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James frowned and looked at Amanda unimpressed with having his photo taken with anyone, the man was pretty reserved and was not one to have photos taken.
“Ya crazy Canadian!, why you take a photo of us, I am against the taking of photos” he protested to the woman.
"Aw, come on it's a great photo," she said, showing him the display screen. "The only photo we have of you at the facility is your staff photo. Besides, Aliya will love it."
James shook his head.
“I prefer being in the background young lady, not plastered oover the interwebs, ya lucky it’s the blue raptors birthday, oor ya be threatened with a variety of objects” he warned her.
"Well I consider myself lucky then that it's blues birthday," she laughed.
James looked at her and nodded.
“Lucky you, now goo get ready for food missy, I be serving up soon” James said to the woman as he put the fish on the BBQ for Tarok.
"I will await the meal with my plate eagerly," said the woman.
James shooed the woman away who laughed as she left the man to get on with the BBQ, James muttered to himself about not socialising ever again out of work.
Soon enough Alyia called out to everyone that food was being served up, James was putting the meat and fish out on the table for people to eat, as Alyia put the salad and other bits there as well, the Scotsman seemingly calmer after the initial excitement from the team before.
“Seems food is being served guys, we best take our seats” Kris said to the others on the beach and to the dragons as well who were resting on the golden sands by the steps.
"Alright," said Alex, patting Tarok's side as he got up to get food.
Soon everyone gathered round the table where the food was plated out for everyone, the dragons had more space on the ends of the table as Alex got up to give a speech.
"Id like to make a toast," said Alex, clearing his voice. "Tarok has been an essential member of our little team here on the coast, a great friend and an exceptional dragon. To our speed demon in blue, happy hatch day, tarok!" He said, lifting his drink.
“Here, here” Dr Charles said as the team clapped, as Kris smiled lightly seeing the happy look on everyone’s face including Tarok.
“Tarok, speech, speech!” he teased lightly.
"Um," said the dragon sitting up a little straighter, "uh, thank you all. This has been a wonderful day." He said a little shyly, put on the spot.
James soon broke the awkwardness as he saw the food was getting cold.
“Right, took in now before the winds throws it into the sea, that’s enough of the Oxbridge pleasantries” he said as the team chuckled and tucked into their food.
The team tucked into the food, the meat and fish cooked in such a way that it was soft and tender, everyone was enjoying it as salad and other things were passed along as the party continued to go very well.
People were impressed with the Scots cooking skills on the BBQ.
"This is excellent, thank you chef James!" Said Tarok. Tara and korrin agreed with their own genuine compliments.
"I didn't know you could cook," said Alex.
James looked at Alex with a frown.
“Are you questioning ma cookin skills?, ya wouldn’t wanna doo that lad or there be trouble” James said as Kris shook his head.
“It was just a compliment James” he said as James looked at Kris and nodded, “Aye, fair enough lad” James said eating his food as Kris seemed surprised as he looked over to Alyia, to see if she was having a calming effect on his temper.
Alyia smiled at him and gave a little wink before digging into her own food. She thrummed happily at how well this whole party was going.

Once the food was eaten, people allowed their food to go down as they talked and rested, as Charles and Kris helped clear the tables and plates to help Alyia along the way, Tarok had enjoyed this gathering immensely as he talked with Korrin.
Tarok leaned back and knocked something off the corner of the patio.
"Oops, oh what's this," said the dragon, holding up a rugby ball emblazoned with the blue and white of the Scottish flag."
"Hey, look what I found. James, I didn't know you played!"
Amanda looked a bit apprehensive at her dragons find.
James looked over and saw Tarok was holding up the rugby ball with Scotland emblazoned on the ball, Kris looked and seemed to want to warn Tarok that he was about to get a mouthful from a fiery Scot as the man walked over to the dragon who was holding the ball.
“Oh this is going to end bad” Hinton said to Charles who watched with held breath.
Alex looked a little tense, ready to jump in as alyia looked over, concerned that James was going to erupt and give the dragon a good verbal lashing, even the dragon sensed it.
Tarok pulled back his sail, looking concerned as he held the ball out at arm’s length.
James approached and looked at the ball taking it surprisingly gentle from the coastal dragon who thought he was going to be told off.
“Aye I did blue boy, back in the day, I played Rugbeh union, not that rubbish they play in Yankie land, was given this ball after I scored tah winning try in the cup” James said calmly as everyone seemed surprised at his reaction, the man was calm and collected, very unlike James.
"Oh no way, that's awesome," said korrin, genuinely surprised as the other looked.
