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As the night drew on, Melina slept against Forge’s side, Ardon had curled protectively over Jack, ensuring the man was safe, no one could get him without going through the golden protector.
The silver dragon shifted over and used his paws to draw Melina closer to his side protectively, ensuring Melina was in the same safety as Jack was with his nephew.
Melina stirred and woke up, feeling movement and change in temperature as she noticed she was close to his chest scales.
"You ok Forge? I wasn’t cold" Melina said not knowing the real reason.
"I know. I just want to make sure..." he paused. "I need to ensure you're safe."
Melina gave a small smile.
“I feel safe, but I do not want the mountain dragons looking for weaknesses with our strategy, I think we are the weak links, though they have hell to play, I’m no weak human” Melina said, fire in her voice.
"I know, dragon slayer," said Forge. "They would have to get past your guardian first before being subjected to your wrath."
Melina chuckled lightly as she looked up at Forge.
“Your not too bad yourself Silver” she teased lightly with a grin.
The old dragon chuckled softly, "ah well I have to live up to the fire in my Attilu's heart, so."
Melina smiled but she heard steps and rustling outside the cavern they were residing in, Melina looked but could see nothing but the flickering of the flames from the torch outside.
"Stay," the dragon commander Melina before getting to his feet and peering outside the cavern entrance.
Melina nodded moving to the one side and staying out of sight as Forge investigated.
Soon as the silver was out there was a small noise made.
“Pssst…to your left, walk slowly and pretend to get a drink from the pool” came a voice.
The dragon heard her instructions and let out an acted sigh, turning to his left and lowered his head towards the pool but kept his Orange eyes searching the dark.
Soon a head appeared out of the water, scales an aqua green, fins on its head and sides, it was a water clan dragon.
“Don’t be alarmed, its safer to do this, keep taking a drink, I have information you might need, if I’m discovered I be killed” the water dragon said keeping low in the pool of water.
Forge lapped at the water, "killed? By who?"
“You know who, they are planning on making your negotiations fail, they are threatening to use their new threat to the clans, its terrifying the other clans” the water dragon said quietly.
"New threat?" Asked forge quietly.
The water dragon nodded.
“The mountain dragons have designed and built something, from the metal ores in their lands, whatever it is terrifying my clan and the earth clan, even some in other clans are beginning to yield to them…you need to be aware of this” the water dragon whispered.
"Do you know what it is? A weapon?" Inquired the silver, trying to get as much info as possible.
The little dragon shook his head.
“I do not know, but I will find out, whatever it is, it gives the mountain dragons even more of an advantage than they already have over the rest of the clans, I find out and I do the same again” the dragon said to the silver.
"Good. Thank you. Fear not. I won't let the mountain clan over rule yours. Band together your kin and stand strong. Comhaltas is with you."
“Keep your human’s safe Forge, Orestes is cunning, do not underestimate him, my name is Uetto…we shall talk soon” the small dragon said before disappearing into the water.

Forge checked to see if there was anyone else watching, luckily there was no one about as the silver dragon walked back into the cavern where the others and Melina were based.
Melina seemed pleased that Forge returned.
“What was it?” Melina asked the silver as Forge sat down, the boys were totally unaware and slept soundly deeper in the chamber.
"A dragon from the water clan. They're scared but risked the chance to speak with me.
Apparently, the mountain clan have crafted ... something sinister. They are using whatever it is to rein over weaker clans."
Melina scratched her head and folded her arms.
"We have to tread carefully, we can't risk diplomacy failing but we can't have the mountain dragons bully the others" Melina said to the silver.
"It's progressed from more than just mere bullying, Melina. I fear lives might be in danger." Replied the dragon.
“Then we must ensure the talks go smoothly, which I know they will, we best get some sleep, David and Xerrus will be back soon” Melina said as the two of them settled back down.
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