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Ah, so many. It'd be interesting if I was as active on TLKFAA now as I was then to see how my style has changed... though I guess it's possible it hasn't at all really. My favourite was always criquetin, I loved their style but I also had a complete personality crush on them on Lilymud, so I think that also contributed! :p Their art is still great!

Another artist I was in desperate, desperate awe of was oxpecker. So unique! Gah!

Legetta was another, I loved her style. Kasei also. There's a definite trend in the kind of style I liked, and I'm still the same... I don't go in for neatness and perfection, I much prefer sketchier, looser stuff.

I also loved Timali obviously, she was another personality crush of mine and somebody I really looked up to artistically as well as in general. She was such a fast, prolific artist (did you guys see how quickly and skilfully she could draw in Sketcher?!) which gave me this impression of artistic genius; she was so in control of her talent, and that was extremely inspiring.

I can't remember what were my favourite pictures, but here are some I really love that I just chose off my old favourites list:

(I loved this one when I was young)

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