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Mark looked down and his eyes came across the dragon, one he had never seen before, his markings were bold and he looked completely different to what the other dragons looked like.
Mark did not understand what he was seeing, there was no record or anything mentioned bringing another dragon here, nothing on Jack’s rota and Melina did not mention anything when she got back through the portal.
“What the..bloody hell, who are you, where did you come from” Mark said, looking a little surprised there was this dragon in his office.
The little dragon jumped back at Mark's response. "I came through the damn door," he hissed, pointing at it. "I need to speak to your commander. Where is he?"
Mark looked at the door and frowned lightly at it before bringing his eyes back to the dragon, not use to looking down upon a dragon.
“How did you get into this base? We are not expecting any dragons coming from Kilara, where have you come from little dragon” Mark said.
"I flew over from California," huffed the dragon, jumping up onto Mark's desk so he wouldn't have to look up at him. "and I have a name, thank you. Sheesh. Little dragon... Do you want me to call you 'absurd human'?"
Mark seemed bewildered by this dragon, he looked at his wings and seemed unsure how to deal with this little dragon.
“Hang on, you flew? With those wings?, you haven’t come from Kilara then? That means you illegally broke into the base” Mark said, some assertion in his voice.
"It wasn't all that hard," scoffed the dragon, folding his arms in rather a human like fashion. "For a base that's just acquired a new security chief Torchwood is severely lacking complete protection."
Mark shook his head, bringing his hand upto his forehead to try and understand the dragon before him.
“So you flew, with your wings over from the USA, broke into our top secret underground base, somehow have all our names and are demanding to see the commander?” Mark asked.
"First, 'sir', I came over on a plane, the rest is all correct. Where is Commander Harkness?" replied the dragon, getting short with Mark now.
Mark frowned at the dragon.
“You’re not in a position to demand dragon, you give me one reason why I should not sound the intruder alarm and bring every security person here, including the dragons” Mark threatened, folding his arm.
"Because this is a dragon academy and I am a dragon. One who has valuable information pertaining to the issues you've been having with the archives." He sneered back.
Mark seemed to look inpatient with this cocky young dragon.
“And why should I believe a dragon who broken in here and could be classified a threat to us, regardless if this is a dragon academy, I am most concerned how you know all this information” Mark said.
"I didn't BREAK anything!" The dragon replied with a scowl. "I came through the damn vent. I thought walking in would be a dumb idea to just try walking in through the front doors. I come as someone who has valuable information to give you."
Mark did not seem impressed.
“A spy or a pain in the ass I think is the correct tone, I take you to Jack but if he decides to throw you in chains, then your going in chains and then back to Kilara, come on and don’t try anything funny” Mark warned him.
"Well aren't you the friendly host." Snorted the dragon, hopping off the desk. "After you." He gestured with a sarcastic manner.
Mark reluctantly led the small dragon down the corridor and towards Jack’s quarters, the base was quiet so luckily there were no odd looks or people to question, Mark was not trusting of this little dragon at all, especially how he broke in, Mark would order Daniel to review security of all air vents and base CCTV camera’s.
Soon they arrived and he buzzed the door, soon Jack’s voice could be heard as the doors opened, Jack turned to see Mark with a visitor, Jack looked puzzled looking at Mark, then the small dragon.
Ardon sat up, looking confused, he didn't expect anyone through. "Hello?"
The little dragon gave the slightest of bows , "ah Ardon, you're bigger than you seem on TV." He turned to Jack.
"Commander Harkness. I've travelled a long way in hopes for an exchange."
Jack seemed to look little confused at what or where this dragon came from before Mark spoke.
“He came in asking for you, how he came in was through a security breach, he has come from the USA and not dragon world” Mark said bluntly.
Jack sat more upright.
“Hrmm, interesting, so how we may we be of assistance to you?” Jack asked giving Mark a nod as he left them to it, the door shutting behind him.
Ardon gave the dragon a suspicious look, not liking how he so easily breached the facility.
"I would like to offer a trade. I have information revolving around the Archives that have been giving you lot some grief..."
