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I'm an oldie but now a newbie again..haha

hey guys,..last time I was on here was in 2005..sooo I don't think anyone is still here from back then so I guess that makes me a newbie to everyone else here haha. Here's the bio:
Real name: April
Alias(es): I don't rp anymore but I was Larani the lioness
Age: early 20s..i feel like I'm gonna be the oldest person here lol
Gender: F
Location: USA
Hobbies: photography, bass, art, hiking, fishing, shopping, sci fi movies
Music: metalcore (think As I Lay Dying type stuff)
Fave food: mac and cheese
Fave colour: turquoise
Fave tv show: alway sunny in philadelphia, or what not to wear
Fave books/author: hunger games series (before the movies came out mind you, not a bandwagon type person ha)
Fave singer/group: As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains.
Fave actor/ actress: Olivia Wilde
Personal statement: I love cats, metal music and mac and cheese, and I consider myself to be pretty chill and levelheaded. That's the basics I guess. haha

it's nice to be back on here=)
~**~Larani the lioness~**~
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