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The shadow dragon stood in the dimly lit room, geared up in his black harness. It had been his request that the black match his scales and that there was no silver on his buckles to ensure that they did not glint or reflect light while he flew at night. They had been powder coated with a special black matte paint to help retain his stealth though the dragon did think that the harness made more noise than he would have liked. The girls thought he looked dashing in it, though they often compared him to a horse, not that he minded all that much.
Night was creeping in outside and it was nearly time for he and David to head out. Flying to the territory through the night wouldn’t be too difficult and from what the dragon could tell of the weather, they would have good tail winds to help them along.
The girls had come to send them off as well as Brianne. They had pretended to go over the night striker’s harness ensuring that their father had put it on correctly and Tara had tried to offer her stuffed toy to take along but Xerrus politely declined, insisting that Scales stay with her to guard her while he was away.
“Now be good for your mother, kids. Me and Xerrus have an important mission to help some dragons stop squabbling,” David explained to his children.
“Don’t let them be mean to each other,” said Michelle quietly. She had snuck down to the labs and had seen some of the injuries. It had taken a lot of coaxing from her mother to assure her that they would be fine.
“We won’t, little lady. We’re there to make sure everyone is getting along,” said the dragon, “Getting them to use their words, just like your mom teaches you when you and your sister squabble.”
“We don’t fight,” protested Tara.
Xerrus chuckled, “Alright, if you say so. As your father said, behave for your mother. We will be back as soon as we can. “
“Be safe and return to us soon, boys,” smiled Brianne as she and David embraced before he climbed up the dragon’s harness rigging and got into the saddle.
“Will do, ladies,” replied the dragon, opening his wings silently. They flared up and out, high over his crest.
“See you soon,” he called, letting out a burst of shadow smoke and jumping aloft, the wing of his wings coming down send the haze billowing in every direction, making the girls cheer.
On quiet wings the dragon circled round and out of the dragon hangar and into the night sky. He turned east and set his wings in motion, carrying him up to fly in the calmer air above. They flew at a quick pace, racing through the sky to make it to the council grounds in decent time. He wanted to get there well before dawn but to manage that he would have to fly quickly and without breaks.
They flew with the dual moons and billions of stars overhead lighting the way. They passed over fields and rolling hills, forests and streams.
“We have to ensure no one is mucking about while our team is in there helping diplomacy. Keep a sharp eye out Xerrus,” David said to the night striker as they flew.
The dragon nodded, turning his head slightly to speak to the man on his shoulders. “I will.
Below the glittering light caught the dragon’s eye. He slowed momentarily and spotted shimmer drakes flitting around in a small clearing. They passed by them and carried on their journey.
“What do you make of all this, David?” asked Xerrus as they flew.
“I think there may be some understand tactics going on, from what Jack was saying. At least these dragons are smaller than you so you won’t be outmatched.” David replied back.
“That’s what you’re worried about?” tutted the shadow dragon, turning an amethyst eye towards the man.
David shook his head, “Of course not, I just want to help Forge and Jack succeed here, ensuring their safety and making sure no clans interfere or try anything,” The man called back over the sound of the wind.
“That is what we’re set to do, let’s hope we can achieve it.” Replied the dragon. The sky was just beginning to show signs of lightening along the horizon when Icarus touched down at the entrance of the council grounds.
He had spotted the silver dragon standing in the clearing around the entryway, noticing the large form of Vonriir dozing a short distance away.
“Early riser,” noted the night striker as he folded his wings.
“I always have been. I wanted to ensure you both made it here,” replied Forge.
Xerrus crouched to help David dismount from the saddle after such a long flight.
“Come, the others are still sleeping,” suggested Forge. “Queen Hitteki had arranged quarters for all of us.”
“Ah good. I won’t have to find some place to hide out during the day. Tell us about what you’ve learned so far,” Said Xerrus as he and David followed the silver dragon into the carved tunnels.

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