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The doctors worked on the crime scene for a good few hours, wearing protective clothing and gathering evidence from the room, all 3 doctors were working flat out to piece together what awful events had gone on here.
Dr Francis and Dr Charles worked together as the two had forensics background, with Dr Linton using his knowledge of computer systems to gather digital evidence and to use the computer to build up a virtual picture of what happened, along with his mobile analysis machines.
Kris, Amanda and the dragons were kept out as to not contaminate the evidence further, same went with the damaged shuttle craft, Dr Francis had wanted it left to do forensic analysis, Alex borrowed an EA shuttle back to the base on Quadra island.
Kris had been ensuring the security inside was good, despite the growing media interest, Brogan’s officers were doing a sterling job in keeping them back and ensuring the dragons were safe.
However, as time went on Kris focus seemed to drift as there was nothing more to report as he kept Jon up to date with everything going off.
He sighed and let his head rest on his hand as he stared at the four security screens for the millionth time but nothing had changed, apart from officers patrolling the area downstairs.
"Hanging in there?" Asked Amanda as she leaned against a wall, arms folded as they waited, "shouldn't be too much longer."
Kris nodded lightly.
“They have been a good few hours in there, collecting samples and data, we are lucky I guess we got two skilled forensic officers on our team, but gosh they take their time, the criminals could be in the US by now” Kris said.
"They have to take their time to ensure their everything is done correctly and that if there are any answers to be found that they aren't lost in the rush. I know it's frustrating but it's the only process we've got right now," replied the woman, "and 'gosh'? Stop stealing my words."
Kris smiled lightly.
“You’re a bad influence Amanda, I can feel my advanced vocab seeping away, being around you and Tarok, the man lightly teased back to the woman as the dragons returned from their patrol round the corridors.
Amanda pretended to be offended but then gave Tarok a small smile as the dragons approached. "Hey, anything to report?"
The coastal shook his head.
"Nothing," added korrin.
Kris was about to add his two cents to the conversation when the doors opened and Dr Charles came out, still in his forensic outfit as he removed his face mask and approached the team, Kris stood up from his chair as the doctor approached, the man looking a little tired.
Tarok's sail lifted a bit in surprise as Dr. Charles came into view in a full forensics suit.
"You look intense," commented Amanda.
Dr Charles nodded lightly.
“It is to preserve the crime scene, it was already contaminated, not intentionally by the RCMP first responders but it is ok, we collected everything we needed, Dr Francis and Dr Linton are packing up their equipment, I think we can contact Alex and ask for a transport to pick us up” he said to the others.
“What about this office, do you guys need to come back tomorrow?” Kris asked and to this the doctor shook his head.
“We got what we needed, I recommend keep this office shut and the staff away, I think Alex would agree, we all suffered tremendous loss of life, the rest can be done in the labs on Quadra island” Charles said.
"Sounds appropriate, let's head back if everything is wrapped up here then," suggested Amanda.
“I get a transport ordered here to take us all back, I inform Alex of the situation” Kris said.
“Ask for Jon to ask Tara to prepare the labs, she knows the techniques and preparation, so we can get to work quickly” Dr Charles said.
“Will do doc” Kris replied as he contacted the base.
Kris spoke to Alex and informed him of the situation, he had also provided the commander with what had been done in regards the dragons and their own work, Alex was going to send a transport to pick them all up plus inform Brogan of the plans.
Once it was all discussed Kris seemed ready to help pack up and get things locked down so no one could tamper or enter the offices, with this kind of attack, it be safer for the office staff to stay away and keep them safe in their own homes.
"So," Alex began as he approached Jon. "We have four confirmed casualties, one being Martin our pilot during our descent. The doctors have collected any evidence on scene and will be processing it here. Brogan had his team involved in the investigation as well," he said before spotting Tara.
" Doctor Charles and Arthur will be back shortly, Tara can you prep the labs for them?"
The young woman nodded, "yes, of course sir." She replied.
Jon nodded lightly at Alex comments, watching Tara go off to prepare the labs.
“Do you need me in the hornet to escort the shuttlecraft to Quadra?” Jon asked the commander.
Alex thought for a moment, "Yeah, couldn't hurt." Nodded the commander.
Jon gave a respectful nod, now he had been given permission.
“Ok sir, I best get ready, I’ve sent a message to James and Alyia as well, just to be on the lookout but I think they are relatively safe, might I suggested ensuring the radar is covered at all times, until we know this threat is perhaps limited to Vancouver and its surrounding areas?” Jon asked Alex.
"We will be bumping up our threat level and ensure that we follow the protocol as such. Good call about the radar, I'll make sure its active," said Alex
Jon nodded.
“I do a rotation rota for our agents so there is always someone manning it, Dr Linton updated Robert’s base defences so they are all up and running ok, anyways I best go” Jon said as Alex wished him luck as the man made his way to where the hornet was stationed.

