to the silver.
The silver dragon seemed somewhat interested in this.
"Does he now? Don't let him talk your ear off if you have other things to attend to. Thank you again, Draco. I appreciate your visit." Replied the silver, bowing his head.
“The honour is mine, get well soon Sir” Draco said as he left the silver along with the large get well soon card and goodies.
Draco left the dragon’s quarters and went to see the young golden dragon, who had been dying to talk to him.
Meanwhile on her downtime, Martina was having a lie in, she had been busy patrolling and completing the reports for Mark, she was enjoying the rest.
"Miss Martina, are you awake? I have brought you breakfast!" Said Vonriir as he stepped into the room.
Martina awoke and stretched as Vonriir spoke, she smiled as she got out of bed and looked to see what the large crag back had brought.
“Oh Vonriir, your really sweet, wow you literally brought Toby’s breakfast to me” she laughed lightly seeing how much he brought her.
He put down the tray, complete with steaming coffee and a platter full of food. "Of course. I was already down there for mine so I thought you might like to eat yours while in the comfort of your own quarters." He said cheerily.
Martina smiled.
“I appreciate it but you do not have to do all of this, your going to make me lazy Vonriir” she said as she tucked into the breakfast.
"Ah. Spoiling you here and there won't ruin your productive spirit," insisted Vonriir.
Martina chuckled lightly.
“Thank you Vonriir, how is your war commander doing?, I hope he is recovering well, plus we need to go for a fly mister, I got a few days off before Mark’s new head of security operations arrives” Martina said to the massive dragon.
"He's the same as ever. Mending well which is fantastic news. I would love to go for a flight if you'd like to come," he said with a smile.
“Of course I do big guy, I fly Avalon for my job then I fly with you on my down time, it’s a 3 way relationship” she laughed lightly.
Vonriir chuckled, "As long as I am your only guardian I will accept that fact," he teased.
Martina looked up and grinned.
“Vonriir cant be jealous of a little bit of smooth shaped metal that flies in the sky are you?, compared to the power and charming personality of you” she asked the crag back.
Vonriir puffed up a little at this, "well, nooo..." he said Though he didn't sound terrible convincing.
Martina laughed lightly as she got up and stretched her hand out to smooth the dragons large muzzle.
“Oh Vonriir, you should not feel jealous, your still my big guy dragon, do not worry, Avalon is my job, he fast but he can do any heavy work or smash through doors and still keep smiling” Martina said, trying to ease the large dragons worries.
The dragon smiled, "that is something I can do. But hopefully not anytime soon," he chuckled.
Martina acted disappointed.
“But I just signed you up for some demolition work” Martina teased lightly, giving Vonriir’s muzzle a smooth.
"Oh? That so?" he asked, thrumming at the attention.
Martina smiled at the dragon’s very loud thrumming that seem the vibrate the air around him.
“Come on, lets go for a fly” Martina said, finishing her breakfast.
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