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Artist Name: Leorgathar
Religious Picture: No thanks. It's also ok if it's not Christmas themed, but I'll leave that choice to you
First Secret Santa?: Nope, I think this is my 4th time

Character Name: Coatl
Species: Jaguar
Reference: Coatl Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Coatl, cub Coatl, Coatl (by Kotenokgaff)
Personality: Coatl is generally calm, usually in a good mood, sometimes even funny. He doesn't do well with meeting new people, but he tries =P
Brief History: Coatl is my main fursona. He has a history elsewhere, but it's irrelevant here.

Character Name: Phyllon
Species: Plant-Lion
Reference: Phyllon Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Cub Phyllon, Autumn Phyllon (by Nukaleu), Phyllon (by KanuTGL)
Personality: Personality: His general behaviour has mood changes depending on the season he's in, but he's generally a very nice and polite lion. He's a carefree spirit who likes to promote love instead of war and hate. Also, he's gay
Brief History: Phyllon has the ability of communicating with plant forms and control them at his will. He fulfills the role of a forest guardian/spirit, a benevolent force of nature that keeps watch over the forest and the flora/fauna it holds. Phyllon's forest provides refuge for unfortunate souls who wander lost in it, but whoever represents a threat to his forest will have to face his anger.

Character Name: Jared
Species: Wolf
Reference: Jared
Extra Pictures: Jared sketch (by KanuTGL), Jared and Coatl
Personality: Jared is one happy and very curious wolf pup. He gets very shy when introduced to strangers, especially those much bigger than him.
Brief History: He has no background history right now. I'm still exploring on what to do with this character. For the time being, I'm drawing him along with Coatl to see how they would interact.
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