Meanwhile on Vancouver island, Jon had informed Alyia and James what had gone on and that extra precautions being put in place for the whole team, Jon advised the two of them to be careful, despite being on Vancouver Island.
After an hour James was getting ready to go to the shops and grab some food, he did not think the risk was for them as he got ready to go out, Alyia came in and saw James getting ready to go out and seemed alarmed.
"Oh, sir, we can get groceries another time..." suggested Alyia, worried about all these events going on and not wanting her Attilu to be in danger.
James waved off her concerns, thinking she was being overly cautious again.
"Ya worry too much lass, i cannae not gooo out" James said as he put on his shoes and grabbed some bags.
"But... don't you think it's better, just to wait a bit? Until we know more at least?" She said hesitantly, not wanting him to go.
"Ya cannae wrap me in a cotton ball Lass, ya goota take soome risks, besides i aint high on the list" James replied.
"Yes you are," Alyia protested, "Someone tried to take your life last year, don't you remember? If you must go, please let me accompany you to ensure that you're safe."
James rolled his eyes, his frustration bubbling and passing through the link.
"Ack..Fiiine then...move ya scaled rump then..yaa carrying the bags Lass" James said grumbling to himself with some colourful language, not impressed he had himself yielded to her suggestion.
Despite his grumbling, Alyia was a little relieved, "Yes, sir." she said, grabbing his things and following him. In the very least she was happy to be running errands with the man.
James walked with Alyia alongside him, providing protection and a visible guard over the man, James seemed to be quiet as he walked along to the local supermarket.
Alyia attracted attention as she walked with the man, people coming up outside asking for photos and to speak with her, it was the same when they entered the supermarket.
Alyia being small enough to navigate round, but the wide aisles certainly helped and gave James and the dragoness some room.
Alyia had loved being out, trotting along behind James through the supermarket. However, her errand running never went without notice. People stared and came up to her to ask questions or request a photo which she was always shyly happy to oblige.
James stayed ahead of the dragoness looking at the items and putting them in the trolley, he looked back to see the dragoness chatting and having photos, it began to annoy and irritate the Scot, he wanted to be in and out but it was not possible with the dragoness with him, attracting attention, he shook his head and tried not to blow up in front of all these people.
Through the link Alyia could sense a growing discontent. Graciously as she could, the little dragoness excused herself from the little crowd that she had collected and trotted after the man. She gently put a specific little box of his favourite goodies in his basket and smiled at him.
James looked at the dragoness, after a moment of silence he spoke, ending the silence between them.
"Ya cookin lass tonight" he said as he grabbed the peppercorn sauce, putting it in the trolley and moving on.
"Sure," she replied, "What would you like for sides?"
James turned round and replied.
"Chunky chips and.....salad..there healthy scot" James said though the last bit was reluctantly said to the crème dragoness, he knew she was trying to make him be healthier, sneaking in stuff into his usual food.
he smiled at him, "Thank you," she said, grabbing a few more things off the shelf.
Soon they made it to the till, after some more people taking photos and chatting, James wanted to just get out of there and be home, it wasn’t to be however the man went on to rant about Canada’s insistence on not putting tax on the prices, this rant went on for 10 minutes before Alyia guided him out.
“Have a nive day sir!” chirped the cashier, this made James cringe as he replied that he did not like the saying and it was a useless Americanism.
With their bags of groceries hanging from her wings, the dragoness hummed happily to herself as they walked back home.
"Thank you for letting me come," she said after a moment, "It made me feel a lot better. I'll get dinner started when we get in."
James nodded lightly.
"I still think ya cooming along was pointless Lass....i can look after myself ta" James replied, shaking his head lightly.
"I had fun. Running errands is more enjoyable with company," she said.
"Hah, Lass the protector of the mad scot" James shook his head.
"Though I never said...ya know thanks foor stoopin that 4x4" James said quietly, he remembered he had not thanked her properly since she put herself in the way of him being flat as a pancake.
Oh, ah, well, you're welcome," she said a little shyly. "Someone had to."
"I mean it Lass....i was ya know a bit concerned for ya..yooou know as were bonded and all" James said, the man finding it awkward to say what he meant, but least he acknowledged her bravery.
Alyia was pleased that he appreciated her effort but she believed that there was no other option for her. Protecting her Attilu was the only thing she could have done in that moment.
"I'd do it again, though.... if you can help not getting run over again that would be lovely." she said with a half-stifled laugh.
James frowned and shook his head.
"I bear that in mind lass, now mooove a bit hungry" the man said returning to his usual demeanour with the dragoness.
She smiled to herself and kicked up her pace to a trot, already planning dinner in her mind.
Soon they arrived back home as James opened the door and the two of them walked in, James taking off his shoes.
“Timers oon Lass, get crackin or it be Alyia kebab” he replied as he sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on, “Oh a beer too Lass ooor I might end up hydrating” he said cheekily.
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