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Jack shook his head lightly at Ardon’s joke, it wasn’t the best way to start the meeting off as Melina looked at Jack, trying to read the man to see if things were ok, soon they were joined by Dr Baxter and Robert.
“Not late are we boss?” Robert asked as Jack shook his head lightly.
“No, not at all, waiting on Amanda and Zyra then we can begin, I can then go and speak to David and Xerrus” Jack responded.
Amanda and Zyra walked into the meeting room shortly after, "Sorry, we're here. Didn't get the notice till a moment ago," Amanda apologized.
Ardon smiled a little to himself as Zyra sat across from him.
“No worries, I begin now then, I won’t keep you too long but we are expecting more dragons to come to use for shelter and rest during this ever growing winter, we have so far done an audit and can hold up to 50 dragons comfortably, 70 uncomfortably” Jack said to the group.
"We just had a group of three come in from the cold," explained Zyra.
"I think that brings our current total to 29 if the admission logs are correct," added Amanda.
"That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for more," hummed Forge.
Jack nodded in agreement to Forge’s concerns.
“How about moving the fighters out of the hanger bay, we could free up space there?” Baxter suggested.
“Where would the fighters go, they get damaged in these sorts of conditions, most of them are grounded” Robert said.
“Clearly, we have a lot of work to do, we could utilise the canteen area and free up spaces there, Comhaltas was never designed to house so many dragons at one time” Jack said.
"If arrivals can withstand a lack of private rooms and live in shared spaces we have plenty of common areas that can be used," suggested Ardon.
"Forge, it looks like you have something on your mind," noticed Zyra.
The silver nodded, “Yes. We should be mindful in housing so many dragons in close quarters..."
Robert looked up at Forge, a little concerned.
“Dragon fights and territorial stuff?” Robert asked the silver dragon.
"I am afraid so. Stuffing so many dragons in one spot will likely lead to tension in the very least," explained Forge, "We will have to keep an eye on everyone if things worsen and we do have to house more."
Jack nodded lightly at Forge’s concerns.
“I agree, fighting is the last thing we want, do you have any suggestions Forge on this matter?” the man asked the silver.
"Set some rules for all new arrivals. If they can't follow them we will be unable to be their refuge," stated the silver.
"Seems a bit harsh," said Ardon.
"He's right though. We can't be a refuge if our guests are causing trouble," Zyra said.
“Then it is decided, I like you Forge to lead on that front, other than that, I am getting Baxter to turn the heating up in the base, it is getting colder and we need to keep everyone warm, the thermal pools will continue to have time limits put on them for all, except in medical emergencies and any dragons need the,” Jack said as Melina nodded lightly.
“Next item, as Ardon so bluntly put it, our gardens are frozen up, there be nothing growing in the grounds there, a few plants have been saved and be grown indoors but means we will now be eating into our stores of food, until the next shipment in a weeks’ time” Jack said to the team.
"We could begin hunts now, just to have a bigger reserve in our food stores," suggested Forge.
Robert nodded his head in agreement.
“I think Forge has a good point, hunt now, conserve our supplies, especially if we are going to be getting more dragons here” Robert said.
“Ok, Forge another thing to be in charge of, hunting and gathering, plus rules of etiquette for our guests” Jack said to the silver.
Forge nodded, "I can manage that."
“Excellent, as to the winter situation, we will monitor the weather however from our satellite information it isn’t looking good, temperatures around Kilara are lowering, we are seeing snow spreading widespread and even in the tropics, Zyra’s home snow fell for the first time today, my concern is for many of the dragon species unable to cope with this” Jack said.
Zyra seemed surprised. She had never seen snow in her life until she came to Talkiir. "I hope it doesn't last forever." She said.
“We hope so too” Baxter said with a small nod.
“We keep you updated, but we will probably be expecting more dragons, I want us to be ready for that eventuality and keep running the facility to the best of our abilities, until then I’m suspending night patrols, we need David on days and Xerrus as well but with so little light about, he should be ok for short runs” Jack said.
“I only want Amanda and Zyra to be out if needs must 20 minutes, no more” Melina said to Jack who looked to Amanda and Zyra.
