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Over the next week and a half the weather seemed to worsen. The clouds had grown so thick and ominous that even midday seemed bleakly dark. Icy winds howled across the lands, bringing with it heavy snow, freezing rain and more bitter cold.

The hot springs down below in the bottom of the facility had now become a common area. Those not in the pool simple lingered in the steaming room to warm up and avoid the chilliness that clung to everywhere else.
It was slowly starting to fill up in the facility as dragons took refuge at Comhaltas.

Ardon came running to the main entryway, “Open the doors, Forge is back!” he called to the man at the front desk.
The inner doors opened first, easily but the outer doors seemed to pause momentarily before engaging. As soon as a crack in their defences appeared snow began streaming inside, pushed in by a roaring wind. Ardon threw up a wing to shield his face from the flurries as Vonriir trotted into the foyer with him.
“Stars, it’s tempestuous out there!” said the cragback.
“Where is he?” asked Ardon, Forge still hadn’t made it back through the doors and snow was spilling in, forming big drifts in the entryway.
“Are you sure he gave you the signal?” shouted the man in charge of the entry doors.
“Yes,” said Ardon, looking down at the device in his paw, flashing wildly.
“We will have to close it before the snow takes over the foyer. The wind is blowing it right at us. ”
“Not yet! He’s coming.”
Just then a shadow fell over the entryway. Silver and snow came bursting through.
“Close the door!” roared Forge as he landed. Ardon realized he had three dragons with him, now that the door was shutting and the snow settling. A pair of eastern mountain dragons, smaller but built heavier than their western counterparts, and their young son. All three of them sported scales of various green hues, though now dulled by the cold. The father looked in bad shape, the great silver nearly having to hold him up.
“I have to get them to the medical wing. Can you deal with this?” asked Forge,
Ardon and Vonriir nodded as the silver lead away the eastern mountain dragons. Ardon met eyes with the young son, who nodded a brief thanks before shaking off the snow from his scales and followed after his family.

“Can you clear that snow, Von?” asked Ardon, “To where the spillway drain is in the floor.”
“Of course,” nodded the giant dragon, he swung his heavy, wide tail and swept it across the ground. The snow rolled and crunched as he brushed it to the far corner. They couldn’t try opening the doors again for fear that more snow would come rolling in, hampering their efforts. Ardon would have to make use of their flood prevention system; drains along the perimeter edge of the entry doors that prevented rainwater from collecting inside the foyer.
As soon as Vonriir was done, Ardon trotted up and let out a small stream of flame, melting the snow so that it would train through the grates and down to their water system. The giant cragback tilted his head, realizing what Ardon was doing and decided to help. He opened his jaws and let out a firestorm of flame so hot that the gold had to jump out of the way.
The snow did vanish quickly but they were now left with a giant scorch mark upon the wall where the snow had been piled up.
“Oh dear,” said Vonriir, looking at the smoke marks on the pale white wall.
Ardon frowned, that’s what he had been trying to avoid but when he brought his paw up and rubbed a spot of the black it appeared to come off easy. “It’s just soot, luckily. I’ll get something to clean this.”
“Sorry Ardon,” Vonriir apologized.
“No worries, Von. You made quick work of that snow.”

In the Medical Wing, Forge had brought in the three dragons he had found; Melina’s team rushing to help the older male who seemed to be having great trouble supporting himself on his own legs. Zyra had been recruited to help in the infirmary, the humans alone not able to move and adjust dragons themselves if they needed to.
Once the father was carted away to be treated, Melina returned to assess the mother and her son who looked fearful, still shivering despite the warmth inside.
"Let's check this little one out, what’s your name young dragon?" Melina asked kindly.
"Korrin," said the dragon, "is my father going to be okay?" He asked worriedly.
"I look over him, little one, but your dad looks a hardy guy, he be ok, I make sure of it" Melina assured the young dragon.
Korrin gave a shallow nod as his mother put a paw on his back,
“Thank you,” she said quietly.
A while later Melina seemed to sense something not quite right between her and Forge. "What is on your mind Forge?" she asked, looking up at the silver.
The dragon looked down at her, having waited in the hall for her to finish her work.
“It is getting worse out there. A whole colony of shimmer drakes… they didn’t make it…” he said quietly.

"We're at 42 dragons now," said Ardon, looking at the stats that Amanda had just sent him. "Luckily most of the new arrivals in the past two days have been smaller breeds which kind of gives us a little more room..."
"Yes, it’s when the big guys start showing up, there will be problems, two ships carrying food and supplies will be here in 3 days, Captain Alex I think" Jack said to the gold.
"Will they make it through this weather? The winds had really picked up. Even Forge had trouble this morning and he's a strong flyer."
"The ships are coming directly into the atmosphere, they be ok...I hope, they coming on new ships, the Omega destroyers, they are far larger in mass than Forge, they should be ok" Jack replied as he showed Ardon an image of the ships
The gold looked at them and nodded, hoping that they would be able to brave the roaring storm outside. They needed those supplies if they were going to hold out in this.
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