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Now with the plan under way the team dispersed to get ready, Korrin already seemed to be chomping at the bit to get going and to bring however had tried to kill them to justice, the dragon had an air about him now that reminded Kris of Forge.
However, the dragon was still young and was rough round the edges when he became focussed on a job in hand, his usual self was gone, replaced with a warlord like mentality, unlike Tarok who kept cool and balanced in these situations.
Kris walked alongside the green dragon as they made their way to the aero dome, to get Korrin and himself suited up for the task at hand, with other preparations now under way.
"It will be good to finally do something productive." Said Korrin.
Kris turned to look up at the green dragon and gave him a funny look.
"You do other productive work Korrin, doesn’t have to be charging into situations" Kris said.
"This FEELS more productive," corrected the dragon.
Kris was quiet for a moment, as he thought of his response, the dragon’s focus was strong, he was battle ready and was focussed on the task at hand.
Kris wanted to at least soften this seriousness from the green dragon, to reduce tension of the whole situation.
"Dont worry, I wont ask you to be lifting the lorry up or throwing cars" Kris said teasingly trying to lighten the current mood surrounding them, the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Korrin gave him a weird look, "alright."
Kris shook his head as they made their way to the aero dome, once there Kris opened the large storage cabinets where the dragons armour were kept, all hung up neatly, labelled for Korrin all the bits that would form the protection for him, along with Kris own kelvar composite armour with scales added for added strength.
Taken from the shed scales of the dragons, hardened and used in with the armour, something that Professor Melina had shared with Charles.
"Make sure you have your armour, the arm and leg pieces too. Not just the vest and helmet," instructed Korrin.
Kris shook his head lightly, looking back at Korrin.
“Bossy over your own Atillu now is it?, but yes I wear the gear that goes with your own heavy armour, as long as you can carry me” Kris replied.
Korrin took a bit of a breath, realizing he was being a bit demanding, "well I'm certainly not going to make you walk there."
“Glad to hear it, come on lets get this armour on you” Kris said as he got all the parts out.
Korrin stood as if he was a stone statue as Kris put on the heavy armour upon the dragon, some parts were heavy and Korrin had to help with the heavier, thicker plates that would be at the front and his underbelly, to protect him
Soon Kris got all the parts on the dragon, the dark steel match his scale colours as he stood there, as a steel beast in his thick armour, worn for max protection.
Kris stood back and smiled, folding his arms, pleased with his work and how his dragon looked.
"I dont know about those people, but you with your armour on and war harness scare the **** out of me Korrin" Kris said with some verbal honesty in his words, looking up at Korrin.
"I look intimidating?" Asked Korrin, curious?
Kris nodded.
“Very, I think you make even Ardon quake in his scales” Kris said with a small sly smile upon his face.
Korrin smiled but then frowned, "but... not too scary? Right? If the public saw me... they wouldn't think I was a monster?"
Kris shook his head.
“No no, the right kind of scary, for our enemies to fear and others to cheer” Kris replied.
Korrin sat up a little straighter at his, "good," he said with a hint of pride.

Kris then put on his armour for the challenge ahead, strapping in his Kevlar armour and also fitting the battle harness with weapons, first aid kits and other little items.
Tarok paused when he came in, Amanda nearly bumping into her dragon. She looked up and saw kris and korrin all decked out in their heavy duty gear.
"You look like some special ops or what or something," commented Amanda. "Fierce."
"The helmet makes you look angry," said Tarok with a grin, "no one is going to mess with you."
Kris smiled.
“That is the idea, haven’t you got your armour all sorted out?” he asked.
"We were getting other things ready," she said passing him their communication headsets and a a bag of supplies.
"It won't take us long, especially if you help," she said to Kris as went to grab taroks leg bracers and began to strap them on.
“Sure I can help you out” Kris said, giving Amanda a hand to get ready and to kit up Tarok who had slightly lighter armour but it was to offer the dragon quick movement as the dragon could get out of trouble quickly.

Alex walked down to James's office and knocked on the open door, leaning in.
"Hello, Alex," said Aliya cheerily, looking up from the calendar that she and James were organizing, "come in."
"I need your help, James, and your influence over some of the media outlets," began the commander.
The Scotsman looked up from his laptop as Alex asked for a favour.
"Who dooo ya need killin " James said as he got his mobile phone ready to dial a number.
"Not quite that," said Alex, suppressing a smile at the man's eagerness to rip someone a new one.
He quickly explained and plan and what the dragons were prepping to do.
"So," he continued, "I need a piece done about the cargo. Make it seem appetizing for anyone out there who might want to take a swing at stealing the damn thing."
James had listened in to what Alex had asked.
“Soo, ya want me too tell those leeches in Vancoover that there is soomethin tasty, be as vague as possible, too attract attention to this Lorry” James replied back to Alex.
"Exactly!" Said Alex.
"That certain can be done," said alyia, confidently.
James looked at the dragoness before him.
“Get that big book of media contacts Lass, I fancy dooin a bit of spin” James said as it seemed all systems were go with the media officer.
Alyia supplied the contact and Alex nodded.
"Knew I could count on you. Send me whatever the stations begin reporting so we can have it as reference please."
Jamie was already dialling a number on the sheet and James gestured for Alex to get lost as the phone dialled.
“Hello, get Jon Donovan now” James said, after a main media contact as Alex left.
Alyia had trotted out the door after Alex, stopping him in the hall. "Thank you for letting us help. He's been a little bored with the lack of events lately."
"No problem Al" began Alex but paused as shouting came from the office. He gave the dragoness a wry smile. "Good luck."
"Thanks, time to fetch a coffee I think." She said with a light laugh, turning to head down to the kitchens.

Alex returned to the command centre and took to his usual spot at his desk. "Jon, is your team ready?" He asked. "And status on the dragons please."
Jon looked up and nodded to Alex question.
“Yes sir, had confirmation from Brogan, the decoy Lorry will be leaving the depot shortly, we got the route all mapped out, Brogan’s havocs will provide cover from a distance, with support for our dragons there, do you want me to go into the hornet and provide air support?” Jon asked the commander.
"Yeah I'll have you fly on the south side of the route," said Alex.
Jon nodded.
“Ok sir I get the Hornet ready and get ready to launch” the man said as he went off leaving the two agents to man the command centre, Dr Hinton and Dr Charles would be there to support.
Soon enough Dr Hinton arrived with Dr Charles as well to offer support in the command centre while Jon flew in the hornet.
Tara has trailed behind doctor Charles, hoping to find out if there was any way to be useful.
"Commander Alex?" She said as they entered the room. "What can I do to help?"
Alex looked at her briefly before pulling out a chair at one of the stations.
"You can keep an eye on these cameras here." He suggested. "An extra pair of eyes can't hurt. This is life footage from the route the decoy is taking."
Dr Charles looked and gave a knowing smile as Tara sat down and Nicholas showed her how to control the cameras using the keypads in front of her, the trap and plan seemed to be fully underway.
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