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Daniel had prepared to do a number of unexpected drills, using different security sounds to see what reactions the security personal and dragons would react, would they recognize the sounds of the different alarms and respond accordingly on the spot.
It was about 2am when the alarms went off making Ardon nearly jump out of his scales, the dragon
Immediately after checking on Jack to ensure he was ok, rushed down to the dragon hanger and was giving orders to the other dragons, everyone seemed in such hyped-up adrenaline combined with being tired, Ardon did not realise what the alarm was.
So Daniel was surprised to see the dragons wearing their battle harnesses and rearing to go out into battle when it was an intruder alert in one of the dragon academy quarters.
It was indeed not the most ideal start for the dragons, Zyra had tried to tell Ardon but the golden dragon was going at 100mph and wanted to ensure everyone was ready, sadly they were ready for the wrong situation.
Daniel warned he would be doing more emergency drills but would not say when, his advice to the dragons were to check the computer systems and the sound of the alarm.
Soon the dragons all settled down once more, but being woken up at 2am was not the most ideal situation and the golden dragon slept in, while Jack was up and gone to meetings while Ardon slept.
When Ardon finally got up he had missed breakfast as the catering staff were preparing for dinner, sadly he missed the enjoyments of a cooked breakfast because of the early alarm.
The gold dragon lumbered into the canteen, still blinking wearily from waking up only moments earlier. Comox lifted a paw to greet him and Zyra was sipping her tea, both of them looking tired but Von seemed in good spirits.
"There you are young Ardon. How are you this fine morning?"
"Ehhh," grumbled the dragon before sitting down heavily realizing he missed breakfast.
"Toby said he'll have lunch ready in an hour." Zyra informed him.
Baxter walked into the canteen with his tablet and a mug of coffee, seeing the dragons up but in an semi awake state was fairly amusing.
“Morning, or afternoon in an hour I should say, I guess the security drill went as planned?” Baxter said as he was off the base at the time of the alarm drill Daniel had devised.
"Not exactly." Replied Comox.
Baxter seemed to hum to himself on the matter.
“Did you guys not get up or something? I was told it was a pretty loud alarm from what Jack said to me” Baxter said.
"We got up, we just prepped for the wrong... Event." Grumbled Ardon, not pleased about his failure.
Baxter nodded as Ardon seemed to be grumpy about the situation.
“Well I wouldn’t worry about it, that is what the drills are for, I talk to you guys later, I got to speak with Daniel over our cyber security” Baxter said as he left the dragons be.
Comox jostled Ardon and smirked.
"Wonder how Ardy would prep the team for a cyber-attack alarm. Respond with fire blazing Hm?" He grinned while Ardon scowled at him.
One of the lieutenants of the security department approached the table, he seemed newly promoted in his station and seemed eager to meet the dragons, he smiled as he approached.
“Sorry to disturb you dragons, which one is Ardon? I am sorry I only just started my job a few weeks ago” he said with a happy tone to his voice.
"That be me," said the gold as he turned to face the man.
“I have a report for you from Daniel, review of the dragons performance in this morning’s drill, once you read it can you electronically sign it and send it back to him please” The young man said handing over the tablet.
Ardon didn't look impressed but took it anyway and opened the report with a sinking feeling.
Daniel had done a detailed report for Ardon to read and to share with the other dragons however, Ardon being Ardon went straight past 3 pages of detail to see the final ranking score of B, with recommendations for improvements.
"Huh, that's not nearly as bad as I thought." Said Ardon as Zyra read over his shoulder.
"Quick reaction time, commendable group coordination. Those are good."
"See? Just a little practice and you'll all do great," smiled Vonriir.
The report itself by Daniel did go into detail on improvements to Dragon academy security and how the dragons could share in the responsibility of ensuring the area was secure during a red alert or intruder alert.
Soon a beep noise could be heard over the tannoy system.
“Hanger manager to Vonriir, please contact the Hanger” the tannoy system said
The large dragon lumbered over to the screen and pressed the code for the hangar. "Vonriir here," he spoke happily.
The hanger manager appeared and smiled, “Sorry to disturb you, Daniel’s large ship is coming in today, she needs a tug to help her land and move and dock, sadly we do not have one, Jack said you be happy to help” he said to the giant dragon.
"And that I am. Say when and where and I'll be there," nodded the dragon.
“Excellent, she should be here within the hour, we notify you when she is here, were currently making room for her to land” the man said.
"Good, good, I will see you then," said the large dragon, signing off before returning back to the group.
"Herding ships now?" Asked Comox and Vonriir nodded with a smile, pleased to help.

Soon the hour came as the hanger was buzzing with activity, room had been made for the large vessel to land and dock, it would be the largest combat ship to ever be added to the Torchwood 5 roster.
