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The next two days while the scouts went to the clans of Syrians to inform them of the urgent point of order, Khan spent the days he had with Forge, explaining the procedures and customs of the council and also giving him advice on the clans themselves.
It would be a lot to take in but Khan was a calm and patient teacher with Forge being a cool and collected dragon, peace keeper and skilled diplomat as Khan explained the meetings, the procedures and the tactics of the politics of the council.
Jack checked up from time to time as Ardon and him patrolled the area, with the large crag back keeping guard, Xerrus and David would patrol the dark corridors and tunnels of the council as well as patrol the night’s sky to ensure the KSA team was safe.
David along with his night striker was determined to keep the night skies clear and safe, as well as check the surrounding lands so Forge had the time needed with elder Khan for the teachings of the Syrian council.
It seemed there was so much to learn in such a short space of time, with tensions running high, one false move could be pounced upon by different clans which could sway the vote towards a rejection of Queen Hitteki’s motion.
That was made Jack worry, if Forge did not play the tune right, their request for mediation could be thrown out, pleasing the mountain dragons who would continue to bully other clan members to gain control of the council, that could not be allowed to happen.

The day of the official gathering, Khan rose early as Forge attended an early morning session to go over what they had crammed in the last two days, the council traditions, rules, etiquette and how the whole voting process worked, as well as how to word things to ensure the clans who were not intimidated by mountain clan yet to swing towards Hitteki’s urgent point of order.
Khan went through everything and gave Forge some pointers to make the council systems and rules work in his advantage in this diplomatic game, Forge seemed appreciative of the sound words of advice from the elder and how he spent time giving as much information as possible to him.
"This is key information, thank you for letting me in on how this whole process works. It is my hope that I will be able to help in some way." Replied Forge
Khan nodded his head lightly in response to the silver’s comments.
"It will Forge, knowing how to use your tongue to say the same thing in different tunes to gain support from the clans, it is a fine art" Khan explained.
Forge nodded, "nearly 500 years in service to Talkiir, I hope that we will be able to soothe tensions and get everything in peaceful order once more,."
This comment gave Khan a small smile.
"So you be familiar with diplomacy Forge, it will be important here" Khan advised.
"I have no other means than that. I have no desire to rule the court or council." Replied the silver.
Khan agreed with the silver’s comments on this front.
“It is important that you make your case before the mountain clan get in, they may try and speak over you or use other underhand tactics, I can call them to order if they do” Khan said.
"Thank you" Forge said with a nod. "My voice carries. I think I can raise it enough to have others take notice."
The old Syrian dragon chuckled lightly.
" I do not doubt it, we will greet the clans as they arrive, I think that will send a message, plus the Crag back" Khan replied, remembering the dragon from outside.
"I don't know if he could get him down here. His dorsal spikes are difficult to pass through narrow tunnels” replied the silver.
Khan nodded lightly.
“Ah yes, he is a mighty big Crag back, they do not get to that size, if I mind is not what it use to be” Khan said shaking his head lightly, in a vain attempt to clear the fogginess from his mind.
"He has western dragon in his blood as well, which is likely why you recall differently" said Forge kindly.
Khan seemed to smile to himself.
“Ahh, so best of both worlds I see, well we best head to the entrance and greet the clans, You friends Jack and Ardon will be collecting the votes in, ensuring total neutrality in this matter, then they will count the votes in front of the council so there is no meddling with the votes stones” Khan explained as he got up on shaky legs and slowly made his way out of his chambers.
Forge rather liked that idea.
"That will be good. Transparency throughout so that no one will be able to think that anyone could possibly cheat."
Khan nodded as the two of them walked towards the entrance.
“Usually the forest and Desert clan will be here first, expect a lot of mountain clan Forge, they seem to like to intimidate, you easily spot them” Khan said.
"I will be sure to recognize them," forge assured the old dragon.
The two dragons made their way to the entrance, Khan was slower to get there than Forge but the silver was find enough to stay at his pace as they reached the entrance.
Vonriir was there, standing guard and so was Melina and Jack who greeted the two dragons.
Ardon soon arrived, landing and folding his wings in saying he had seen movement in the distance and that the dragons were on their way.
“Lets see how this goes” Jack said to Melina who nodded, nodding up to Forge with a reassuring smile.
