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The next morning the 3 doctors had decided amongst themselves that with all their investigation work that had been done at the crime scene, along with the collection of digital evidence such as CCTV recordings and analysis done on Dr Hinton’s computer systems they now had enough to present their findings to the rest of the team.
“We haven’t missed anything have we? last thing I want to do is miss anything, considering we lost 4 people” Dr Charles said to the other two as he signed off his digital paper work.
“I think so, I inputted all the information into the main computer and I think we are all agreed this is the most highly probable outcome” Dr Hinton said as Dr Francis nodded in agreement.
Dr Charles seemed to accept the consensus from the other doctors that everyone was happy with their conclusions.
“I let Jon know as he is in charge while Alex is away with HR” the man said as he contacted Jon and informed him of their findings and they would present it to the team in the common.
Soon enough there was a base wide announcement from Jon.
“All senior staff and dragons to the common, briefing will begin in 10 minutes” Jon said over the announcing system in the base, the teams would soon be up and meeting the doctors who would present their findings to the Team, hopefully providing some much-needed answers.
"I wonder if there is some news," said Amanda as she stood up and patted her dragon's side, "Come on, Blue, let's go find out."
The coastal rose to his feet and stretched before he followed her out.
In the room down the hall Korrin was already at the door, waiting for his Attilu, "Let's go see what's going on."
"Alright, we best get down there if Jon is on the tannoy" replied Kris as he followed his dragon.
"Yeah," agreed the dragon as he held open the door.
Soon the team gathered in the common where Jon and Nicholas, one of the security agents were waiting for everyone to gather, the doctors not there as yet.
"What's the news, Jon?" Asked korrin as the dragons and their riders gathered in the room.
The man turned and replied to the green dragon.
"The doctors are coming to give us a report on what went on in the offices, Alyia and James will watch through video link" Jon explained.
The dragons nodded and Amanda leaned close to Tarok, looking grim at what news the doctors might bring.
The dragons stood together, waiting to find out what the doctors discovered.
The doctors soon arrived with their laptop and tablets as Dr Hinton brought the one tablet that Alyia and James were looking out of, currently in their living room on Vancouver island.
Dr Francis set up the laptop and linked it to the larger screen and loaded up a program as Korrin seemed a little inpatient for everything to get going and explained.
“Easy” Kris said putting his hand on the green dragon’s shoulder to steady him.
Dr Charles spoke after clearing his throat as the team hushed to hear what the man had to say.
“Thanks for gathering, as you know myself, Dr Hinton and Dr Francis have been working non stop at the crime scenes to determine what happened, as well as reports from the morgue in Vancouver where we lost 4 people” he said as the team seemed sullen.
“What have you found out doctor?” Kris asked as Dr Charles shook his head and sighed lightly.
“We have…identified the weapon used in the attack, the weapon used high impact, armour piercing bullets from what was discovered from a type of sniper rifle” Dr Charles explained.
“However it is a very specific sniper rifle” Dr Frnacis said as he typed on the laptop and brought up the model of the gun as Jon seemed to look concerned.
“These Sniper rifles are not standard issue and they are specifically designed for use by specialised Torchwood operators” Dr Francis said.
“Meaning….” Kris said with apprehension.
“It means the people who attacked us are our own, Torchwood operatives” Dr Charles said, this comment shocked the room.
The dragons seemed shocked and uneasy. Korrin cast a glance at kris to try and gauge his reaction.
Kris seemed surprised and shocked like everyone else at this news.
“We got evidence of this?” Jon asked.
“Yes sir, using the CCTV we have done a computerised reconstruction of the scene and what happened, using the weapon and with all data taken and inputted into the computer” Dr Francis said as he played the simulation
Alyia looked horrified and shrank back from the screen.
Korrin growled low, while Amanda and Tarok shared an expression of surprise.
Finally after a bit of silenceKris spoke.
“So we are looking for traitors or criminals who managed to gain our weapons or what?” the man asked.
“We are not sure, we reckon the short was fired at a distance of 4000 Metres from computer calculations, the aim and trajectory of the bullets” Dr Francis said as the screen highlighted the bullets path.
“That is impossible, the longest shot on record was 3,400 metres back in 2018, there is no one who has come close, plus to shoot at a moving target at that range” Jon said.
“I know but I am just telling you, a very highly skilled sniper took out 4 members of staff at a range of 4000 metres with a Torchwood special issue, high powered sniper rifle and they can shoot” Dr Charles said as Jon scratched his head as the news sunk in…they had traitors within their organization.
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