Kris smiled, giving a wink to Alyia, the man seemed to be calm, whether it was the drink or just perhaps Brathille Aura making the man calmer and less threatening.
“Who was playing?” Dr Charles asked as James spun the ball and caught it again as he spoke.
“Glasgow and Airdrie, we won, 90th minute” James said as Charles smiled lightly.
Kris overheard the conversation and spoke, after James described the win and the party afterwards.
“I always wanted to play rugby, ended up playing Ice hockey instead in my college days, it’s a very nice rugby ball” Kris said joining in the conversation.
"You proved you're a good cook, you should show us some of these champion rugby skills," suggested korrin and Alex nodded in eager agreement.
"Come on, let's see."
James looked around and nodded.
“Alright touch beach rugby then” James said holding the ball as Kris grinned to Korrin as Dr Charles chuckled.
“I might not be young but I can give it a go, plus with touch everyone can play” suggested the doctor.
There was a general cheer of enthusiasm as the team got up to play.
Tara lingered back beside Alyia, "I don't know how to play... I've never been any good at sports." she whispered to the dragon.
"Me either. We can cheer them on though," beamed the dragon; excited at the opportunity to watch her Attilu play a game.
The teams were decided, Tarok, Amanda, Charles and Alex on one team, Korrin James, Kris and Dr Hinton on the other.
The game was explained and the rules set out, Charles helping Kris, Alex, Amanda and the others to explain how to do the game and with James explained it, soon everyone got the hang of it and it was game on.
James was lined up to kick off when he spoke to Kris, seeing the green dragon on all fours on the sand.
“Hang on lads and Lasses, how the heck is koorin gonna play, he’s on all foors!” James said as Kris chuckled.
“He’s the tank, he can cope” Kris said to James.
"I'll figure it out," said the dragon confidently with a swish of his tail. Korrin could rear up to grab the ball but running with only three legs would likely slow him down even more.
“Alright lets kick off then” Charles said as James kicked off beginning the game as the ball was caught by Charles who knew how to play.
Alyia was smiling, eyes bright as she watched the game begin.
"You seem extra happy today, Alyia," commented Tara, unable not to mirror the dragon's smile with her own.
"Oh, it's been a wonderful day and so nice to see James having fun." she replied.
Amanda had kicked off her fancy shoes to run barefoot in the sand and passed the ball to Tarok.
He snatched it out of the air and darted forward. Korrin barrelled towards him, his usual determined look across his face.
The coastal passed the blue ball over to Charles in one quick motion.
Charles went forward and despite being a little older than the others he got past his fellow doctor with some quick foot work and scored a try as he panted lightly as Tarok’s team celebrated.
Tarok gave a shrill whistle of celebration as his team scored a try.
"Yeah!" grinned Amanda.
The game soon restarted and Charles kicked back to James team as James passed the ball, avoiding Amanda as he passed the ball to the green dragon.
Korrin took the ball in his left paw and tucked it safely against the crook of his arm so that he could charge forward, though clumsily on his remaining free legs.
Tarok ran at him, quick and agile in the sand. His sails were up, flashing brilliant yellow as he set to making it as difficult as possible for Korrin to pass the ball.
“Just go forward Korrin!” Kris said, seeing the coastal dragon blocking his passing as the others were in a defensive line.
Korrin glowered at the coastal, saber teeth flashing as he made to barrel forward.
He was blocked by Tarok who grinned and growled, "Tag!" at the green male, setting his powerful hind legs into the sand, showing he would not yield.
The game continued as Tarok got involved, Korrin was getting better at running on three legs and was fearsome to see him charge forward as he passed the ball to Kris who dodged Alex and made a beeline for the try line.
Tarok lunged in front of Kris to block his way. In full predatory mode the coastal was hunkered down low in the front while his rigid tail kept his balance for lightning quick movement.
Kris thought he be stuck but decided to go for a more comical get through, diving as Tarok missed him and the man slid under the dragons legs and scored the try to bring the game even as the whole team laughed at Kris ingenious way to get past Tarok.
Tarok's yellow eyes went wide in surprise as the other laughed lightly.
Korrin grinned back at the coastal, playfully smug, "Try," he said and Tarok gave him a snort in reply.
The game had its funny moments but there was some good rugby being played and the dragons were well involved.
Tarok was immersed into the game now as he seemed to take charge and shout directions for his teammates.
Charles listened and watched, impressed how Tarok began being a captain, learning to put people in defence to stop James and co getting ahead. It was something worth noting to Alex after the game.
