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Melina jumped on board as Forge took off towards the coastal dragon’s lands, the breed lived on the eastern coast line, Melina was keen to see the blue earth dragon again, she remembered him and could see how well Forge got on with him.
Forge had not noticed but Melina had hawk like vision and saw that Forge had been happy to see the coastal dragon come to his celebration evening, Melina had a smile plastered on her face that day.
"There are five different clans of the coastal dragons, all living on the western cost of Talkiir.
Gower governs over them all buy stays with the Clearwater clan.
There are other provincial leaders of the three clans but all come to Gower for a final say." Forge explained the hierarchy of the clans.
Melina listened in to what Forge said, the hierarchy system they had seemed very organized and well run, the coastals seemed to appreciate a ranking order, with Gower at the top.
“Didn’t I hear Gower is their longest serving leader of the coastal dragons?, he must command allot of respect among the clans” Melina said.
"Yes, he commands with a gentle heart but he knows when his talons need to come into play. He's a tried and tested leader." Commented forge.
Melina smiled.
“You hold the dragon in high regards, I can tell in your voice and I sense you hold him in high regards, along with Draco back on Earth, I must admit for an old man he was pretty strong” Melina said remembering back.
Forge nodded, "yes. It's more than physical strength I admire."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I did not say that, I know you appreciate other leadership qualities and other things, Gower is very sensible leader from my quick chat to him” Melina said.
"Well if you choose I'm sure he would like to talk to you further." Replied the silver.
“I probably will do” Melina said.
As they travelled along, Melina noticed the wind seemed to have a salt like smell to it, soon she begun to see the coastal areas and she smiled, the wind picked up a little now they were on the verge of going into the coastal areas.
“They do live in a beautiful part of the world Forge, Gower does live life well here” Melina said as a smile spread upon her face seeing the amazing views from Forge’s back.
"That he does. Jack, Ardon and I spent some time here."
Melina nodded, “I think you enjoy living on the islands with your brother, you live by the sea in your own little area, I think your glad we installed the portal there, keeps it out the way and away from prying eyes” Melina said.
The sun had also come out from the clouds ahead of them as Melina felt the heat come down, however the wind coming from the sea made the temperatures a little more tolerable in the midst of summer on Kilara, Melina quickly admiring the sparkle coming from Forge’s silver scales.
“He scrubs up well” Melina said to herself and chuckled lightly.
She soon was brought back from her thoughts with Forge’s reply to her.
"Yes, it's a suitable place. Easily defended on the island." The dragon flared his wings put, slowing them down and he landed, "here we are."
Melina smiled as they landed, however she seemed puzzled as there were no coastal dragons around, there was evidence of them living here, marks on the ground but there was no coastal dragons around.
“Strange there doesn’t seem to be any blue dragons around” Melina said as Forge knelt down and she jumped onto the ground.
The silver looked around. "They're hunting maybe..." He pondered. Normally the cliffs were alive with chatter.
Melina was wondering until they saw a young coastal dragon fly towards them, he landed gracefully and bowed in the presence of the warlord.
“Welcome to our lands Warlord Forge, I am Duroc, assistant to our wise leader Gower, may I ask what honour do we have in welcoming you to our lands” he asked politely.
"Were here to see him if he'll have us. Please tell Gower we wish to speak with him." Said forge.
Duroc nodded kindly.
“Of course, he is in the caves, please follow” Duroc said as he led the large dragon and Melina to the large blue dragon.
“Seems a little empty here” Melina commented.
Duroc turned and spoke to the woman, “It is the height of our annual ceremonies, each clan takes turn in hosting our summer celebrations, there is only a dozen of us here to provide security and care of our lands” Duroc replied.
Melina nodded and smiled as they approached the large caves.
Soon from the large entrance came the blue coastal earth dragon, Melina grinned as the dragon before them had sparkling blue sea scales, glittering in the summer sun, a grin erupted onto his face as Duroc announced their arrival.
“Forge!, What an honour to see you here” he said, enthusiasm in his voice as he approached them, he gave a respectful bow to both Melina and the warlord.
Forge returned the bow, "I hope we aren't intruding. I thought it might be acceptable to visit, returning the favour after you came all the way to sunbreak. Gower, you remember Hylen Melina?" He asked, gesturing to the woman.
Gower bowed again to Melina.
“Hylen, it is an honour to welcome you here as well, I enjoyed our conversation, though brief at Forge’s celebrations” Gower said.
Melina bowed respectfully and looked up smiling.
“I am happy to be here, thank you Gower, it is nice to see your home, like Forge said I hope this is not a bad time” Melina said.
Gower shook his head lightly.
“Of course not, it is quieter here as most of my dragons are with the other clan, celebrating the summer, they be gone for a week or two, I got some guards and advisors here, not many but I know our silver guest prefers quiet” Gower said.
"Ah that's why we weren't greeted with a thousand voices. Not celebrating this year, Gower?
Gower smiled.
“I did last year, like you I….appreciate some quiet, I get to enjoy the sound of the waves a bit more, not deal with dragon politics” Gower said as he looked down at Melina.
“You must tell me how you make those sweet things, they were delicious” Gower said, remembering a desert he really enjoyed.
“I will do don’t you worry, we hope to stay for a little bit, on a bit of a tour, me and Forge” Melina said.
Gower looked at Forge and nodded.
“Did you get permission from her fiery bold wing dragoness, I sensed she is a firecracker of a dragoness, when I observed her” Gower asked the silver.
"Of course. I haven't carted her away without requesting her blessing. No one on Kilara would be so foolish to cross a bold wing." Smiled forge.
Gower laughed, shaking his head.
“Or a Bold wing’s Atillu, I have heard you are as fiery as a bold wing” Gower said as Melina laughed lightly.
“Only when provoked” came her quick reply.
Gower grinned.
“We will have fun here, please, your my guests of honour, we shall feast this evening, please follow me to where you can stay” Gower said gesturing to them both as Gower led them to another cave close by his own throne cave.
“I hope this accommodation is suitable for you, it is reserved for our diplomatic guests and honourable members and friends of our clans here, please make yourself at home, Duroc will be here to help you as well” Gower said with a smile.
"Thank you, Gower, much appreciated." He turned to Melina, "what do you think, honourable Hylen?"
Melina looked around, putting the bags on the smooth floor and smiled.
“Its perfect, keeps the wind off us and looks comfortable” she said.
Gower seemed pleased, happy the two of them approved.
“I am pleased to hear that, I am glad you have visited me, a feast this evening round a large fire is the least I can do for our close friends and allies” Gower said, he sounded genuinely happy they were both here, a youthful sparkle in his eyes and scales seemed to come through as well.
"Melina and I look forward to it," replied the silver with a dip of his head. "Thank you, Gower."
Gower nodded and smiled.
“Not at all, I am glad you finally came warlord Forge, it has been too long since you come to visit me here, we have much to talk about and other things, but please, get settled, Duroc and a few others have gone out to sea to hunt for our feast tonight” Gower said.
Melina was happy that Gower seemed in really good spirits, she could tell Forge was pleased to be here, though he seemed more reserved and kept emotion at bay, but he was appreciative of the earth dragon’s kind words and excellent hospitality.
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