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Back on Quadra the shuttle had returned with the doctors and the rest of the team. Forensic analysis and testing began the moment the doctors set foot in the labs that Tara had prepped for the,. Korrin and Kris had done rounds along the base perimeter with Tarok and Amanda, checking and testing their surveillance and security equipment. Afterward they did full sweeps of the island, a long and tiring task but one necessary in light of recent events. It was dark by the time they got in and the dragons were exhausted. The day had been busy right from dawn and hadn’t slowed down.
Amanda took off her dragon’s gear and send him ahead to their quarters while she put things away, hoping that tomorrow would give them answers and set them in a direction to figuring out this latest disaster.

In the beach house Alyia served up dinner in short order but any further chat with her Attilu was out now that football was on TV. The only conversation to be had now would be his angry shouts to those on screen.
Alyia didn’t mind of course. She wanted to contact the base anyway to find out if there were any new developments. She hadn’t heard much all day and James had told her only briefly what had happened earlier that day.
Once the dishes were cleared and the kitchen tidied up, she crept past the man while he shouted wildly and settled in her room. Her computer screen came alive as she called Tarok back on the base. It rang a number of times but he finally answered.
“Hey, yes it’s me,” said the little dragoness, tilting the screen so that she could see better.
“Sorry, we just got back from Vancouver. I heard the com ringing and had to run,” he explained as she watched him settle. Amanda moved in the background, setting her things down and waved briefly at the dragoness before disappearing.
“So is there any news?” Alyia asked.
“Yes and no,” said Tarok with a bit of a shrug, “You were told about what happened?”
“Well, James was told and he said that there were three people dead at the city office,” she explained, “That’s all he told me.”
Tarok thought it surprising that this was all she was told. Maybe James was actually attempting to not let her worry with what else went on.
“Well, we lost one more,” he said as he watched her expression fall, “We took the shuttle over and someone shot our pilot as we were landing…”
Alyia gasped and put her paws to her mouth in horror, “Stars, no. The man… ohh Martin?”
Tarok nodded and she looked crestfallen, “No… oh stars that’s awful, Tarok. His family…. All their families…”
“I know, Aly. It’s terrible. Alex is currently speaking with next of kin now. He won’t be back at the base for a while. There’s a lot to be done. The doctors have been working tirelessly away at trying to sort out the crime scene and find out who did this because we have no leads right now. Jon is collecting local surveillance.”
“What about the rest of you? With the pilot down what happened? No one else was hurt, right? Korrin? Kris?”
“No, no we’re all fine. Alex jumped in to pilot us to safety and Brogan’s team was already there so there was no other shots fired. Whoever did it fled,” he said and watched as she seemed to shift uncomfortably.
“Don’t worry Aly, Alex has the security level maxed and you’re safe on the island, the house is set up for that, remember?” he said, trying to shift the conversation so that she won’t be consumed in worry.
“I know… I had trouble stopping James from going out today. He was set on getting some errands done but I didn’t want him to go.”
“Did you manage to get him to hang tight?” inquired the blue dragon. “I know with our presence being hidden at the office there shouldn’t be much media inquiring about us personally.”
Alyia shook her head just as a series of angry shouts came from the room beyond.
“I think the other team scored….” She said, looking towards the door briefly before turning back to Tarok, “But no, he was set on going but I convinced him to let me accompany him. It’s fun running errands with company.”
Tarok smiled a little at this, wondering if James felt the same. He stifled a chuckle, “That’s good. Anyway Aly, I’m going to go get cleaned up. Today was eventful and not all good. I’m exhausted.”
“Of course. I’ll see you all tomorrow. James and I will have some work to do in his office.”
“See ya.”

The screen resumed its normal summery background as Tarok disappeared. Alyia sat back on her heels and let out a worried sigh. Four more people of their team gone in the blink of an eye. Sensitive to a fault, the dragoness couldn’t help but feel such grief for them and their families though not wanting to annoy James, she bit down those feelings and set to distract herself and her worries with a book.

In Tarok’s quarters the dragon had cleaned up and slumped onto his bed. Curling up he tucked his nose under his wing and gave a sigh.
“You okay, Blue?” asked Amanda, returning from getting cleaned up herself. “How is Alyia.”
“Obviously upset about the loss we suffered. She’s going to worry even worse now. James hadn’t told her all the facts.”
“She would have found out anyway, Blue. It was good that you told her,” said the woman, sitting down and leaning against his folded wing.
“The day started off so well…”
Tarok nuzzled her cheek and curled his neck about her, shielding the woman, “It did. Peace and quiet don’t last very long here, do they?”
“No, no they don’t,” she replied, stroking his black marked muzzle. “Get some sleep, tomorrow will be a new day.”
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