The hanger manager was directing his workers as ships were parked up further away and in the storage areas to make room for her.
The dragon stepped into the hangar and immediately could feel the frantic movement of the staff working there.
The Hanger manager asked a few of his workers to move some of the cargo away so the ship could land before greeting the giant dragon.
"Ahh Vonriir, welcome to the mad house, she’s on the approach, she's bigger than we thought so we had to do some shifting of craft" the man said.
Vonriir chuckled to himself, still finding it humorous that humans referred to their craft by gender.
"Alright. Let me know when I go up." He replied.
The man nodded as a worker approached, “Sir, the Valkyrie is on the approach and slowing down, requesting permission to enter our area” he said.
The man smiled, “Tell them, to hold fire while we send up our Tug substitute” he said as he gestured to the giant dragon, “I’d get your headset so we can communicate with you” he said.
The dragon secured the headset before unfurling his massive wings and leaping into the air.
The hanger manager went to his office and spoke to the head pilot on the Valkyrie, “Torchwood 5 to Valkyrie, we are sending up our replacement Tug to guide you guys in please hold current course and await instructions” he said.
“Understood Hanger dock master, will hold position” the pilot said.
The dragon rose up to meet the ship. "You're right, this thing is huge." He commented over the communicator.
He flew over the bridge and saluted the pilots with a flip of his wings.
“Good lord!” the head pilot said over the communicator as the hanger manager smiled slightly, at their reactions.
“If you two can focus, Vonriir will be helping you to land, keep your location and I instruct Vonriir to begin” the man said.
“Umm…confirmed dock master, standing by” the pilot said.
“Dock master to Vonriir, the Valkyrie is holding position, she is going to have to be pushed towards the larger entrance, can you get into position” the man said.
The dragon did as instructed and swooped down towards where he could help direct the ship. "In position and ready to bring in the ship." He replied.
The hanger manager checked up on the Camera’s to ensure the dragon was in position, Vonriir had position himself at the front of the ships nose.
“Ok Vonriir, there should be 2 large areas covered in yellow and black markings, put your paws there, it is where the tug would clamp on, by the nose of the ship, then push her backwards” the hanger manager instructed.
The dragon placed his paws on the marked areas as he hovered, his wings sweeping around in great arcs before he tried to push forward.
The Valkyrie stayed where she was hovering, the ships propulsion engines shut down and it was on hovering thrusters, but the sheer weight and size of the craft made it obvious why it required a tug.
The hanger manager monitored the dragon’s progress.
The dragon increased the power of his wing beats, "anything yet?" He asked.
“Dock master to Vonriir, no movement yet, keep at it, she is a heavy vessel to manoeuvre, should I call for some support?” the man asked.
"Hang on a sec, let me have a proper try," insisted the dragon, attempting again.
“Acknowledged Vonriir, Valkyrie, please stand by” The hanger manager said as the hanger doors were all open ready.
The dragon frowned as he tried to manoeuvre the ship. "Stars this thing is made out of rocks."
The man nodded his head.
“I did warn you Vonriir, just keep at it as best you can” came the man’s reply
Vonriir pumped his wings powerfully and frowned as he pressed on, trying to move the ship.
The two pilots looked at each other as they could not do much to assist in this operation, the tug would usually put them into position.
The dragon scrunched his eyes closed in effort, a growl threatening to sound at the back of his
throat but he held it at bay.
Finally the ship began to move backwards, Vonriir persistence and strong will made the ship now move backwards towards the wide open doors.
“Excellent work Vonriir, just a little more and the Valkyrie will land, just be sure to support her when she begins to land” the hanger manager said via the headset.
"Alright," he responded, sending his wings into powerful arcs to keep stabilized as he guided the ship.
Soon was in position, Vonriir backed it far enough for the Valkyrie to begin landing procedures, “Hanger to Valkyrie begin landing procedure, your all clear”.
“Confirmed dock master, thanks, initiating landing” the head pilot said as the ship began to lower down into the hanger.
“keep close Vonriir, just for support but I think we’re in for a smooth landing” he instructed as in a few minutes the ship landed safely.
Vonriir came down to land as the large hanger doors began to close.
The massive dragon hovered for a moment before landing with a solid thump. He was a little out of breath as he walked up to the hangar manager. "All is well?" He asked, ensuring everyone had gone smoothly.
“Thank you for your services Vonriir, couldn’t of done it without you, I hope you did not have too much difficulty with the task” the hanger manager said.
"Nah," he said waving his paw at the notion. "Easy as pie."
“I see well, thank you hopefully we will not be asking for your services again, I pass on a good word to Jack” the man said as he watched the giant dragon return to the dragon hanger.
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