“How do you feel about that you two?” Jack asked.
"That's fine with us, your orders sir," replied Amanda, putting her hand on Zyra she shoulder as the dragoness nodded in agreement.
“I would recommend I keep checks on Zyra, to ensure she isn’t getting a shock from the cold” Melina said, Jack nodded and agreed with the idea but something in Melina clicked.
“Perhaps, If I maybe so bold, I can ask and show Amanda how to run a check over Zyra in the labs, then Zyra can enter that data and we can monitor it” the professor said.
"I'd be alright with that. I want to make sure she's not overdoing it," nodded Amanda. "We can keep an eye on you, missy," she said, turning to her dragoness, "I don't want us flying back with frostbite or anything."
“Excellent, I think that is it, dismissed” Jack said as the team dispersed but Melina approached Amanda with a smile while Ardon and Zyra chatted.
"You should be careful, Boldwings aren't really built for the cold," said Ardon.
"Oh yeah? You're a Boldwing expert now?" teased Zyra.
"Maybe..."grinned Ardon as Zyra rolled her eyes but had to smile at his goofiness.
As the two of them were chatting Melina took this time to talk to Amanda, feeling it was a good chance to get the two to be interested in lab work and to work together.
“Sorry if I over imposed myself Amanda, I just saw an ideal opportunity for you two to work together in the labs, considering Jack has halted your environmental work due to the cold, I thought it be a great way for you and Zy to bond more” Melina said.
"No, it's alright, Professor. I am glad to keep busy and I am always happy to be able to ensure Zyra's health and wellbeing. As much as they worry about us, I think we worry back just as much," she admitted.
Melina smiled lightly.
“I agree, I can help start you off on the basics and then you can take over, Zyra is a whizz on computing data and putting it into data form on the systems, it mean you both can actively see if Zyra is still ok for the flights in these harsh conditions” Melina said.
"Yeah, I'm just afraid she'll push herself and its hard to rein her in. Love her to bits but my girl is certainly a determined one. We had sent off an older Cyprite with bad frostbite on her wings to the medical ward earlier. I really don't want Zyra suffering anything like that." replied Amanda.
“I make sure she doesn’t, but with you there, we make sure she knows her limits, I best go see the Cyrite and see how the staff are doing” Melina said as she left with Forge following.

David had been informed of the meeting and wanted to speak to Xerrus as he brought the girls in from their swim in the thermal pool.
“Hey girls, were you good for Xerrus?” he asked his daughters as Brianne got the lunch on for them.
"Yes," the girls chimed together as the dragon walked in behind them. Xerrus laid down out of the way and curled his long tail around himself.
"They were well behaved this morning," he said.
David smiled.
“Good, I needed to chat to you, Jack has sent me the notes from the meeting, so I go over them with you if that is ok Xerrus” David said.
"Of course," replied the dragon, turning to listen, "fire away."
“Well, the meat of it is that the weather is continuing to deteriorate, just heating will increase and our night patrols are no longer going ahead, so we are being reassigned to days, but Jack has asked would you be ok patrolling the perimeter of the base, not too far, the dark clouds should keep the sun off your scales” David asked the night striker.
"I fear it will still be too bright, but I can certainly try," nodded the night striker
“Hrmm, well don’t want you to burn your scales, perhaps we can do twilight shifts, late evening into the night, keep you in the dark, Jack doesn’t want us going far because you lack a fire lung” David said, looking up at the night striker.
Xerrus understood. His own breed came from more temperate regions and this bitter cold wasn't his ideal weather. "Twilight and dawn would be better, certainly. Should we begin tonight?"
David shook his head lightly.
“Jack doesn’t want us rushed, so enjoy the down time, then again your not a dragon who likes a lot of down time” the man chuckled lightly.
Xerrus smiled lightly, "No, I am kept busy enough. I think I will catch some rest while I can though. Wake me up before we depart if the girls haven't woken me by then."
David smiled lightly.
“I keep the girls occupied, thanks Xerrus, go rest up” the man said watching the dragon go back into his dark room.
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