Jack looked at Ardon then back to this dragon, first of all how did he know all of this information, then secondly how did he know of the archive issues.
“You must understand young dragon, Security and secrecy is our main aim game, you knowing all about our operations, the base location and gaining access to our base is extremely concerning to me, as this is all classified information, how have you obtained information on us” Jack asked.
"That's my secret and what makes me valuable." Said the dragon haughtily. "If I give that up you'll just ship me back off to Kilara and I won't have that."
Jack looked a little puzzled at the dragon’s reply, this dragon knew allot and that was dangerous and was a risk to the organization but Jack played these issues cool for now.
“Well, how you got to earth is a question for another time, why you don’t want to go back to Kilara is another and thirdly how we should see you, as a threat or a friend” Jack said to the dragon.
The little dragon rolled his eyes. "I didn't come here as a threat. I thought for a dragon academy you'd be a little more welcoming to dragons..." He scoffed. "Stop scowling at me you great golden lump, you should be thanking me for finding a flaw in your security." He pointed at Ardon accusingly.
The gold dragon gave a low growl.
Jack put his hand up to hush Ardon, before looking down at the dragon.
“Yes, agreed we are a dragon academy with strict rules and are under regulation, but usually dragons do not demand an open arms welcome when they have slipped through our security, which if you met Mark, he will be onto this exposure….now what is it you are after in exchange for Archives information” Jack said sounding like he was willing to listen to this intruder.
"While I would rather not like to give up my lifestyle I've become accustom to in California but it's become too difficult to remain hidden and maintain my way of life," explained the dragon.
"I would offer to trade my information and the skills I have in exchange for residence here."
Ardon snorted at the idea. "Some information that might not be useful to us in exchange to feed and shelter you? That doesn't seem quite fair."
The little dragon gestured to himself. "Does it look like I eat a lot? My yearly expense for food would be a snack to you, drake."
Jack seemed a give a small smile at the dragon’s upfront and cocky tone of voice, he had to admire the confidence he had in himself, then again, he did waltz into the so called most secure facility in the world.
“So essentially you are claiming asylum in our academy, who knows of your existence, you have not come with baggage or skeletons in the closet? I should not put the base on red alert” Jack asked him.
"Well the idiot who brought me over from Kilara years ago knows I escaped but he wouldn't dare say a word to anyone knowing that he would have to answer to smuggling a dragon back to earth. Humans have seen me perhaps in passing but no one would believe them." Replied the dragon.
Jack scratched his head as he tried to think what to do with this dragon.
“Well, this academy is about building relationships between humans and dragons, we do stamp out corruption and try not to have a toxic atmosphere between Earth and Kilara, Ardon here is head of the guardian project, so if you read our files you know what this place is all about” Jack said.
"I don't know everything, but yes I have a general understanding." nodded the dragon.
“Well, for now I think it best to put you up in your own quarters and perhaps discuss this more in the morning in the dragon part of the base” Jack said.
"We should have someone posted at his quarters doors, or have his quarters under lock down." Said Ardon.
"I think not! I didn't wilfully walk in here to be your prisoner, Goldie, if I wanted that I could have chanced it in Cali."
“Ardon makes a valid point, I appreciate you coming here with information but we can both agree your entrance has been unorthodox, the only other suggestion is for you to sleep in these quarters, I have spare blankets and other things to make you comfortable” Jack offered trying to compromise.
Ardon looked like he wanted to protest such an invasion of his space but said nothing.
The little dragon tool notice of this and smiled. "That sounds a little better." He said with a small bow that Ardon found rather condescending.
Jack nodded and got up, going ot his bed to get the spare blankets and pillows that were kept there, Jack came and made a sort of makeshift bed on the large sofa in the room.
“I do all of this for you but I warn you, your not to leave the quarters or touch or access any of the systems, that is the terms of your stay in these quarters, I hope you will not break our trust on this” Jack said with assertiveness in his voice.
“Or you have to deal with Ardon here, but here is your little bed” Jack added.
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