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“Yeah, yeah I won’t pull anything,” said the small grey dragon, climbing up onto the couch. Ardon didn’t go to his own bed but lay on the floor beside Jack’s and rested his great head on the edge of the mattress. He guarded his Attilu from the spot and could keep the other dragon directly in the line of sight. Jack locked up their quarters and settled in to sleep.
Ardon watched as the stranger fussed with the blankets, pulling them this way and that before coiling up to sleep. His vibrant eyes opened after a while, looking directly at Ardon.
“Quit staring at me,” he hissed. “I’m not going anywhere after all this trouble.”
The gold male gave a low growl, not liking this strange dragon’s attitude at all. Jack put his hand on Ardon's golden scales to calm him down, he understood the frustration but they had to be somewhat diplomatic.
"Calm Ardon, it's ok" Jack said. Ardon put his head back down and relaxed only ever so slightly but eventually everyone fell asleep once it was apparent that the newcomer wasn’t going anywhere.

Morning soon came and the dragon was right where they left him, but laying on his back upon the couch, reading one of Ardon’s books that had been left on the side table. He turned when he heard Jack wake and Ardon shift over, awakened by the noise.
"Good morning, I hope you slept well. I forgot I did not ask your name, “Jack replied to the small dragon as he got ready for the day. Ardon yawned as he sat up and stretched.
“I slept fine. My name-“ the dragon proceeded to make a rather strange sound which made both ardon and Jack stop what they were doing and stare. The little creature looked like he was anticipating a reaction of some sort as a small devilish smile crossed his lips.
“That’s old Drakine …I think,” said the gold, puzzled. There was no way a human could ever repeat such a name.
"Have you got another name, I cannot pronounce that," Jack said to the dragon.
The dragon smiled and pondered for a moment. He thought about a TV programme he had seen recently, "Veyron. Like the super car... Yes. I think that would work."
Ardon snorted. This tiny dragon wanted to be named after an old supercar that in its time had set amazing records. Seemed ridiculous to him.
"Ok, that is good Veyron, you know all of us anyways," Jack said with a smile.
“I know of you,” corrected Veyron.
"I know it is against my better judgement but in interest of mutual respect and all, would you come down to breakfast with me and Ardon" Jack asked Veyron.
"I promise I won't be running off with your secrets if that's what you're worried about. As long as no one locks me up or roasts me you're safe." Said the little dragon, hopping off the couch and following Jack and Ardon to the door.
"Well that is good to hear, do you walk on all fours mostly or on two legs?" Jack asked the dragon as they walked down to the canteen.
“Fours mostly. It’s faster,” said Veyron. Seeing him scurry after them was almost comical, having to take many quick strides to keep up.
They entered the canteen and Veyron looked around in suspicion briefly before settling on the idea that it was safe. He hopped up onto a chair so that he could sit at the table. Ardon sat on the other side of Jack and turned as Toby walked up to take their breakfast requests.
“Ah, a new friend,” said Toby, not flustered by a new visitor. “What will you have?”
“Coffee, with sugar. No milk. Toast, eggs and bacon,” Veyron ordered with an air of confidence that rubbed Ardon the wrong way. Soon enough Toby went back off to the kitchens to prepare their breakfast.
"So, tell me, how did you end up on Earth from Kilara, also how you kept under our and the EA's radar," Jack asked.

“Well,” said the dragon, looking up as a mug of coffee was placed in front of him. “Some grunt on one of the ships that came to Kilara captured me, thinking I was a kit -a hatchling- and thought he could make a fortune selling me on earth. Kept me hidden the whole way back to this planet after humans abandoned Kilara. We landed in Flagstaff, Arizona where he kept me locked in a freaking terrarium while he proceeded to freak about once he realized the magnitude of what he had done.”
Veyron took a sip of his coffee before proceeding. “I managed to escape shortly after. The guy lived in the middle of freaking nowhere. I stole his truck-“
“You drove?” snorted Ardon, sceptically.
“Yes,” sneered the dragon. “Well… tried to. Took his keys and managed to start the thing. Crashed it a few dozen miles away. Braking is difficult when you can’t reach the pedals.”
Food came out shortly after and the little dragon ate with a satisfied look. “Mmm, haven’t had warm food in stars know how long. Anyway, I knew I wouldn’t survive out there. Ended up hitching a ride on busses and found myself in LA. Hopped around different residences. Worked my way up once I got the hang of living in a human city. It’s surprisingly easy to hide in a place that busy, when you’re my size at least. No one takes notice, its so strange but you learn the most interesting things that way. So, hopped between places, moving when things got a little too dangerous for my liking. The last year I had been living in some rich investor’s penthouse. Real ritzy. He was almost always abroad so I took advantage.” The dragon said, with an air of wistfulness as if he missed it. He recalled the grand apartment on the top floor of a high rise in the middle of the bustling city. Giant windows took in the skyline. Here Veyron had called this place home, using the man’s amenities while he was away, with not a care in the world. He had gone from a scavenging creature, barely getting by on the food that human’s had thrown away to nicking meals at five star restaurants and ordering in food and whatever else he wanted online. It had been a rather glamorous life but one that had too many close calls towards the end.
“So, you traded that all away?” said Ardon.
“Had to, for my own safety. The wrong kind of people began checking into strange reports of my sightings,” replied Veyron, “Trading life in the lap of luxury to, well… this.” He gestured to the room around them with an unimpressed look. This was far from the lavish penthouse he had grown accustomed to.
Ardon frowned. He loved his home and he grew defensive over it. “You better hope you have something worthwhile to divulge if you think you get to stay here.”
A deviant grin crossed Veyron’s face, sharp teeth exposed. “Oh, Goldie, if only you knew half the things I did…”

To Be Continued
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