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Forge had been greatly displeased that the mountain dragons had come to Melina while he was in a meeting with Kahn. It gave him no good feeling to know that eyes were on him and the humans that they cared so deeply for. Despite his anger, he did not wish to scold Melina, especially in front of the others. He knew she could not deny the injured though a sick feeling in his stomach wondered if the mountain clan had inflicted in the wounds on their own to gain her attention.
He wondered what for though.
Vonriir seemed a little sheepish the rest of the night, feeling like he had failed his superior in the one task that he had asked of him. Melina had done her best to ease tensions between the group. The last thing they needed was arguments between their own while they were trying to settle the issues with the Syrian dragons.

Eventually the group eased as Forge relaxed a bit, though he was still focused on trying to remedy this mess they had found themselves in. The talks were not going well, especially with the water clan now siding aggressively with the mountain clan. Things were not looking like they were going well to sort this all out. It was frustrating for the great silver. Normally disputes he had dealt with in the past would have been sorted out by now but the complexity of this dilemma plus the underlying motives from the mountain clan certainly didn’t help.

The next day the clans gathered in the great meeting hall once more. The forest, ice and desert clans looked worn from battling hard to remain on solid ground, the unrelenting Mountain clan fighting with edged words to verbally beat the others into submission.
Mention was made of a sacred piece of territory shared by the forest and ice clans. The two of them reared up in defiance as the mountain clan tried to swindle their way into reallocating the territory into their own possession. The room grew loud as tempers flared. Shouts came from every corner of the room before Forge looked over to Vonriir.
The cragback let out a deep beguiling bellow, that came suddenly out of the blue, startling the whole gathering into stunned silence.
Forge gave a nod of thanks to the large dragon before standing up and addressing the group.
“This talk has descended into bickering nonsense. We cannot possibly expect to get anywhere with emotions leading the way as they are. I call for a brief break and we can resume again in two hours time,” suggested the silver.
"Your diplomacy is taking too long, we could be here for ages, I suggest we meet back here at mid morning, if your even a second late Mediator Forge, consider these talks over" Orestes said.
Forge wanted to growl but reined it in. He could see Vonriir’s worried look out of the corner of his eye.
"May I remind you, Orestes, that I have been the first one in this chamber every morning since talks began?" Forge said, looking over at the mountain dragon, slowly. "The Syrian clans have been built on diplomacy. Are you suggesting they abandon their beliefs simply because you are not getting what you want?"

"I think you find that I have support from our allies here, I think if you’re as punctual as you said you be here" Orestes said as the water and earth clans nodded in agreement
"The talks will continue so long as there is an opposition. Take your recess, Orestes, we will continue tomorrow," said Forge dryly.
The clans did not linger to see if this would boil over, turning to leave quickly and retire to their quieter, less tension filled parts of the tunnels.
Orestes lingered behind, catching up with Forge as he left the speaker’s platform.
"Oh, I must thank your human Forge, for treating one of our dragons, she was VERY helpful with tending his injuries" Orestes said bowing slightly.
Forge wasn't going to let that mention of Melina rile him, "She is a guiding light of Comhaltas and all of kilara, if I could be so prideful to say. Many a dragon here would benefit to take a lesson from her." He twisted it around to make it sound far more appealing to their side of things.
Orestes smiled, "I am glad to hear it, she was very helpful indeed, a great umm..Atillu? , Is that what you call them" he asked.
"You seem awfully interested in the bond as of late, Orestes. Shouldn't other issues at hand be put in focus?"
"Mere curiosity Forge, you cannot deny a dragon's curiosity, in any case the human, professor Melina was helpful to us so I was extending my gratitude, I can see why your protective of her," the mountain dragon replied.
Forge fought not to growl at the other dragon. Hearing her name come from between his lie weaving teeth made the silver’s blood boil.
"May I ask how your dragon came to be injured in a place like this?" Forge inquired, the question pulling at him all day, nagging at him.
"The dragon in question was returning from the watering hole when he fell and landed on jagged rocks, worn down by the stream, they could of carried on but your human is known as a Hylen so we decided to seek her help, she seemed happy to oblige," Orestes explained.
“She is a friend to all dragons,” replied Forge, pausing at the fork in the hallways that would lead them off in separate directions. “Take care to remember that.”
With that he turned and left, leaving Orestes to consider that thought while he retired to his quarters. He had much to discuss with Jack, David melina and the other dragons. Their plan wasn’t working but he didn’t know what else could at this point.
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