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Despite the earlier hour, the admittance wing of Comhaltas was not as quiet as it usually was. Zyra, bundled up in winter gear, landed with Amanda on her back, followed by two young dragons and an elder dragoness who trembled with cold.
“Come in, up to the desk here, it’s a bit warmer,” said Amanda, as she jumped off Zyra’s back and pulled off her gloves, rubbing her chilled hands together to warm up.
“We’ll get you warmed up, not to worry,” said Zyra cheerily to the trio they had escorted in. The bridge of her nose was rosy from the cold air outside, the dragoness hailed from tropical islands on the other side of the world and seemed to be having a more difficult time coping with the cold.
“We were blown off course,” explained one of the young males as Amanda typed their registry into the computer.
“With the cold we wanted to ensure our grand-dame was alright,” said the other as he looked over his shoulder to the frail looking dragoness. “Her home was nearly snowed in so we tried to bring her down to someplace warmer but got caught up in the winds. It’s snowing already up in Ballafore plains.”
“Really? It hardly ever gets snow up there,” said the dragoness, shaking her head. “That must have been quite the trek for you all. Bellafore is a good distance away.”
“Get her a blanket for now, would you, Zy?” asked Amanda, seeing the dragoness still shivering.
“On it,” replied the Boldwing, disappearing down a hall.
“You are Cyprites, correct?” Amanda asked, noting their deep, steely grey colouration, speckled with teal blue spots sporting black rings. A rather handsome, midsized breed.
“Yes,” said the taller of the two males.
“I’m Halor, my brother Corvin and our grand-dame Afali,” the young dragon introduced them.
Amanda typed away and then smiled up at them, “Thank you.”
Just then Zyra returned with a few blankets, one of which she kindly draped around the elder dragoness with care.
“Thank you, miss,” said Afali.
“There you go, I-“ started Zyra when she noticed something along the edges of Afali’s wing. Amanda noticed her dragon go quiet and looked over in concern.
“My elder, we’ll get you all warmed up but I think we should make a quick visit to the medical ward to take a look at your wing here.”
“Oh?” said the old dragoness,, shuffling her wings lightly. “I can still hardly feel them from flying out in that cold.”
As Amanda came over she recognized the symptoms of frostbite on the vulnerable leading edges of the dragon’s wing.
“We flew through the mountain pass to get here quicker,” said Halor, looking over their shoulder worriedly.
“No need to fret,” said Zyra, trying to be optimistic for them, “Lets have our staff take a look then you all can enjoy something warm to eat,”
Amanda flagged down one of the resident dragons and introduced them to their new arrivals. Soon enough they were being led away down the large corridor while Amanda and Zyra hung back.
“That didn’t look very good did it?” the woman asked, holding her hand to her cheek in a worried fashion as she looked at the little family as they walked away.
“No, the dragons out here aren’t used to this cold and it’s really catching them off guard,” replied Zyra, “The wings are the most vulnerable, Professor Goodwin said.”
“We’ll we are doing our best to help anyone that passes through. You didn’t get too cold out there, did you?” Amana inquired, giving her dragoness a once over.
“Its definitely too cold for my liking but I am fine, we weren’t out long and I had all that gear on.”
“Right, did I tell you that you look pretty darn cute in all that fuzzy attire?” teased the woman.
Zyra shoved her gently with her nose and smirked, “I think I look like a giant, confused squirrel in that getup.”
“Nah,” smiled Amanda, running her hands up and down Zyra’s muzzle briskly. “It’s too cold for me too, anyway. We all have to bundle up.”
“I thought it’s supposed to be cold from where you’re from. Aren’t you used to it?”
Amanda laughed, “I don’t live in a frozen wasteland. We do experience summer there you know.”
“I don’t know. I’ve never been,” joked Zyra.
The woman smiled at her and scratched under the boldwing’s chin affectionately, “Its just about time for lunch, fancy getting something to eat?”
“Sure. I could go for a big cup of tea.” Nodded the dragoness.

Back on the other side of the facility, Ardon nosed open the door for the meeting room as Jack flicked on the lights.
“So, what’s this meeting for?” inquired the dragon, pulling out a seat for the man before walking over to the windows. He pulled back the screen but was met with a bitter white sky. The trees surrounding the facility were being battered by a cold wind, their leaves stripped early from their branches.
" Well, general meeting and discuss the ongoing weather conditions, Baxter told me the food Gardens are shut down due to the snow, we are now eating into our food reserves" Jack said.
Ardon was going to make a joke out of that but as he turned to see Jack’s expression he realized it probably wasn’t the best idea, "Oh, well I hope our next shipment isn't delayed by the weather."
"Shouldn’t be but considering that is all we are relying on, the resident dragons might have to hunt," Jack said.
Ardon nodded, “That won’t be a problem…. I hope.”
Just then the sound of talons on the tile floor alerted them to Forge and Melina’s arrival. Kindly, the silver dragon allowed Melina to walk in first. He nodded to Ardon as he sat out of the way and curled his tail around his feet.
“Hello gang, not too late are we?” Melina asked.
“No, all good. It won’t be a long meeting, just to keep you up to date on things,” Jack replied.
“We’re going to starve to death basically,” said Ardon.
Forge snorted, silencing the gold. Now was not a time for joking.
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