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The next few days proved to be a little quieter as Forge returned to Kilara, Bronan and Tahsis went as well to keep an eye on the silver, this allowed Melina and Zyra to finish the application and to go back investigating their original investigations.
Jack was in the canteen, reading the news on his tablet and drinking his coffee as it was quiet, he sat on a large comfy sofa off to the one side as he enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, soon the golden dragon came into view, spotting Jack, he approached the man.
"Our new security chief is coming in today," said Ardon as he scratched along his jaw, "I heard Veyron mentioning it. "
Jack looked up from his tablet at what the golden dragon had said.
"Oh he is?, well Mark moved quickly there, I heard it is someone Mark trusts allot" Jack said drinking his coffee, knowing Mark wanted a security chief in position as soon as possible.
"Really? Oh great," replied Ardon, frowning a bit. "I just hope whoever it is likes dragons."
Jack laughed lightly.
"Knowing our luck probably not but Mark went head hunting his old pals and did an in depth check so I'm confident in Mark and surprisingly Veyron" Jack replied to the gold.
The dragon gave him a look but then nodded. "We will see once the person shows up I guess."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, I let him get settled with Mark and all before we come in and speak to him, I know he has requested a house and car, not wanting to live on the base, which we are happy to do” Jack commented.
"Who wouldn't want to live under the ground with us?" Ardon joked, nosing Jack's elbow.
Jack laughed lightly.
“Precisely with all you guys, anyways we will see when he is on his second day” Jack said as Ardon attempted to subtly steal his Danish.

Mark went to the main shuttle hanger waiting for his officer to arrive in the shuttlecraft, he had been told the shuttle had entered Torchwood 5 airspace and was given permission to land, with the main doors opened in preparation.
The little wraith sat perched on Marks shoulder, tail twitching impatiently while they waited for their newest employee.
"What's the hold up?"
Mark gave Veyron a glance.
“He is coming, the shuttle is coming, just some patience please Veyron, it be here in a moment” Mark replied.
Veyron grunted at this but kept his mouth shut, eyes fixed on where the shuttle would come in.
Soon the hum of engines could be heard as the shuttle appeared, lowering down towards the landing pad, all of a sudden the doors began to close and the lights dimmed down in the hanger.
Mark looked puzzled, looking at the hanger manager.
“Why is the hanger lights being dimmed?” Mark asked the shuttle manager Mathew.
“Special request from the shuttle, been sent last minute, same with quarters and other things sir” Mathew said handing over a tablet to Mark.
Veyron tensed a bit. They only ever dimmed the lights when that night striker dragon came. What could this be about? He wondered.
The shuttle landed and the engines powered off as the rear door opened as a man dressed smartly in a shirt and tie approached with short brown hair, he looked a little taller than Mark but had a slim frame, he approached the man and he seemed to wear sun glasses heavily tinted.
Mark seemed to frown lightly as he approached and spoke.
“Welcome to Torchwood 5 Sub Commander Holtan” Mark said as he shook the man’s hand.
The man smiled lightly.
“It has been a long time no speak Mr De Santa, far too long, surprised I got your call” the man said, his accent was strong southern American.
“This is Veyron, one of many dragons here, he is our recon scout and intelligence operative” Mark introduced Holtan to the wraith.
Veyron nodded at the man, "Welcome to the dragon pit. Hope you're ready for this once in a lifetime career." He said.
The man seemed unphased by the dragon, nor surprised when he spoke.
“Great, so this guy the whiskey drinking dragon you been gassing on about Mark?” the man asked.
Mark nodded.
“It is, sadly, he has a more direct approach to people, but I guess you be fine with that coming from Texas” Mark teased lightly.
"Sadly!" Scoffed the wraith, "don't let this guy fool you, if it weren't for me, Marky here would be drinking solo. "
Holtan nodded lightly as Mark changed the subject.
“Come, let me show you to your office and where everything is, obviously arrange it as you see fit” Mark said gesturing to the sub commander who followed them, however he then spoke.
“Are the lights dimmed?, I did request it”.
Mark nodded lightly.
“Yes I got the lights dimmed, may I ask why you want them dimmed and when did you wear tinted glasses Steven?” Mark asked.
“You can ask” the man replied in a rather blunt manner but Mark did not push it.
Veyron seemed annoyed that mark didn't ask, "what's with the specs then?" he quipped.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes at the wraith’s attitude.
Mr Hotlan laughed.
“Your right, he is rather blunt and direct Mark, to answer your question my eyes are a little sensitive to bright light, little issue I had to deal with” he replied.
“Oh? A mission in space or on Earth” asked Mark.
“Calisto to be exact” the man said.
"What's this then?" Asked Veyron, lost at what they were talking about.
“It doesn’t matter I fill you in another time” Holtan said as they arrived at the man’s new office the lights indeed dimmed as they entered together, the man inspecting his new office with interest.
Mark watched as the man wandered around.
“It’s a little big for a normal office” he commented.
Mark nodded.
“Well considering we got dragons coming in, it needs to be big to accommodate them, but you can amend it how you see fit” Mark offered.
"The largest of our dragons won't fit through the extra wide door but don't think that will stop them from paying you a visit should they think they need to," noted Veyron.
The man seemed to nod his head lightly.
“Ok, well I like to bring in a few things of mine once I’m all clocked in and all, then I be fine, I will ask for the lights to be dimmed at this level” Holtan said directly.
“Of course whatever you need, we can sort out, you can meet Commander Harkness, your big boss and then Ardon and the other dragons here” Mark said.
"You've already met the best of the team but I suppose you should know the other riffraff," grinned Veyron.
Mark tried not shake his head in disbelief as Holtan found the whole thing a little amusing.
“Least I can do, but this will be fine, I assume my living arrangements are being sorted?” he asked as Mark nodded.
“Of course, I don’t stay on the base, but some staff including his highness here does, you know his quarters, it’s the biggest, to match his ego” Mark replied.
Veyron seemed to just come up with another quick witted response to Mark’s little teasing comments.
"That is where you'd find me," said Veyron with a pleased looking expression at the sight of his luxurious accommodations.
“Well, I give you a tour, come you see what you be responsible for” Mark said as him and Veyron took the man around the facility, a new person to join the team after all the turbulent time the organization has been through.
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