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Forge didn’t sleep much of the rest of the night. He had thought much of what the water dragon had said. He tried to think of what the mountain clan could have possibly created to use against the other clans, to force them to submit to their ruling. He knew that the mountain clan were metal crafters so he figured it would likely relate to that somehow. Recollecting stories that Melina had told him, he tried to think of weapons or other things that they might have designed.
With humans on Kilara, there was a chance it could have sparked inspiration in the Mountain dragons, thought what, he didn’t know. He wished that Uettl had been able to tell him more during his short conversation. The dragon had risked his life to contact Forge and the silver knew he couldn’t begrudge him for only being able to share a short amount, needing to return before it was noticed he was missing.
Xerrus had come in from his night patrol no news. He and David had not seen anything unusual during their sweeps overhead nor in the tunnels. It had been a quiet night in the common areas.

“Melina, would you join me to go speak with the other clans?” asked Forge after she had washed and dressed. The next morning.
"Of course I will help where I can Forge" Melina said with a smile.
“It is my hope that someone else has more information. We will see what we can gather from talking with them. Kahn said because we are a third party we are allowed to converse with the clans as we see fit, as long as they agree.”
"That will be very handy to do, might get any cause and concerns out but what about the influence of the mountain clan?" she asked.
"We will cross that bridge when we get to it. I can only ask for audience, whether or not the clans grant it is up to them... or the mountain clan if we consider the water dragons. I will make my intentions known. If the mountain clan leader has issue with it, I will then speak with him." He said firmly.
"Ok Forge, I support and help you in anyway I can" Melina smiled, giving encouragement to the silver.
“Thank you melina,” replied the dragon, lowering his nose to her. “Let us get underway.”

They sought out Queen Hitteki first, knowing that she might have had word from the other clans. They already were on the same standing so it would be the best place to begin.
“Your Majesty,” said Forge with a bow of his head, “Professor Goodwin and I are to speak with the clans today. See if we can figure out what is behind all of this and hopefully turn more towards defying the mountain clan, though I anticipate that to be a difficult venture.”
Queen Hitteki nodded in agreement, "Yes, the vote was allot closer than I thought, which means they have more influence over our fellow clans than I thought" the queen replied back.

“I have been given word that the mountain clan has devised some sort of…weapon perhaps? Something that is giving them advantage over the others. It is their creation that is allowing them to bully the others without backlash though I haven’t discovered what it is as of yet.”
"Hrmm, I had a feeling they were up to something, I sadly do not know what they have made but you can see, they are the crafter's of the Syrian species, very unique and handy" Hitteki explained.
“Yes, that we have come to learn.” Nodded the silver.
"Any chance you can speak to the other clans allied to you or the ones on friendly terms?” Melina asked the queen.
"I shall speak with the desert and Ice clan leaders but I fear I cannot talk to the water clan and now the earth clan without the mountain dragons being there" Hitteki explained to the professor. Having the earth clan fall to the mountain clan was yet another issue they had to deal with but Forge wouldn’t give up hope.
"I plan on speaking with them, or at least attempting. If the mountain clan puts a halt to it. I can perhaps try to figure out what is going on. Speaking to them might be as inlightening,” said the male.
"That would be wise, I urge caution Forge, they will be looking to manipulate the votes and to work around you as the problem" Hitteki warned.
Forge bowed his head again, “I am nothing but cautious. I want the best for you and yours, Queen Hitteki. We will do our best to achieve that. We will talk again soon.”
With another bow he and Melina left the forest clan holds.
"I wish to go find Ardon and Jack, I want you to stay with them while I speak to the other clans."
"Ok Forge I can do that, no worries" Melina said, ensuring Forge would not be on the defensive and give him the best chance in the mediation.
“Thank you, Melina,” he replied, relieved that she had no protested. He did not want to have to worry about her in the presence of the disgruntled mountain clan.

Once he had ensured that Melina was safe in the care of his nephew, Jack and Vonriir, Forge made his way through he network of tunnels and headed towards the earth clan first, set on seeing how this attempt at speaking with them would go.
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