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The following days had been relatively peaceful as the silver took Melina across Talkiir. It was a slow and steady journey, he allowed her to take notes and pictures and pack away anything interesting she came across. He appreciated her eye for detail, noticing things that he would pass by without a second thought.
He considered her admission from the previous day, her liking the commander. He thought it was a fair match and well suited to their situation but he was not one to gossip or fuss over such things, usually avoiding it all together.
He did, however, find it amusing that Melina had noticed Ardon’s behaviour. He shook his head whenever he thought about the gold, all gallant and heedless of everything all at once.
"Do you remember Gower?" Asked the warlord, turning to look at her. They had taking a break at the hanging lakes of Konlouise, a series of alpine bodies of water set high in the mountains. It was cooler here but a beautiful place dotted with beautiful turquoise waters. From here they could see far across the surrounding lands and it was a sight to see. Forge sat by a stand of pine trees while he had let Melina look around. It was quiet up here. They had only seen one other dragon who flew off upon the warlords approach.
Melina thought for a moment before she remembered, "Oh Yes, the coastal Earth dragon ,he has some amazing blue scales" Melina said.
"Yes.” Nodded the silver. Gower was a bold looking dragon indeed. Striking markings crossed a brilliant sapphire colour of his scales. “How would you like to visit his part of the world?" He asked her next. He had been considering making a visit and he thought Melina would like to as well. So far they had avoided other dragons and he figured the woman could use a little more company than just his brooding self. Gower was a friendly dragon and is clan was a good group.
"I would love to, he seemed a nice dragon, quite a rare breed of earth dragon, I did chat to him, it is a shame there is not many variations" Melina said.
"He's the only Coastal Earth dragon I know of, but you have seen the Gold and Black earth dragons. There are other flightless breeds as well out of their group." explained Forge.
"Yeah, be good to see him, he seemed nice at your celebration evening, he was very friendly" Melina said with a smile.
The silver nodded. "That he is. He lives with Coastal Ridge dragons, the same breed as Tarok. Perhaps you can take some notes to expand upon his breed’s profile." he suggested knowing that Melina’s records of the coastal breed were lacking, something that wouldn’t be good should a medical issue come up.
"I would love to...hang on, Jack told me about you and Gower, don't you two owe each other a proper tussle" she chuckled lightly.
This elicited an eye roll from the warlord. There was something else following him around that he couldn’t shake.
"Jack said you had to act it all out to win favour with the other Coastals, I was impressed, you acting it all out" Melina said to the silver.
Forge snorted, standing up and shaking out his wings. "That was years and years ago. I am hoping he had forgotten. I did not enjoy the act. Seemed like foolishness to me."
"Well, if you think about it, if you did not the coastals wouldn’t have gotten involved, he has influence over the clans of coastals, I think he did you a favour" Melina replied.
"I am not denying that," said Forge. "Acting is just not... my thing."
"That is true, ah well, I look forward to meeting him and the clan" Melina said with a smile.
"They'll like you. They're a ....chatty bunch." He replied with a small smile of his own.
Melina lightly tapped him on his scales, "Hey, watch it you" Melina joked lightly.
“Just an observation, Miss,” he replied, bending down so she could get aboard.
“Come on then, let’s go have you meet the chattiest group this side of Kilara.”
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