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"Thank you all, there will be another meeting in 2 days’ time, please stay close as Forge will be hosting the council chamber" Khan said as the remainder of the dragons now dispersed. Ardon Forge and Vonriir remained where they stood, watching the dragons go. The mountain clan seemed greatly displeased and had been the first to leave moments after the votes had been announced.
"Any words of wisdom after that close vote, elder Kahn?" Asked Vonriir kindly, looking down at the old dragon.
"I expected as much, it shows how influential the mountain clan are with the other clans, as you noticed they tried a tactic with your human companion," Khan replied.
"It didn't work. Jack has been around dragons long enough to know when one is bluffing," replied Ardon firmly, puffing up at the disrespect the others had dared to show.
"I must Urge caution on this Orestes will continue tactics and I keep the humans close by" Khan advised.
"Of course," Nodded Forge. "Thank you again, Kahn. We will see you tomorrow. Come on, let us go find Xerrus and David and let him know the result." He said to the other dragons.
"Let's inform them" Melina said sticking close to Forge as Jack walked with Ardon.

In a darkened hold the night striker was sleeping away the day so that he would be prepared to go out during the quiet of night on patrol. David heard the sound of the talons and shoes headed their way.
"Xerrus, we have the team coming best wake up buddy" David said with a yawn himself.
“I’m up,” said the dragon, getting up to his feet and shaking himself awake. “The vote is over?” he asked, already knowing the answer.
“Xerrus, David, you’re up,” said Forge as they approached.
“Yeah, how’d it go?” asked the dark dragon.
“We won the vote,” replied the silver, “Though just barely. The mountain clan certainly had their hold on the other groups. They are obviously fearful about repercussions. It will take a lot of work to ensure that the mountain clan doesn’t let their methods of persuasion take over the others. We have at least 63 in our favour. I know there are others but they are too afraid to say otherwise.”
“Only Sixty three,” replied Xerrus, shaking his head.
"That was a close call" David said as Melina nodded and Jack spoke. "I hope there is no more underhand tactics" the man said folding his arms.
“We have to be careful and keep our wits about us,” said Vonriir as the others nodded.
“I’ll keep a sharp eye and a keen ear out tonight on our post. Maybe there is something we might overhear that will help us along.”
The silver nodded, “Yes, Anything would be helpful. Anyway, let us all get some rest.”
The group agreed, sending Xerrus and David off while the others returned to the holds that they had been given by Kahn.
In the large stone room, Forge lay on the ground, paws crossed with Melina curled up to sleep in a blanket against his side.
He didn’t seem to relax, staring out into the dim room, not getting any of the rest he had suggested.

"Forge...are you ok my silver?" Melina asked quietly.

“I am preparing the things I plan to say on the next council meeting. I want to make sure my words strike the right chord. The mountain clan are so close to unsetting the tables. That is something I don’t want to let happen,” he replied.
"You get it right I'm sure Forge, you’re a proven diplomat, you do your I worrying you? She asked.
“No, why would you be?” he asked her.
"I get a feeling we might be the weak link to you" Melina said quietly.
He knew she meant being an Attilu, “No, it is a great strength to be bonded. I just want to get this right. We have one chance to fix all of this. I just worry I might misstep and lose it all.”
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