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Real name: Chelsea
Alias(es): Popcorn, DG, Darth_scribbles(LJ only)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Location: USA
Hobbies: Animation, cartoons, comics, clay miniatures, action figures 1:12th scale doll house dolls, doll clothes, doll furniture...making dolls, drawing, computers, computer graphics...refusing to grow up. XD
Music: Rock and roll, soundtrack
Fave food: chinese, stir-fry, hamburgers, pizza....the list goes on...
Fave colour:blue, green, grey...
Fave tv show: Xena, lost world, road rovers, samurai jack, duck dodgers...stargate...and other numerous cartoons.
Fave books/author: Patricia C. Wrede, Brian Jaques, Steven kellog.
Fave singer/group: Joan jett, The romantics, Van halen, ES Posthumus, the wiseguys, the monkeys, Queen, Jet, Frank Sinatra...
Fave actor/ actress: Tim curry. Hands down.
Personal statement: "so I'm like, 'dude,' And they're all....."

Yep. that's about it.
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