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Bumping Old Threads and Voting in Old Polls: DON'T

Gentle Mod reminder time, seeing as we've had an influx of old members returning and new members recently. If needs be this can be un-stikied and left to float to the bottom of the pile after a while.

If you vote in an old poll, or comment on an old thread it bumps this thread up to the top. This is discouraged on lilymud due to the delicate nature of allot of our discussions and the fact that peoples options change. If you believe there is still life in the subject, feel free to start a new thread.

Also while I'm here, if a moderator closes the thread, it is NOT a personal attack against you, the same applies if someone PM's you about sig size, sig content or anything. If we disagree and challenge your opinions in a thread, we are not ganging up because we are moderators, we are voicing our opinion as members, which we've been for allot longer then we've been staff.

We love you guys and we love the board, but bumping up old threads makes our "job" harder then it has to be, ok?

<3 Wasai

If you've not flicked through the in a while/ever, now may be time to get a cup of tea and have a looksie.
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