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i get what your saying VK!..

at first i wasnt sure why you didnt like them.
but now i understand.

so i'm so glad you made this post.!~~~

i think i feel a little bit of the same way, not enough to really say anything, i never really thought about not having a say in things, but the chica fourm made me do a double take.

but, they thought if they moved the chica fourm out of the regular role play it would make things better, so, they were trying to do the right thing.
i just don't like being left out of things, *L*, but its sort of a phobia with me.

anyways, now i can see your side of things much clearer vk, i'm sure some ppl agree.

i like the new fourms because i just like new fourms.

but, a little while ago, a majority who replied didnt want any, so i know you're not alone.

i wondered what ppl could have against them, but now i can see why.

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