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Sitting on the couch with her tablet propped up on her knees, Amanda typed away with her brow furrowed at the screen.
“You know, you look like you’re about to give someone a good talking to when you are focused on typing,” came a voice, jolting her out of her trance.
“What? Oh, my dad always said the same thing. I’ve always had this intense look when I’m writing.,” she said with an embarrassed smiled as she looked up at her dragon.
“Just means you’re extra focused,” Tarok grinned.
“If you say so,” laughed Amanda before sighing, “There’s so much to fill out here. Who knew this job would mean so much paperwork?”
“Still filling out those reports?”
“I think I will be until my dying day, either that or until my fingers fall off from all this typing.” She said, pausing to flex her fingers and rub at her wrists with a wince.
“Do they really need all this?” the dragon inquired, swerving his neck about and tilting his head to read over her shoulder.
“Yeah, apparently. With you and I participating in SAR, every call we respond to needs to be given a report to go along with it. Record keeping and all that legal nonsense you know.”
“Who knew saving lives could be so much work?” teased Tarok. She smiled and pushed his nose away from the screen.
“A lot of work, Blue. Now you distracted me, where was I?”
“You should take a break, let’s go fly to Bold Point and I can get some oysters.”
Amanda made a face, “Yuck.”
“Yum!” insisted the dragon, nosing her shoulder, “Come on, just a short break.”
“You’re going to be shore hunting for hours if we go. I have a deadline for these,” she said, gesturing to her tablet helplessly.
Tarok made to grab the device with his teeth, “Oh no you don’t!” shouted Amanda, grabbing at it. “Go find Kris and Korrin on patrol, burn off some of this energy you’ve got boiling over.”

“Hello,” came a voice as Tara walked into the room, seeing Amanda holding the tablet to her chest and trying to fend off the coastal with her foot, “What’s….. going on in here?”
“I am trying to get heaps of work done but my dragon here is being a pest,” said Amanda, trying to be stern but losing out to s smirk.
“I am not,” snorted the blue male.
Suddenly Amanda’s eyes lit up, “Say, Tara are you working with the professor at the moment?”
The girl shook her head, “No, I’m done for the day.”
“Do you want to go fly the island with Tarok?” offered Amanda.
Tara tried not to look too excited, “Oh, sure! If You want to, that is,” she said, looking at the dragon.
“Fine by me if my Attilu is just going to sit about all day.” He said, getting to his feet.
Amanda pretending to swing her tablet at him, “I’m working. Not sitting about you big blue lizard. Go stretch your wings for a bit so I can actually get some work done.”
Tarok laughed and gestured to Tara with a flip of his muzzle.
“Come on, I can show you Bold Point.”
“He’s going shellfishing so bring a book, you’ll be out there all afternoon,” called Amanda from the couch.
Tara hurried so that she could catch up with the dragon’s long strides as they headed to the air dome.
She helped put on his harness and eagerly got aboard. Soon enough he burst out into the beautiful blue sky above. Flying across the island to its southeastern side, Tara could see a number of lakes glittering below, the dusty remains of old roads from when the island used to be inhabited by other people.
Tara smiled the whole flight. She loved Icarus and had flown with him often across their property under glittering Montana skies but this was different. Flying in the middle of the day, seeing a whole different part of the world was an experience that thrilled her every time. The dragons of T7 were kind and let her fly with them every so often. Aylia asked her often as well, seeing as James rarely flew if he could help it.
“It’s so pretty over here,” she commented, leaning over the side of the saddle to look as they came over the little inlet.
“Good for oysters too,” commented Tarok, flaring his wings and slowing them down. He landed on the remains of an old dock and it wobbled under his weight. His wings were spread for balance as he waited for the floating dock to steady. Tara dismounted and unclipped the paddle board and oar they had attached to his harness.
He took off his riding rigging so that it wouldn’t be damaged by the salt water and deposited it in a heap on the old deck boards.
“I’ll be just there,” said the dragon, pointing to a small island in the middle of the inlet, only a dozen meters away. “You can paddle around the island if you like. They used to farm oysters here and they’re plentiful now that they aren’t harvested.”
“Hmm, go enjoy that shell goop,” Tara said, making a face.
Tarok laughed and jumped into the air, sending the dock rocking back and forth.
Tara got the board in the water and followed him out into the inlet. The little cove was protected and the water was calm here, clear enough to see down into the shallows where the shellfish made the bottom appear bright turquoise.
She watched with interest as the dragon wallowed into these shallows, using his deadly long claws on his hind leg to pry open the sharp shells.
His head would resurface with his prize in his jaws before moving on for more.
Tara paddled about and could see small perch hiding under the dock and anemones
floating in the current below. It was a magical place, full of life.
“Are you excited for your party this Saturday?” she asked when he lifted his head above the waves again.
“Yeah, I’m surprised Alyia managed to convince James to host,” said the dragon.
“It will be fun, I’m certain of it. I was so excited to be invited.”
‘Oh course you’re invited. You’re part of the team now,” replied the dragon.
Tara smiled at this. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would be working with dragons.
She laid on her back and let the sun beat down on her as she drifted past the dragon for the countless time.
“Hey, come here,” said Tarok, breaking her out of her daydream. She sat up and paddled over.
“Hold out your hand,” he instructed and she did so, wondering what he was on about.
He lowered his nose to her hand and dropped something in her palm. A small, pinkish pearl rolled in her hand.
“I find them occasionally. That one’s for you,” he said.
“Thank you!” she said delighted.
“Alright, let’s head back. Time to see if Amanda had finished her work,” said Tarok as they met back on the dock to get his gear back on. She sat on the paddle board in the water as the dragon got his rigging untangled.
A sudden noise made them both look up and Tara gasped, “Look!”
A small pod of orcas had come to investigate the cove, chasing in a school of fish. The surfaced with a woosh of air and sea spray, tall finds cutting through the water.
“I’ve never seen a whale before,” she said, astonished.
Tarok watched protectively as the whales swam close by and with Tara still on the water. They seemed to pose no danger, gliding by with a flash of white and black.
“That was wild. I can’t wait to tell the others!’ Grinned the girl once the creatures had departed.
“I love it here,” she beamed, climbing aboard.
“We’re glad you do,” cheered Tarok, jumping into the air to head back for home.
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