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Originally Posted by Tamu
Oh wow those books sound so interesting - I actually haven't seen a great deal of his horses and Noah's Ark sounds awesome!!! I really want a book of his, I think I'll ask for my birthday.

I was in the Netherlands too but I didn't know about him then, which is regrettable. D: I could probably have bought books of his etc. there also. Oh well, I plan to go back eventually anyway, I'd love to visit the museum. I'm not actually a massive fans of museums sometimes, I get a bit bored unless it's the kind of art that really interests me.

You should! Of all of them, Noah's Ark shows the bredth of his work (I think). It's really a bit of everything he's amazing at...which is essentially all things. And I also LOVE his books because it's like reading a sketchbook. The text is all made up of his notes and in his handwriting (translated, of course)! It's like being invited into his mind. x3

As for the museum, it's a bit of an adventure to get there. We started in Rotterdam and took a couple of buses to get out to the location...and then you have to hop a ferry to actually get there since the museum is on an island nature reserve. Which is SO perfect for him. x) We spent all day out there, SO much fun. They have every book he's ever made and TONS of his paintings on display. All rotated out with the collection owned by his wife and children, who live not far from there. It's really quite amazing. 83
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