James despite his somewhat unhealthy lifestyle, was on form and showed why he was such a good player, scoring two tries for team Korrin, however Amanda the only girl on the team scored a wonderful try thanks to a excellent pass by Tarok
Tarok cheered as Amanda scored. She jumped, throwing her hands in the air as her dragon let out a burst of flame high above them.
The game was now tied at 30 -30, with the light dimming, this would be the last moves of the game before they had to call it in and both dragons wanted to win.
Soon Korrins team were on the attack, James used some fancy footwork as he dodged Amanda and Alex and went forward, Charles making the Scotsman pass to Korrin to continue their attack.

Korrin caught the ball and ran for the line drawn on the beach. Tarok came to a skidding stop, sails flared as he stood as the last line of defence. He stomped a great taloned paw, sending sand flying as he flared his wings, a determined smirk on his face.
Korrin snorted and made to step forward but Tarok wasn't going anywhere, blocking the line.
"Not today, Fish breath," rumbled Korrin through a showy display of barred teeth but Tarok grinned, lurching forward and blocking him further with a growl.
Korrin made to try again but the coastal stood firm, unrelenting, claws embedded in the sand as he held the tank up right on the line, to have the game stop to reset as he was held up.
Before the dragons could do anything else there was a sharp whistle.
"Time! I'm calling it here. Tie game all around," said Alex, looking a little winded.
"Tired already, boss?" teased Amanda.
"Never," he huffed, making a show of putting his hands on his knees, doubled over to catch his breath.
The whole team seemed tired but it had been great fun to watch and play as Charles patted Tarok on the side.
“That was an amazing hold there Tarok, well done son, very well played” Charles said with a smile.
“Aye we make a rugger player of ya yet bluey” James said.
Tarok smiled, pleased at the praise. Amanda kissed him on the nose and gave his muzzle a pet, "Well done, mister!"
"You played well too," Tarok smiled.
“That was indeed a game and a half, very fun too” Dr Hinton said as they walked back to where Alyia and Tara were as the girls would go get everyone water and squash to drink.
“Well played Korrin, you did superbly, on three legs you did very well” Kris complimented the green dragon.
Korrin chuckled at that, "For once I have to give it to Tarok, being bipedal has its uses."
Kris patted the green dragon on the side.
“He was up for it today, I have never seen that intensity and determined look since he took on Jack 2 years back, I saw the same look” Kris commented on the coastal determination.
"He's a reserved one, but he has fire in him," said Korrin before he smiled, "Can we talk about that lame pass earlier? WHO were you trying to pass too? Lucky you I'm fast and caught it," he teased Kris.
The man laughed lightly.
“Well I must admit it was poor, I think James called it a hospital pass, if it was full on tackling, id been taken out and winded on the floor” he said chuckling back, both walking to the house.
As the team rested, Dr Charles approached Alex with a glass of squash and sat next to the man who was resting up.
“I must admit Alex, despite it being a game Tarok showed leadership and confidence out there, thought it was worth mentioning” Dr Charles said to Alex as the others mingled and sat down the other side.
"I noticed. He's been really stepping up lately, in all aspects. I'm glad we have him around," said the commander, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.
James had drunk a glass of water and now had a squash as he took his rugby ball and put it away so it was safe, after using a towel to wipe the sand grains off it.
"You did really well out there, sir!" said Alyia, happily, taking advantage of the rare mood, "I wish I could have seen you in your championship game." There was the nearly ever present echo of a thrum in her voice as she spoke.
James looked at Alyia and nodded, giving her crème dragoness a pet on the muzzle gently.
“I was, a bit different in ma youth Lass, yooou be even moore embarrassed of me, buut still have it” he replied.
"More embarrassed?" said the dragoness, leaning her muzzle into the pets, "Nonsense, I'm not now and I wouldn't have been then. You were fantastic."
James continued smooth the dragoness crème scales gently and then gave her a scratch in a sweet spot, this was all very rare for James to do, he was almost acting like a normal Atillu.
“Well Lass, Im glad ya think soo, we serve up cold drinks an see aboot tidying up” James said, still petting the dragoness.
Alyia nodded, and closed her eyes, happy as she could be. There seemed to be a slight glimmer and sparkle across the bridge of her nose, faint but there
James continued but finally after a few minutes James gestured for them to re join the group, Alyia very happy for this rare and lovely moment between them, noone else saw it but Alyia would know despite the man’s attitude and brash behaviour most of the time, Brathille had a way of making even the angriest man in Scotland to be calm and show affection to his dragoness.
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