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Artist Name: Kamakari
Religious Picture: If you like, I don't mind.
First Secret Santa?: Nope!

Character Name: Elijah
Species: Luim
Reference: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...ling-403068364
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...hart-459069048
Personality: Super friendly and always willing to help. Never seems to be without a smile!
Brief History: N/A...trying to come up with it at the moment!
Anything to say: The scars he has are ONLY on the one side! Thanks!

Character Name: Doctor Falcon
Species: Human
Reference: His human (normal) self is on the right - https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...lcon-603532987 His scrubs are the usual blue and he has the white lab coat and black shoes
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: None
Personality: Caring, and great with all ages. Will do anything to help a patient feel better!
Brief History: working on it!
Anything to say: Nope!

Character Name: Crystal
Species: Hedgehog
Reference: (Minus the crown..she's not there yet!) - https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...Cover-58103775
Character Page: (Example)
Extra Pictures: she's the green gal - https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...ORDS-561087103
(Minus the brown bag/bag strap) she's on the left - https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...over-636083668
Personality: Outgoing and friendly
Brief History: working on it!
Anything to say: She's FAST. She also detests bigotry and abuse.For the winter holidays however, she's nuts for nutcrackers and advent calenders! She also adores snow!

Character Name: Casey Whitlock
Species: T-rex
Reference: https://elijahtrevelyan.deviantart.c...lock-677450708
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: Calm and seems slightly shy at first, but it's more that he's figuring you out at first.
Brief History: All I can tell you is he's pure country cowboy, and lives on/runs a huge ranch!
Anything to say: Not beyond what I already have

Character Name: Trent
Species: Mexican Fireleg Tarantula
Character Page: None!
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: Brave and calm, loves to teach his craft, blacksmithing and forging
Brief History: working on it!
Anything to say: He's usually carrying a huge hammer..he is a talented blacksmith and such! He's lean but incredibly strong!
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