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Ardon lingered around his sisters long enough to say that he actually visited before excusing himself out of their endless chatter. He hightailed it out of there as quickly as he could. Being with the three of them was headache inducing. They were a chatty bunch and he could only deal with so much poking and teasing from them. Over the next couple days the winds grew even more fierce, Alex and his company taking off into the sky before it got any worse. They hoped for his safe return to earth and the next arrival of goods and supplies that they desperately needed.
Days turned into weeks and more dragons had stumbled in out of the cold. Forge had gone out daily, braving the cold despite Melina’s wishes, ensuring that no one was stranded outside within Comhaltas’s grounds. It was a freezing cold task but the great silver had saved a number of dragons with his persistent diligence. Their numbers were growing, but with every dragon they saved, that meant the supplies would have to be rationed further. It was a double edged sword but something they were working with.

It was late morning when Ardon walked through the halls of Comhaltas. Even the corridors seemed a little crowded.
“Hey Ardon.”
“Greetings, Ardon.”
“Ardon, any word yet?”
Came voices throughout the halls as we walked through. Being a gold made him stand out and by now most of the visitors knew him by name and how he had come to be the first bonded dragon. Ardon had spoken a lot to a number of the younger dragons as well. Korrin, a deep green eastern mountain dragon was one that he had spoken to a fair bit lately. His father had finally been released out of critical care and was now resting in one of the shared quarters. Ardon hadn’t come across him yet today but it was still not even midday as he made his rounds.
He passed through groups of dragons as the meandered around the facility. By the current count they had 70 Drakine residents. The halls seemed crowded now and there was always someone to speak with. Down in the largest area, the canteen and joint common room, it was a mosaic of colours. Dragons from all over western Talkiir mostly gathered here. Scales with colours of every shade and hue of the rainbow filled the room. It was quite a sight to see, if one took the time to stand back and take it all in. Ardon paused on the walkway that looked down into the room below.
“A lot of dragons in such a small space, eh?” asked a pretty voice.
Ardon turned to see Zyra walking up to him. She joined him by the railing and looked down at the crowd below. Lunch was about to be served and there was a line forming as hungry dragons gathered.
“A lot is a bit of an understatement,” smiled Ardon.
“At least everyone is behaving it seems,” noted the dragoness, “As bad as the circumstances are that bring everyone here, Amanda is enjoying being able to see so many different breeds. I guess I am too. Even after these years on Talkiir I still have only seen a small fraction of who lives here.”
“Same. Dragons from all over. It’s interesting to see them all mingling together,” nodded Ardon. He sidled slightly closer, pretending to look at something beyond her, “Any familiar faces?”
“No,sadly. From our patrols we did make a few acquaintances but I haven’t seen any of them so far,” she sighed, her expressive sail pulling bad sadly. Ardon frowned, he hadn’t wanted to upset her. He had only hoped conversation would make her stay a little longer. He rather liked being around her and she was quite beautiful. He did seem a little smitten to the observant onlooker if he let his guard down.
“Amanda have any favourites of the newcomers?” he asked to quickly change the subject.
The dragoness snorted, the melancholy gone in a haste, “Yes. I keep catching her talking to the Coastals. Maybe she’s biased cause her favourite colour is blue after all but she does seem drawn to them. There’s one who’s joined us for a few meals named Tarok. Interesting drake; a few years younger than you.”
“Yeah, I can understand her interest,” said Zyra.
“You can?” asked Ardon, a flicker of jealousy sparking within him. Did that mean she thought Tarok was interesting…. Handsome maybe?
Zyra turned her head slightly looking at him with a half smile and an almost knowing look in her eye that made Ardon want to shrivel away in embarrassment, “They’re quite different to the other dragons here, of course. She’s always been one that seeks out the unique.”
“Ooh, ah. Yes,” said Ardon, forcing a cheesy grin as he reeled inwardly from his thoughts, “And having a Boldwing as a guardian is just that, isn’t it?”
Zyra gave him that smile again and turned, flicking her tail gracefully behind her, “It is. I better get going and find her or else we’ll be getting scraps for lunch. See you later, Ardy.” She said, turning and walking away.
Ardon stared after her and realized his hearts were beating a little fast. He put a paw on his chest and rolled his eyes, turning the opposite direction and letting out a breath. “Oh stars, Ardon, keep it together.” He said to himself as he walked away and turned to corner to find his father.
“You’re talking to yourself again, Kiddo?” asked Bronan, looking down at his son.
“You better stop or else they’re going to think you’re… oh,” said his father, catching sight of Zyra as she disappeared down the walkway. He looked down at Ardon and suddenly patted him on his back. “I see…”
“No you don’t. I got to go.” Ardon said, hurriedly, hustling down the other corridor while Bronan chuckled to himself.

On the lower level, in the canteen, a number of dragons were talking about the cold weather and how they had narrowly escaped being frozen in the arctic wasteland that had taken over their home. Some stories were harrowing tales, others stained in loss and grief. The canteen was a place for all of them to come together and support one another though so in its own way a new community was growing.
There was one slight issue over the weeks since Greir arrived, however. The large male had taken over the hotsprings whenever Forge or Vonriir were busy elsewhere, taking well over his allotted time and now allowing other smaller dragons around him. The pools became his new favored territory and a number of dragons decided it was best not try him for a chance in the warm water and instead lingered at the far edges of the room instead.
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