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Artist Name: Sukala A.P.
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First Secret Santa?: Nope.

Character Name: Sukala
Species: Cougar/Puma/Mountain Lion/Whatever it is called.
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: feisty, middle tempered, imaginative, protective, witty, smart, friendly, shy and sometimes a little ''crazy''. Can be aggressive if we brutally put her out of her personal space or make fun of her.
Brief History: Solitary she-cougar who loves drawing. Don't ask how she manages to do so with her paws. You're in a cartoon universe. And she is an environmental activist. She HATES products with palm oil in the ingredients.

Character Name: Msanii
Species: Lilac breasted roller
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Feisty, crafty, imaginative, smart, ambitious, witty, willing, adventurous, youthful, ''crazy'', friendly, a bit headstrong and sometimes awkward.
Brief History: *SPOILERS* Msanii arrived to Pride Lands with his ungulate friend Madini and her herd during Kiara and Kovu's reign. He is passionate about lions and loves awkwardly being in presence of them, with him being prudent since these felines could take a bite of a colorful bird like him. He loves snatching off his own feathers to paint trees, rocks, and sometimes animals if he feels like pranking somebody. He sometimes use his feet as an artistic tool. Since he is my TLK ''feathersona'', it's normal that he sometimes encounters my original non-TLK fursona Sukala besides the fact they live in different universes.

Character Name: Madini
Species: Kudu
Reference: (Art by Ari, design made for me.)
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: None yet.
Personality: Affectionate, caring, gentle, friendly, charming, discreet, unwilling, sometimes snobbish. She is easily startled.
Brief History: *MORE SPOILERS* Madini was born in her herd in another land. She met Msanii when he was just a chick. He have been her companion, ''insecticide'' and entertainer since then. She does not like when Msanii talk about lions or any predator, as she fears them. But she does not mind letting him scribble on her.

Movies You Like: Ace Ventura : Pet Detective (''When Nature Calls'' is my favourite), Pirate Of The Caribbeans, Home Alone and The Lion King obviously.
Anything to say: This sounds like a fun mini Secret Santa! I'm sure I will enjoy it! Also, you (whoever you are, person who will draw my characters) don't have to draw ALL of the three characters.

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