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Tara didn’t know what to do with herself after the doctor left. She was worried about the team but knew that the man was right, there was very little she could do and in any case she would likely be a liability if she went.
Jon seemed like he had his hands full dealing with the situation on his end so she decided it was best to keep out of the way.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket as she stepped into her room and she noticed she had notifications flashing on her computer.
“Oh no,” she groaned, seeing that she had missed multiple calls from home.
She put down her bag and called the number back on her computer and almost instantly the call was picked up.
“Oh thank heaven,” said her mother, Relieved, “We saw the news that something happened at that fancy building in Vancouver. I thought it looked like one of yours.”
“That’s the one in the city mom. I’m mostly on the island, far away,” Tara said, trying to reassure her.
“Is that Tara? Is she alright?” came a voice, Icarus, from off screen.
Her mother tilted her laptop so that the dragon’s face came into view. He looked like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
“You are well, Tara. Good.”
“Yes, yes. I wasn’t allowed to attend. Something happened at the mainland office but I haven’t been told what yet. Everyone is busy running around, trying to figure it out. I wasn’t allowed to go.”
“I’m glad they kept you there. I won’t have to give anyone an earful,” said her mother a little briskly, the worry of her daughter’s fate dissipating slowly.
“You knew what I was getting into….. coming here…” said Tara, raising a brow.
Her mother lifted her chin, “I know. The risks don’t make me happy but you’re just like your father and I won’t keep you from your passions. Just don’t expect me to be so carefree about it.”
Tara had to laugh a little, “I don’t expect that at all. Anyway, I’m fine. I’m not going anywhere but I am going to go see if Jon has a second to tell me what is going on so I’ll let you go okay?”
“Be safe, alright sweetheart?”
“I promise,” replied Tara. “Love you guys, bye!”
She hung up the call and turned back for the door, wondering if things had settled down enough for her to find out anything else.

Korrin had patrolled all parts of the building that would allow him to pass through without damage. The dragon was still growing and no longer fit in conventionally sized structures built for humans. There was little to find, however. Between Brogan’s patrols and the dragons presence, there didn’t seem much likeliness of a threat returning with all this firepower to face. Still, Alex took precautions and lived with a ‘better safe than sorry’ mentality, which had saved their skin more than once.

“You checked that window for the either time. Brogan’s forces are patrolling so we should be okay, big guy,” Kris said, noticing the green dragon and sensing his mood.
Korrin tracked a cars route down on the street below before speaking.
“Its no harm being too careful.” What else can I do other than watch and keep an eye out for anything off?” said the dragon, only taking his eyes off the street below for a second to look at Kris.
"I know Alex wants you inside the building, maybe patrol the corridor if you like, maybe a roof patrol, but do not go far" Kris answered.
"I can't go on the roof until the ship comes back for us. Alex doesn't want us associated with this if possible." Said the dragon before he yawned, displaying the fearsome massive canines he possessed.

"Patrol the corridor then, keep yourself amused, from the CCTV I can see we are good at the moment" Kris said looking at the screens.
“Alright,” said the dragon, getting to his feet. He wished he could stretch his wings, the small spaces made him feel confined and antsy.
He walked the loop of the corridor a few times, passing by wide windows. He could see news vans down on the street below by the lobby of their building but everything had been taped off, restricting their access.
“Like vultures,” he said with a snort, “The second they get wind of something they swarm…”
“You talking to yourself again?” came Tarok’s voice from behind him.
Korrin turned to the coastal, an unimpressed look on his face.
“You might have to get an evaluation done by the doctors if you keep chatting to yourself,” the blue dragon teased.
“Not the time for jokes, Tarok.” Said Korrin, stern.
Tarok’s crest fell a bit, and the dragon frowned. “I’m not trying to make light of what happened here…” he said sounding a little defensive, “I am just trying to keep everyone together and not let us all sink into the darkness of what happened.”
Korrin sighed, he knew that Tarok wasn’t trying to make a game of all this.
“I know, I just don’t like that we’ve lost more of our team. We can’t seem to go a year without somebody lining one of us up in their crosshairs.”
The coastal shifted his weight from one deadly clawed foot to another, “I know. I hate it too. We work a dangerous field, though. Just like officers, and military personnel, there are risks and we all have to accept them.”
“I can accept the risks, I just can’t accept someone trying to take us down at every turn,” grumbled the green dragon.
“We’ll find out who did this and put a stop to it. I promise it,” swore Tarok as Korrin nodded firmly in their pact.
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