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The next few days tested the old dragon’s diplomatic and mental resolve, the first day of meetings with the clan leaders together led to bickering, with the water and earth dragons ganging up on the forest, desert and Ice clans, claiming land and resources which had been solved ages ago.
Hitteki seemed taken aback by the claims, disputes and how these two felt against her point to order, the conversations got heated and needed Forge to calm the bickering clans.
Progress did not seem to come as diplomacy seemed to grind any real progress to a halt, despite Hitteki’s offer of compromise, there seemed to be no pleasing the water and earth Syrians, with threats of disbanding cooperation on hunting and other ventures making the whole atmosphere toxic between them.
There was only one clan who had played the passive and cool, calm and collected Syrians which was the mountain dragons, Orestes merely watched on as the others bickered over small and inconsequential things, Hitteki looking a little frustrated at all of this.
When Orestes did speak, the water clan and Earth Clan rallied behind his words, when suggestions were made, little glances at Forge made sure the mental games between the silver and the mountain continued, with him holding all the cards.
The humans were trapped there and if these talks were to continue the humans must remain to be official vote counters and ensure no foul play, something that was reiterated on the first day by Orestes and backed up by the other two.
Despite the slow progress and frustrating manner in which the mountain clan participated in the talks, forge demonstrated an unrelenting resolve.
By day 4 of the talks there seemed to be minor progress as Khan sat it in with the meeting as Forge tried to get bridges built, again it was slow with the influence of the mountain clan seemingly keeping the water and earth clan leaders in check and grinding the wheels of democracy to a halt, a tactic the mountain dragons knew how to do well.
Once the latest meeting was over Khan invited the queen and Forge to his chamber to discuss the progress so far, Hitteki seemed a little frustrated at the other two clan’s reluctance to move forward, yet jump when Orestes suggested things.
“Orestes is making the other two drag their feet, they brought up minor and old bickering over land, resources and other things that were solved long ago, yet he suggests something and they back him 100%, the talks have been going so slow” Hitteki said with a tired and exasperated look upon her emerald face.
"We need patience, your majesty," replied Forge sympathetically. "He is trying to wear us down with this nonsense. Don't let his plan take hold."
Khan nodded in agreement.
“Forge says the truth, you know Orestes can grind this place to a halt, why he is doing this remains a mystery but I know he is trying to wind Forge up so he can exploit the weakness on the democratic front” Khan replied.
"We will find a way above all this, queen Hitteki. I swear to you I won't leave these grounds without the resolution to this matter," vowed Forge.
Hitteki sighed, looking tired but nodded in agreement, “It has been a long few days, I shall retire to my quarters, see you tomorrow” the Queen said as she left the two males.
“The poor Queen is getting frustrated, I never seen the leaders of water and earth get so hostile over little things, yet Orestes sits there watching the show” Khan said to the silver.
"Orestes is playing them. They know that if they don't follow his plan it is disaster for them. Replied Forge.
Khan nodded sadly.
“It pains me to see such hostile manoeuvring and scheming against fellow Syrians, your resolve has been a real strength to these discussions, you have not wavered in the face of such adversity” Khan complimented the old dragon with a small smile.
"Thank you, Kahn. I will not stoop to his level, as much as it would help end this plot quickly. I want the clans to live in harmony. Not fear"
Khan nodded lightly in agreement, he was pleased that forge had shown such patience with the Syrians.
“Are your humans all safe in the chambers, I had put you there, to be further away from the mountain clan or the others, just in case” Khan replied.
"I appreciate that. Thank you, Khan. Yes. Melina, Jack and David are with my nephew, Vonriir and Xerrus."
“Excellent, then they should be safe from Orestes clutches, but we shall retire for now and begin again tomorrow” Khan replied to the silver as he slowly got up, heading to his bed.
"Be safe, Elder Khan," says Forge with a dip of his head. "I will see you tomorrow."

The silver dragon returned to their chambers and was relieved to hear Vonriir's rumbling voice speaking calmly to Melina.
"All is well?" Asked the silver.
"Yes, for now it seems anyway" replied Vonriir. "Bit the mountain clan seem awfully interested in how brathille works."
"How so? Have they been asking you about it?" The silver directed the question to Melina.
Melina looked up and nodded lightly.
“One of the mountain dragons came down with an injury, while I was treating him, the other two were being friendly and asking questions about Brathille, I was as vague as possible, while keeping friendly” Melina said to the old dragon.
Forge bristled slightly, "why didn't anyone come for me?" He asked, greatly unsettled by the fact that mountain dragons had gotten so close while he was away.
Melina gave a sheepish look to Forge.
“Blame me, I told Vonriir not to, I felt safe and I was treating him, refusing would of played into Orestes paws, you been busy negotiating and helping, there no need to stress you further my silver” Melina said.
Forge drew in a breath and held it a moment, turning away and eating the words he wanted to say.
Vonriir could see the silver was still angry.
"I ensured her safety, sir. No harm would have befallen miss Melina,"
"I don't want it happening again." He rumbled. "I don't trust them."
Melina nodded, sensing the dragon was angry and she felt guilty about making Forge annoyed.
“I be more careful sir and it wont happen again” Melina said as Ardon and Jack returned back from a patrol.
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