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Forge and the others followed Elder Kahn as he slowly lead them down towards the council chambers. They could hear voices rising up through the tunnels as the clans began to gather. Ardon was a little nervous how about all of this would go down but Forge, as always, seemed calm and collected. No worry showed on his face but inside he was ensuring he had his thoughts in order.
Vonriir had been left to wait outside, he had wished them luck before the group had disappeared through the entryway.
"Hopefully Orestes has not corrupted many Syrians, it is always a worry he swings a lot of clout in the council chambers" Khan said to the silver as they walked.
“We will hopefully level the playing field and let everyone have equal say in the matter,” replied Forge.
They walked down and down, back through the intricately decorated tunnels. The silver ensured Melina stayed close where he could see her.
"Is there a specific way I should address the council when I begin, something that might put me in a favourable light to begin with?" he asked.
Quick on his feet, Ardon supplied a word and Kahn seemed to approve. Forge nodded at his nephew, impressed at what the young gold had proposed. The group paused just outside the entrance to the council hall. Kahn turned to speak with them one last time in private before they entered.
"I can get you to put a speech out now, I can make an introduction and call the council to order" he replied back.
“Alright,” nodded Forge. The silver dragon quickly turned to Melina, "Please stand to my right when we are waiting together. When I am on the speakers platform stand with Jack and Ardon please," said the silver in a low tone as he looked down at her.
"No problem Forge, I can do that,” she nodded.
“Remember,” said Forge, addressing the group, “What Elder Kahn told us to do. Let’s head in.”
Forge followed the old dragon in, followed by the others, and lead to their guests seats.
The dragons sat down in the grand chamber was certainly a sight to see, the different coloured Syrians all sat down on the rounded stones. The centre of the chamber was left for the speaker of the council and any guests or proposals, the chamber was lit well and the Water and Ice Syrians held their positions close to the edge so they could go to their alcoves. However the brown mountain clan seemed to be spreading with their seats and were eating into other Syrian seats.
The forest clan seemed to be the only ones were weren’t unfazed by the presence of the mountain dragons and humans. Queen Hitteki had obviously filled them in on why they were present which seemed to bolster the group a bit.
Forge and Ardon, as well as their Attilus sat in their section, looking out to the dragons who stared at them with mixed feelings. Soon enough Elder Kahn walked up to the speaker’s platform and the room went quiet.
"Members of the council, thank you for your attendance and gathering with such haste, the urgent point to order has been called by the forest Clan who have asked for third party mediation and support from our guests here, Forge the silver, many will of you will of heard his name over these lands and beyond, he is here with humans Jack and Melina, along with Ardon and Vonriir from our friends the Cragbacks, who you may have passed outside." Khan said his voice loud and clear as the other Syrians listened, some more willing than others. "I shall now hand the floor to Forge who will put forward the proposition to be voted on" Khan said.
The silver dragon walked up to the speaker’s platform, passing elder Kahn and giving him a respectful bow of the head as he did so. Looking around at the audience the silver noted that all eyes on him. He could see the defiance in the mountain dragon clan and fear amongst the others.
Raising his head, the dragon’s silver scales glittered in the soft torch light.
“An honour it is, to be standing here in your magnificent court. As Elder Kahn said, my name is Forge, son of Rezkiel. I have been called here, as well as my companions from Comhaltas, to help mediate this council meeting and find a peaceful accord between the clans. An old human word, Comhaltas, and from what I am told, means unity, peace and brotherhood. This is what I hope for you all on this day.”
Melina smiled proudly, staying where she was but feeling pride and hope rise within her, Forge was an amazing speaker and a keen diplomat, she knew he was the best dragon for this challenge.
The silver saw a few hopeful looks in the water clan but he knew a few fancy words were only just the beginning.
“My Kalian,” said forge, capturing the attention of many dragons, using the old Drakine collective word for friend, used only in great respect, “I come here not to override your rules, your council, nor culture or tradition. I come not to overrule your decisions or interests. I have come, hearing the call of the distressed. It is my greatest hope to help you all find balance and harmony amongst each other. I have seen nearly 500 summers and in those years I have seen many things. Conflict, war, grief and pain. Let us not continue that cycle. I want to help bring the clans to a Halcyon age.”
His words seemed to cause the clan members to stir and murmur amongst themselves.
Forge turned to see that Vonriir had somehow made it through the tunnels and he stepped out to his full height now that he made it to the council chambers. A rush of whispers went out through the crowd as they recognized his crag back features. The breed was rare and many of the Syrians had not seen their ally breed for years as the population had grown sparse in the area. Vonriir bowed low, his horns almost touching the ground in great respect.
“You may recognize my friend, and brother in peace as one with Cragback blood. Ancient allies of the Syrians, know that he would never do you wrong nor wish any ill will to fall across the clans. May his presence be a reminder of how his kind where great guardians and protectors of yours. We ask you, humbly, to allow us to mediate your council and help you all and your clans, find prosperous and joyous years ahead.”
Forge gave a wing flourished bow and stepped back to his spot beside Melina, letting out a breath, hoping in his head that this would work.
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