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The hanger was buzzing with activity as a large shuttle craft, hired for carrying the dragons was being prepped quickly for a quick turnaround, Jon was there, helping the shuttle pilot along with Kris who was bringing security items and medical kit for Dr Charles.
“I want us going in 5 minutes, the dragons will be here soon” ordered Jon as as the team got the shuttle ready for immediate launch.
Tarok was the first to dash through the open doors of the sky dome, followed by Korrin as a young member of the security officers ran past to get ready the shuttle.
"What's going on?" asked Amanda as she vaulted off Tarok's saddle.
"Not quite sure yet. Two confirmed fatalities though." said Alex grimly.
Jon grabbed his tablet and brought up the report from the offices and from the RMCP who were responding.
“Says our offices were attacked, two people killed in an apparent targeted attack, police have sealed off the area and Brogan is on the scene as well, medical teams are there but when you guys we have jurisdiction over the investigation” Jon said.
"Got it, we're all going?" asked Amanda.
Alex already had time to think on the matter.
"Yes, you, kris and the dragon, board the shuttle and lets head out."
Kris nodded, “Come on lets go shuttle is ready” he said as Dr Charles entered the shuttle along with some bags to do his investigations.
“I keep things ticking here and keep you up to date Alex” Jon said to the commander as the engines began to power up, with everything ready for a quick launch to head to the Vancouver offices.
"Great, thanks," said Alex quickly, in disaster response mode. "You have our direct line of communication. We'll let you know if we find anything." the man said before he hurried after the dragons, up the shuttle ramp.
Jon nodded as he returned to the command centre to keep Alex up to date as Kris followed Alex as the shuttle was ready for launch.
Once the shuttle ramp doors shut, the shuttle took off and set a course towards the Vancouver offices at speed.
“We be there in 10 minutes at this speed, I land us on the base helipad” the shuttle pilot said as he flew on the quickest route towards the city.
Amanda buckled into her seat as the dragons settled in the wide space behind them.
"What do you think or rather, who do you think-" started Tarok but Korrin shook his head.
"No way of knowing just yet."
The shuttle continued to fly towards the city, Kris and Dr Charles were up in the cockpit along with Alex who sat next to the pilot, with it being a clear, sunny day, they were able to make good time to arrive at the offices.
"When we arrive Kris, I want you to ensure the security of the perimeter. I know Brogan will already have the place sealed off but just to be sure. Doctor, we'll need to see if anything was left on scene that will give us any insight to who was responsible. So far no one had claimed responsibility yet so that will be on us."
Kris nodded lightly at Alex orders, “Yes sir, me and Korrin will patrol the area and get it secure” the man said assertively.
“Yes Sir I can do that, I brought Dr Hinton’s forensics kit to gather evidence” he said to the commander.
"Good, Amanda, you and Tarok will be on standby in case anything comes up. Korrin, keep out of sight as much as possible, James has suggested to keep you guys out of the lime light if possible until we sort this out," said Alex.
The shuttle continued at speed towards Vancouver and meet up with Brogan and his officers.

“Alex sir, we are approaching the offices, I will be engaging landing procedures shortly” the pilot said as the offices and buildings came into view.
The shuttle slowed down as it entered Vancouver airspace, the shuttle flew towards the torchwood 7 offices on top of a skyscraper near the bay.
Alex nodded, "Everyone ensure your communication devices are working." he instructed.
Amanda tested hers and made her it was snug as she waited to land.
“Once we landed we disembark” Kris said to Korrin who nodded as Dr Charles powered up his tablet as the pilot activated the landing gear to land safely onto the helipad on top of the tall building.
All of a sudden a shot smashed a small hole in the front window and the pilot was hit directly in head as the bullet caused sparks to come from one of the control panel as blood was splattered on the far side of the cockpit as alarms in the shuttle beep.
“****!” Kris said in alarm as Dr Charles looked shocked at what happened as the shuttle alarms blared in their ears.
Alex swore as Amanda screamed in alarm as their pilot slumped over. The shuttle seemed to lurch to the side and Alex rushed to get out of his seat, ripping at his seatbelt as he crouched over the controls.
"What happened?" yelled Korrin, unable to see what was going on.
"Martin, was shot. He's gone," came Amanda's shaking voice, as Alex got the shuttle under control. He was already shouting information across the communicators as he angled them towards safety.
The shuttle moved erratically and was on the verge of crashing, the shot had hit them at the most venerable time as the main computer alarm sound.
"Warning proximity Alert!" the computer said as the shuttle moved erratically as Alex tried to get it under control as everyone hung on for dear life.
"Hang on!" Said Alex through gritted teeth as the dragons tried to stop themselves from being thrown about in the back of the shuttle.
Finally the shuttle was under control in the nick of time, they were on the verge of crashing into the Torchwood offices, the team was shaken as Alex brought the shuttle under control.
“We need to get the person who did this sir, open the ramp and me and Korrin will give chase!” Kris said as Charles only got his breath back as Alex landed the shuttle, the team obviously shaken by the turn of events that happened.
"No," said Alex firmly, "it's too risky. We aren't prepared for this kind of fight."
"But they're getting away!" Protested korrin.
"No," Alex, repeated, "I am not risking losing anyone else. We didn't bring anyone's armour, you'd be likely going out just asking to get shot."
Kris was going to protest, feeling the dragons anger and frustration when Charles spoke.
“Let’s just deal with what we got Kris, we lost an additional person, lets deal with that” Charles said as Havocs soon flew overheard flashing their lights after seeing the shuttle move erratically as Brogan appeared with a team towards the shuttlecraft, the man had looked worried seeing the shuttle lose control.
The dragons disembarked the shuttle first, stepping down the ramp cautiously while ensuring their team members were protected.