Soon the first dragons arrived, however they were not the ones Khan said they were, it was the mountain dragons, light brown scales, silver fur going down their backs, larger horns and sharper claws, they were also larger and muscular dragons.
Jack clearly saw that working in the mountains with ores and metals seemed to have bulked their physique, their wings were larger as well, the man could see how they could bully other Syrians just by their physical presence.
Forge, Vonriir and Ardon stood off to the side of the entrance to welcome the arrivals to the council.
"I thought you said they didn't expect the mountain clan first..." said Ardon quietly.
"That is what Khan had anticipated, apparently, we have been mistaken." said Forge in a low voice before the group arrived.
"Welcome," said the grand silver dragon, setting the tone. "We hope your journey was fair."
The Mountain dragons looked at the others indifferently as their leader approached, the dragon was the largest Syrian there, tall, muscles showing under brown scales, he looked very powerful for a Syrian.
This leader was slightly taller than Ardon and seemed a strong dragon, Jack had to give respect where it was needed, he now knew why this brute commanded such fear compared to the other clans, he was a giant to the others.
Khan cleared his throat and spoke as the leader approached with a large company of mountain dragons nearby.
“This is the leader of the Mountain clan Forge and guests, this is Lord Orestes of the Mountain clan” Khan introduced him.
"I am Forge, this is Vonriir and my nephew Ardon." He replied with the briefest of nods.
Orestes snorted in displeasure.
“Why have outsiders been brought to our sacred council hall you foolish old dragon” he said abruptly.
"You should have greater respect for your elders," said Forge, careful not to make it sound like an order. "We have been invited as third party mediators."
Orestes frowned but refrained from growling.
“I see, so what are you to mediate?, I find it odd we call for foreigners to our chamber, as well as the strange two legged creatures” “ Orestes said giving a look at Jack and Melina.
"We are here on behalf of Comhaltas to help mediate as unbiased members of Talkiir," forge confirmed.
Khan nodded.
“All shall be revealed in the meeting my lord, for now we wait for the other clans to arrive, I hope you know the rules of our chamber” the old dragon said.
“Of course…elder, we shall see if these, third party helpers will last in the vote” Orestes said giving Forge a glare before leaving with the other mountain dragons in the chamber.
“A rather abrupt and rude leader” Melina said to Forge and the others who agreed with light nodding.
"Tactics. He's trying to be intimidating, and seem like he is not threatened by our presence, but I won't have any of it," said Forge, raising his head proudly.
“He is a cunning one Forge, do not doubt that about him, with a comment like that, trying to lull you into a false sense of security” Khan said quietly to the silver.
“He seems switched on to me” Jack added folding his arms.
"Well we know better," said Forge. "We, hopefully, have the upper hand for now. It was obviously a surprise that we were here to mediate the council."
Melina nodded lightly as the water clan were next to appear were the water clan, again Syrian build but they were more of a qua green colour with fins instead of fur to help them swim, with powerful tails but smaller wings.
They were the smaller of the Syrians as they greeted the dragons and scurried in, seemingly wanting to speak with the mountain dragons.
The others arrived again Melina noted their differences in sketches and writing on her pad, making scribbles and notes of the different breeds as the desert and Ice Syrians arrived, again she noted the different coloured scales and unique markings and designs.
Soon Queen Hitteki arrived with her compliment of dragons as Jack and the others smiled.
"Welcome back, your majesty. Forewarning, the mountain clan has already made an appearance." Said Ardon.
The queen nodded.
“They must of gotten wind of your appearance before the messengers, it’s a tactic to bully the other clans, I suggest we make tracks and move to business quickly” Hitteki said.
"I agree, Queen Hitteki, before they get up to anything," replied Forge.
The group soon made their way towards the main chamber as Khan spoke to Forge.
“The Ice and water dragons have special areas where they are so they can keep in the cold and the water, make sure you use this to your advantage to pause proceedings, just in case the Mountain clan want to drag their heels or use diplomacy tactics to cause a stir, use the council care of all Syrians code so the ice dragons and Water Clan can go to their alcoves for an hour” Khan advised the silver.
Forge nodded, "understood, thank you elder Khan. I appreciate your input."
“We best get below before the mountain clan can manipulate any potential vote” Jack said as the dragons and humans walked back inside, leaving Vonriir to keep watch on the entrance of the chambers as the others descended down to the main council chamber for the gathering to begin.
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