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Sassyis nowCandyApple
Dragois nowJazzOfSuburbia
Zelosis nowJudas
CandyAppleis nowSassy
Shenzi_Khanis nowDessikeeno
JazzOfSuburbiais nowDrago
Galactacianis nowKim
Quillis nowUnacattu
DeadWingis nowTC
Joyannais nowMistymara
SableAntelope/ENis nowEndlessNight
Unacattuis nowQuill
Dashellais nowMograine
Mistymarais nowlily-faun
Kitiarais nowJinglez
Royal_Pirateis nowAerazura
Bhati-Terrais nowTerraWolfDog
thespottedhyenais nowOverdrive
Casnewydd is nowIapetusCas
Coal Chaseris nowAkitaMutt
Mograineis nowDashella
TheProtobabeis nowZorayda
Overdriveis nowSavagethebunny
Zentina (Jacqui)is nowZentina

Mods: use the following template to update this list. Simply add the line that starts with "tr" into the above code chunk after the final "/tr" you see. Be sure to replace "OldName", "NewName", and "123456" with the appropriate values! Also, be sure that everything remains on one line; due to the way vBulletin handles HTML in posts, extra newlines will make everything show up goofy.

OldNameis nowNewName

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