Alex broke away from the pack and started towards Brogan.
Brogan nodded looking concerned as the team looked shaken and all over the place, then he noticed someone slouched in the pilots chair.
“Are you guys ok, we heard a gun shot and wondered what happened, when we saw the shuttle spin out of control my fears were raised” Brogan asked Alex as medics rushed in but Dr Charles was shaking his head as he spoke to them.
"No, our pilot was taken out. Bullet right through the windshield," said Alex. "I want to know where it came from and who did it." His voice was hot with anger despite him trying to maintain calm.
Brogan nodded, gesturing to Alex and the others to head inside for their safety and to keep them hidden just in case the sniper was around still, but with the police activity, the attacker could be long gone by now.
“Our teams are searching the area and high rise buildings, we were in the process of informing next of kin for the 3 people who died, I can take you and your team there, I asked for your staff to be sent home for their safety and they made statements” the Lieutenant explained to Alex as armed guards protected the dragons and riders.
Alex nodded grimly, taking in the news, "yes, let's see the scene and try to piece together what happened here."
Kris approached and spoke to Alex, Korrin was still irritable and was not impressed being protected by others instead of him protecting the team, Kris sensed this and went to put their skills to use.
"Sir, permission to go with Korrin and support the police in keeping the perimeter secure, Korrin is itching to do something useful" Kris said to Alex.
"Not yet. Not until we have a better understanding of what is going on here," said Alex firmly.
Kris frowned but did not say anything as he gestured to Korrin to follow them inside.
“We secured the area and I made sure the other agencies are kept away but the Provincial government are after some answers as well as my bosses” Brogan spoke to Alex as everyone walked inside.
"Of course. Everyone is hungry for answers," replied. Alex as they followed, " tell me what we're looking at here."
Brogan nodded as he explained the situation as the team walked into the corridors of the building, Vancouver police around the area, giving additional protection for the Torchwood 7 team.
The dragons seemed on edge, wanting to protect their bonded humans fiercely.
"Keep close, okay?" Said Tarok. Amanda looked up at him, knowing her dragon was tense.
"I'm not going anywhere without you," she assured him.
Korrin was of a like mind, looming over Kris like a green shadow.
Brogan explained the situation and how everything unfolded, as they approached the crime scene, the bodies of two staff members were already y in body bags and the are cordoned off with police tape, the scene looked horrific and Kreis seemed a little taken aback at what they saw but returned to a firm expression as Brogan explained the security arrangements.
Amanda looked like she was trying to be stoic but Alex knew his team well. He nodded to her and gestured that she could stand back with her dragon.
"The initial emergency call reported two deaths. Who was the third?" He asked.
Brogan looked at the tablet and shook his head lightly.
“One of ours, first person on call officer Jefferies, new to the role, first answered the call, shot dead in his patrol car, whoever has done this has a powerful sniper weapon, plus the death of your pilot means the death total is up to four” Brogan said.
“We do not want to cause a panic in the city, we need to keep this under wraps or panic could spread about a killer on the loose” Kris added his two cents.
"One of the reasons I wanted the dragons to hang tight. Media points their lenses wherever the dragons are." Said Alex as Amanda nodded.
"I want our best working full tilt to take down whoever is behind this," the commander said to Brogan, "Dr Drake will take the lead on forensics though we would take any assistance you might be able to lend. I want any surveillance footage in the area. I'm betting on someone catching something of use."
Brogan nodded lighted at the request.
“We give you what you need and all, we keep the area secure, though I might suggest you take the dragons back to T7 HQ, we can give you an escort home with the havocs if you want” Brogan said as Dr Charles came in with the equipment on a trolley.
“I think I need Dr Hinton here with me as well, to do the work” Charles said.
“We can offer your guys protection till your work is carried out” Brogan added.
Alex thought a moment. "I'm going to have the dragons stay here for now. To ensure nothing else goes sideways. I'll take the shuttle back for dr Hinton and whatever supplies you might need." He said, making a mental list of things that needed to be done.
Dr Charles nodded.
“Ok sir I get set up” the doctor said as Kris assured Alex they would be ok and safe here with Brogan’s officers around as the investigation would be carried out, it would be a long investigation and the two men would be working through the night.

Meanwhile Jon had been informed by Alex what had gone on and the loss of their junior pilot in the shuttlecraft, Alex was on his way back with Jon letting Dr Hinton know to be ready to Aid Dr Drake in his investigation work.
Dr Hinton was getting his equipment ready to load up onto the shuttle and to get himself ready.
Tara came down the hall and into the labs where dr Hinton was gathering items. She had her own bag slung over her shoulder.
"I'm ready to go," she said, intent on helping and not wanting to give the man a chance to refuse her going.
Dr Hinton looked up to see Tara there with her rucksack across her back, the man knew this was no place for a young lady like Tara.
He shook his head lightly.
“Im sorry Tara, I know you want to help but I cant let you come with me, it isn’t pleasant plus there could be risks, you need to stay on the base with Jon and the others” he said to the young lady.
"But..." she said a little feebly, "at least is there something here I could help with?"
The man shook his head.
“Im afraid not miss, it’s a risky situation and Jon let alone Alex want to put you in an sort of dangerous situation, we made a promise to your mother and dragon to take care of you, Jon will make sure your kept up to date” Dr Hinton said putting things on a trolley to wheel to the sky dome.
Tara knew she couldn't fight it and demand to go. Besides, her shyness wouldn't make her that bold to even attempt.
She imagined Icarus tearing down the door if he found out that any of them allowed her into harms way.
"Okay.... tell everyone to be safe."
“Will do, you be needed when we return I am sure, chin up” Dr Hinton said as he left the labs with Tara in tow and all.
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